Anecdotes – 1st October


On these hot days spare a moment thought to our bowlers, especially the quicks who labour away for wickets.

There are a few current players who have bowled the most overs:

  • Eric Junkkari (B2) – 2,734 overs – pictured warming-up
  • Simon Smyth (A2) – 1,919
  • Kishore Rampersad (fill-in) – 1,903
  • Matt Jobson (A1) – 1,443
  • Rowan Keating (A2) – 1,246
  • Roger Friend (D1) – 1,106
  • Justin Paterson (A1) – 1,007.

The record goes to Dave Carey (1979/80 to 2001/02) who bowled 3,250 overs – a number of these were 8-ball overs! Dave also holds the record for most wickets taken – 623 wickets.


Big Milestones achieved

The Seniors achieved a couple of big milestones on the weekend:

  • Peter Lees (C2) scored 41 on the weekend and in the process became our 1st player to score 2,000 runs in C2 Grade – well done Peter
  • A2 scored their 80,000th cumulative run since entering the Competition when our 2 Teams played against each other
  • At Club level, we ticked over 875,000 runs since we reformed in the Association in 1946.

This season we will score approx. 25,000 runs across all Grades so we should come close to notching up our 900,000th run this season!

Unfortunately we don’t have this type of detail for Juniors as our records pre MyCricket are scarce.


The convention is for Most Valued Played (MVP) Awards to be decided after the Season but not our A2 Red boys (Simon’s Team). With Stanton Tam working at Bakers Delight and bringing Finger buns for the Team to quote Simon “He’s already won our MVP Award”.

Almost hat-tricks

Our B2 Red Boys (Napper’s Team) was playing for the B2 Sheep Station Cup against our Blue’s (Tim Worthington’s Team) and the bowlers put on a show. Napper’s boys came close, but no cigar, to 3 hat-tricks in the one innings. First up, Robbie Knapper, pictured right with Steve Quanborough, took 3 wickets in 4 balls, Aseem Goswami then chipped in with 2 wickets in 2 balls with Napper again striking to get 2 in 2 balls. This helps to explain why we have only see 38 hat-tricks in our 83 years – pretty rare to get 3 shots at in the one innings is also rare.