Anecdotes – 20 January

Emerging star

Our Club has had its own Girls Teams since 1996/97 and has the record for the longest continuous running of Girls Teams for a Community Club in NSW. We are also home to 2 of the greatest Women players to have ever played the game – Lisa Sthalekar (Australia 2001 – 2013) and Denise Annetts (1985 – 1993).

We have another emerging star – Danielle Chivers who plays for our Girls U15 side plus Northern District Grade Club (Brewer Shield). The Brewer Shield is an U18 Grade Cricket Representative Competition and Danielle made her debut in 2017/18 at just 14 years of age.

Danielle is also one of our Club Coaches. She recently Captained our combined Country Carnival U14 Boys side at Tamworth with distinction – the 1st time in our history that a Girl has Captained one of our Boys competition Teams. She then backed up and played in the U15 Carnival in Armidale. Danielle also plays D2 for our Men’s Team when she is available.

At such a young age Danielle’s rapidly emerging cricket career is one to watch.

What would you do?

In the C3 game, John Rose was given out caught down the leg side by the wicket keeper when he was on about 10 runs. After John left the field the Thornleigh Captain recalled him as they knew the sound was bat on pad – John went on to score 69*.

In the Thornleigh innings the square leg umpire gave one of their good batsman not out on a run-out, thinking the w/k had dropped the ball. Seeing that the ball had not been dropped the other Umpire advised the Umpire that he actually hadn’t dropped the ball and was given out.

So,,,great sportsmanhip from Thornleigh aside, it is worth a thought – what would you do in a similar situation?

Space cadet

To get a mention as Space Cadet of the week is special – to get 2 mentions is stella. This week we have Connor Mayoh (D1) making his second appearance – in the same circumstances as his first mention – forgetting to bring his kit to the game.

This week, Connor checked with Mitch Keetels if he left his kit in his car from last week. Mitch told Connor that he thought so but no one checked. Anyway, Mitch arrives at the ground and no kit. It turns out that Connor brought the kitbag home last week and it was waiting where he left it.

Quote of the week

Aden Hanich (D1) is one of our emerging young stars and one of the best bats in the Team. On the weekend he got a good one and was rolled for 0.

Batting down the order this week, Rob (Dad) spanked the Glenorie bowler for a 4 and then a 6 in the same over. Aden, realising that his position as ‘the best Hanich’ was under threat, commented:

“He hasn’t scored runs all season…this is bulls…”

Rodent infestation

Ryan Loveridge (B2) is a wonderful cricketer but probably not as committed to cleaning out his kit which looks a bit like, well, a rat’s nest. Anyway, one of our wonderful supporters was watching the game and out came a rodent – it could have been a small rat or a mouse but it was happy in its new home until disturbed.