Anecdotes – 2nd September 2018

Coldest training session – ever!

Every Thursday morning at 7.00 am, Club Legends: James Makin (A1), Alex Connell (A1/A2), Julian Raffel (A2) and Rick Turner (B1 Captain) meet at Artarmon Oval nets on their way to work to have a hit in the nets.

On Thursday (30th August) the boys started training and the Temperature was just 1%. This wasn’t enough to stop then so they trained with 2 jumpers and beanie’s. To quote Rick about 5 hours later:

“It was crisp. I’m still warming up.”

Apart from being amazingly keen this would have to be the coldest training session in our history!

First injury

Not a ball has been bowled in anger yet but Tim Worthington (C1 Captain) will be missing the T20 games through injury. It turns out that the big fella has a Pec injury – similar to those that the NRL players get. It turns out that Wortho, the Head Green Keeper at Killara Golf Course, got his injury by watering the Greens.

This injury will go down in our records with the one Chris Williamson (B1) had when he had to retire hurt while umpiring at square leg with a strained hamstring.


‘Take the long way home’

When we get frustrated at having to get to and from games and negotiating Pennant Hills Rd just spare a thought for those folk travelling long distances each week to play for us:

  • Kyle Faber (A2) – studies and works at Newcastle, a round trip of 290 kilometres to the Sports Club and back
  • Simon Smyth (A2) – travels from San Remo (near Budgewoi) – a 184 kilometres journey
  • Dan Costigan (A1) – travels from Magenta (near Toukley) – 180 kilometres
  • Lachlan McBrien (B1) – travels from Green Point (near Woy Woy) – 136 kilometres

Add to this, Taki Manolelis who fills in for B1 / B2. Taki lives in Scone and travels 516 kilometres there and back for a game.

We can’t forget the legendary Bill Peterkin who runs Kanga and fills-in for Seniors lives at Maroota – 72 kilometres.

Thanks for coming

It is great to have Ian Paterson (C3) backing up again after toying with the idea of playing Lawn Bowls this season. After Ian turned up to his first day at Bowls it turned out to be his last day. We are not quite sure whether the Bowlers asked Ian to think about other options or if Ian just missed us too much so he is now back playing again.

Approaching Club records

  • This season:
    • A1 will score its 120,000 run – currently 118,937 runs
    • B2 will clock up 100,000 runs – currently 99,408 runs
  • Century scorers – Laurie Tuckerman has the Club record of 7 tons, all scored in 1951/52 and in A1 Grade. Approaching this record are our current players:
    • 6 tons:
      • Michael Banner (A2)
      • Alex Connell (A2)
    • 5 tons:
      • Bill Peterkin (gun for hire for any Grade)
      • Rick Turner (B1)
    • 4 tons:
      • Michael Gunn (B1)


  • Simon Smyth (A2 and pictured with ‘Sofie’ – the SPL Premiership Trophy) – has bowled 1,990 overs in his West Penno career. Once he bowls his 10th over, probably in a wheel chair and with the support of steroids to ease the pain, he will crack the 2,000 mark. The record number of overs bowled is 3,250 by the great David Carey
  • Nick Bennett (A1) has 192 w/k dismissals. Once he reaches 200 Nick will be the first ‘keeper in our history to reach 200 dismissals.