Anecdotes – 14th October

It just gets tougher

Last week we had a story about Pratah Sinnetamby (C2 Blue) who with forfeits and washouts hasn’t played much cricket. To quote Pratah:

“Maaaan!!! 5 weeks into season and only 1 game – don’t even have an average yet!”

This week we found an even better story about how little cricket we have had and we are meant to be in a drought. The Fiedler family (Andrew 0 runs, Daniel 1 & Stuart 0) have a great story:

“Don’t know what Pratah is complaining about. My entire family has scored 1 run this season up to the end of Round 3 (at an average of 0.5) !! Don’t think today’s T20s will add to that tally either”.

While on wet weather

With another washout yesterday for A1, the boys have now played just 2 Saturday’s in 4 Rounds – games and last took the field on 29th September 2018.

We have a long history of Captains who are Tossers – bad ones that is. Simon Smyth (A2), Rick Turner (B1), Rob Knapman (B2) and Buzz Burrows (C3) basically can’t even toss a salad. In 2004/05 Simon lost 14 straight tosses and 20 out of 23 over 2 seasons. Robbie Knapper (2014/15) won just 2 out of 17 tosses.

Back on to A1 Grade. This brings back a story of probably the wettest season we have had in memory.

In 1988/89 Greg Fiedler (pictured) was Captaining A1. Greg lost every A1 Grade toss (14). Towards the end of the season, the Openers (Ross Anderson & Andrew Fiedler), on seeing a wet wicket (Storey Park), padded up before the toss. Greg didn’t let anyone down, he lost the toss. WPHCCC batted and were fielding soon after.

Our Girl stars

This Sunday marks the start of the Girls Rep season and we have an amazing 12 Girls chosen in both Teams!

Danielle Chivers (pictured) will be Captaining the Peden team that includes Esha Tiwana, Ragini Sen, Tuvini Jayakody and Grace Keane from our Club.

We will also have Trinity Newbury, Olivia Lownds, Sahana Anand, Aliya Colburt, Sofia Culus, Caelan Meredith and Shiloh David making their Reps debut in the Mollie Dive team which is the first time we have entered a team in that competition.

Add to this Christina Phillip, who collected the first female Arthur Souter 18 months ago and who now coaches our Under 13 Girls team has been selected to play 2nd Grade for ND’s on Sunday. The link between the two Clubs is getting stronger all the time.

A Class Act

One of the things that makes our Club special is the culture we have that is unlike any other Club in the Association. Next week we start Blowfly Cricket for those young people with a disability like autism, special needs &/or disabilities.

Without any fanfare each year our A1 boys have donated money to support BlowFly Cricket at the Hornsby centre. This season they have all put in and contributed $300 to pay for the Registration of 5 Blowfly cricketers.

Irrespective of what happens on the field, they are coming 2nd  on quotient, these boys are winners off the field. Well done boys.

Our latest Team records

C2 Grade (our Red and Blue Teams) went into this Round with an aggregate 119,942 runs since we first started playing C2 in 1947/48. When Indranil’s Team won the toss and batted, the boys finished the day at 8/185 and in doing so passed the 120,000 runs in the Grade.

This is the 2nd highest aggregate for a Team in our History with the B1 boys passing 140,000 on 29th September 2018.

The next big ones coming up are:

  • A1 Grade is sitting on 119,262 runs since their 1st game in this Grade in 1951/52
  • B2 Grade has currently scored 99,520 runs since starting in 1973/74.

Quotes of the week

As mentioned above, Luke Herzog (pictured) is just 1 wicket away from 100 A2 Grade wickets and 6 wickets from becoming our 4th ranked A2 bowler in our history! His Captain, Simon Smyth is such a supportive character his response was:

“Knowing Luke is nearing these milestones, I’ve told him he will not get a bowl unless he buys me beers at the Bowlo each week. Until Luke obliges, he’ll be the Michael Slater of A2 bowling, stuck on 99….”

Quote 2

Young Ben Dunkerley (C2) relatively new to seniors asked the Umpire:

“How many overs does this bowler have left to bowl today?” the said bowler, bowling a good spell is well into his thirties .., to which Captain Mike Mike. Replied:

 “As many as he Captain sees fit!”



Just on 26 years ago to the Day (Round 3, 1992), Buzz Burrows (C3 Captain and pictured right with Peter Lees and Peter Heidegger) was playing C1 Grade for Hornsby against West Penno at Campbell Park – the spiritual home of cricket for WPHC. Buzz scored 110 and pounded our boys around the Park.

Fast forward 26 years and Buzz is Captain of West Penno against Hornsby! This game (Round 4, 2018) also played at Campbell Park, Buzz hammered a chanceless 53* with shots all around the ground.

For those with long memories, the scorecard of the game follows:

Hornsby Heights 5/372 (Steve Burrows 110, T Hill 92, M deLooze 45) defeated WPH 82 (G Smith 5/40) and 6/185 (John Archer 61*, Mark Stevens 74*)