Anecdotes – 3 December

Comeback kings

A special mention to Tim Worthington’s (pictured), B2 Blue side that scored 7/301 declared on the weekend. Not only was this the highest score by any Senior Team in the Association last weekend but is also a great turn-around from their 2nd innings last week when they were rolled for 37 with pretty much the same side.

After a week of hot dry weather you guessed it – it rained. So the boys, after their 1st win of the season finished with 2 points for a draw. Add this to Rick Turner’s A2 boys who scored 9/274 who got their highest score were also washed out.

Quote of the week

A bit of banter about how to get the boys on the field to get a result came from Buzz Burrow (C2 Captain) who suggested that Tim Wothington (B2 Captain) and Rick Turner (A2) resort to personal sacrifice tactics, for the good of the Team, to avoid loss of play due to the lightning rule:

“Just a call out to the golfers among us, I expect Wortho and Rick to bring their 3 irons and act as conductors by standing in the middle of the field , clubs raised to the sky to ensure play can continue!”

Space Cadets

This is a story of a Team (B2 Blue) who all figure in some capacity in the case of the ‘Heinz & Lows’.

Ollie Maybury (pictured) apparently comes to games with not one but 2 cans of Baked Beans for substance. The problems started when Ollie managed to pull-off the ring tabs off both cans. Now, how to open the cans?

Ollie tried first to open the cans by bashing it with a stump after wise Counsel from his Team mates – no joy other than a battered can.

Next Rocket scientist was Jayson Smart (‘Smart of name and Smart by nature’) who worked out that using a fork to leverage open the can would work – success. The boys now had 1 of 2 cans open.

The best came last. After seeing that a fork can work, Nikki O’Meara then devised a better method. He got a key and started belting it with a stump mallet. As expected he got a bent key and a small puncture in the can and…nothing else. Jayson decided not to use the fork again but just drank the tomato sauce from the small hole in the lid.

Knee slapper

The Academy kick-off last Wednesday and one of the warm-up drills was the ‘knee-slapping’ drill where participants had to partner-up and within 3 drills of 1-minute each had to hit their mates knee as many times as possible. The aim is to build quick footwork.

So far so good until our esteemed Seniors Director, Steve Quanborough gave it a go. He was so exhausted by the speed of the drill he could barely train for the rest of the session.