Anecdotes – 28th October

Dominance with a Capital ‘D’

Last Sunday our A1 Grade boys smashed great rivals, Berowra in the T20 Grand Final. After losing a wicket 1st ball, Phil Wurth (93 and pictured far right, back row) and Ashane De Silva (53 and pictured far right, front row) came together at 2 down and belted a 74 run partnership in rapid time and led us to 5/199 in 20 overs. It is how they did it that is amazing:

  • Phil – 93 runs with 9 x 4s and 6 x 6s = 72 runs in boundaries
  • Ashane De Silva – 53 runs with 6 x 4 and 3 x 6s = 42 runs in boundaries

The night before the GF, Phil sent a message to the Team group saying:

“I was going to do this to the Berowra openers

Boys if we do get on tomorrow just calling it now I’m gonna be like this guy from ball 1 here

That is exactly what happened.

Like Father, like son

Last week’s Anecdotes awarded Rob Hanich our prestigious ‘Space Cadet’ Award for bringing only thongs when he was not out overnight and swapping  shoes with his son so he could bat. Aden had to slip down the batting order from his cherished No 3 batting spot.

This week the tables turned.

The Academy kicked off this week and Aden came along with only half his gear. When it was his turn to pad-up he realised he forget to bring along his bat, batting pads and batting gloves. He reckons the gear was still at home drying after last Saturday’s storm but we know he just forgot them.

So in the photo is Aden batting with his keeper pads, his old size 5 bat he still had sitting in the bottom of his kit and no gloves (Alf James style).

So while this could be a severe case of contagious genetic Space Cadet syndrome maybe it also shows great resilience.

Please don’t drop me

Only from Phil Wurth (A1) when discussing selections with his Captain Justin Paterson:

 “Don’t ever drop me”

“Let me retire first”

This conversation happened before the T20 GF where he scored 93 in 40 odd deliveries.


We are privileged to have current players who are the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) players in our history.

Simon Smyth (A2 skipper) is the greatest A2 wicket taker in our history with 147 A2 wickets and will soon be the 1st player to crack 150 wickets. Then we have Ross Anderson (C3) with 8,000 runs and the highest run scorer in B1 Grade (2,972 runs) and now there is Eric Junkkari.

Eric (B2) is already our highest wicket taker ever in C1 with 232 wickets (the next closest is Kishore Rampersad with 217 wickets). On the weekend Eric took 1/12 and drew level with the great Mark Taylor to now have 139 wickets to be the equal highest B2 Grade wicket taker in our history – so number 1 in both C1 and B2 in 88 years of Club history.

Just on this record, Eric has bowled 759 overs in B2 with 137 maidens at an average of 16.5 / wicket. Compare this to Mark who is our greatest all-rounder (461 wickets and 5,268 runs) who took his B2 wickets in 751 overs, 131 maidens @ 16.8 / wicket.


Space Cadet

There must be something in the water at the drinks break in D1. Last week, Rob Hanich arrived at the ground wearing thongs and had to continue his not out overnight score. This week we have Connor Mayoh who kept the tradition going by leaving his kit in his mum’s car before she drove home.