Anecdotes – 24 March 2019

Its official – the Perfect batting Competition

A couple of weeks ago we commented that our D1 (pictured above) side received just 1 LBW all season. Steve Quanborough has done a little more work on this and confirmed:

  • We received 664.4 overs and the boys 1 LBW
  • Translates to approximately 1 in 4000 deliveries
  • We gave 11 LBW’s

To put this in context, about 10% of decisions are LBW based on averages. One can only imagine that the D1 boys faced Decisions like this one every week – here

Most successful Captains

With Seniors Grand Finals being played this weekend it is worth thinking for a moment on our most successful Captains. Here goes:


Daniel Freidrich (pictured centre with fellow ex WPHC players – John Anderson and Clayton Waters) Captained successive premiership teams from U11 to U13s then his Team skipped a year to play U15s, who won this Age Division, 2 years in a row and then won the U16s. This winning sequence went from 1990/91 to 1996/97 – 6 years in succession!


  • James Makin (7 Premierships & 2 Runners-up) – our 22nd A1 Captain, led our A1 side to their 4th successive A1 Premiership on 29th March 2015. James has also Captained A1 to two T/20 Premiership wins and A2 to a Premiership
  • Simon ‘Sumpty’ Smyth 5 times Premiership winning Captain – A2, SPL (3 times) plus the 2nd Grade T20 plus 1 SPL Runner-up. Simon is also Captaining A2 in the latest GF
  • Andrew Fiedler (C2 Blue) – 3 wins and 1 loss plus 1 GF in progress


Most unsuccessful Captain

At the other end of the scale was the great Jim Fuggle (1969/70 to 2001/02 and pictured 2nd left). Jim Captained 3 Premiership sides and 6 losing grand finalists. Perhaps this also qualifies him for the most successful Captain – he actually made 9 Grand Finals!

Most successful Player

This one is difficult to source info so long-term memory is being relied on. We reckon the most capped Grand Finalists in our history are both current day players:

  • Andrew Fiedler (C2 Blue skipper and pictured centre carrying bat) – has played in 15 Grand Finals and Captained 4 for 3 wins and a loss plus one underway.
  • Eric Junkkari (B2) – has played in around 11 but this will be confirmed.

Another record

After top scoring with 55 in the Grand Final, Josh Banner (A2) finished the season with a massive 551 runs at 56.22. When you include T20s the total is 613 runs. Josh now has the highest season A2 Grade aggregate in our history – 48 years since 1971. During his innings, he passed the following players:

  • Matt Venables (1991/92) – 546 runs @ 60.66
  • Alex Connell (2014/15) – 534 runs @ 35.60

What better way of bringing up this record in the Grand Final.

The highest aggregate in all Grades and the highest in the Association is 1,361 score @ 85.1 by Laurie Tuckerman in A1 in 1951/52.


Dogs and their Masters

We have a significant photo library building of our players and their Masters – sorry – of Dogs and their Masters. Our latest photo is of Paul Vink (C3) and Gary.

They reckon that a dog looks like its owner and there are again clear similarities with our latest effort.