Anecdotes – 2017/18 Season start


A1 Grade Leadership record

When James Makin, our 22nd A1 Grade Captain, takes the field this will notch up his 8th year as A1 Grade Captain. Apart from being the most successful skipper in our history this will bring James equal to the great Greg Fiedler who is also sitting on 8 seasons.

Over the 7 completed seasons, our A1 side has won a Club record 4 consecutive Premierships, has been Runner-up once and finished 4th twice.

Add to this, an A2 Premiership (2006/07); two First Grade T20 Premierships (2011/12 & 2012/13) and T20 Runner-up 2015/16, James is the most successful Captain in any Grade in our history and he is still going!

“…..ask the Leyland brothers”

We all complain about the traffic along Pennant Hills Road and the time taken sitting in traffic. Before complaining too much, think about those committed players who play each week and travel a long way to play for our great Club. How about this for starters:

  • Taki Manolelis (B1) – travels each game from Scone in the Hunter Valley – a short 516 kilometre round trip from Scone to the Sports Club
  • Dan Costigan (A2) – lives at Magenta on the central Coast. This is a ‘quick’ 180 kilometre round trip down the M1
  • Simon Smyth (A2 Skipper) – lives at San Remo – 182 kilometres return down the M1
  • Bill Peterkin (A1 & A2 fill-in) – Maroota, just a simple 72 kilometre round trip from the Upper Hawkesbury

Let us know of anyone who travels a long way to get to cricket.

“My Mum’s a Dentist”

Avi Lath (U13s and pictured with his dad, Tarun) is one tough player. Avi was at Seniors training last week and got a bad bounce from a ball that took out a tooth. After cleaning himself up he was back in the nets bowling and batting. Fortunately it was a first tooth that was knocked out. Despite the pain, Avi’s first comment was memorable – “Lucky my mum’s a Dentist”. Good one Avi.