Anecdotes – 5 November

B2 Association and Club record partnership

Brent Larkham (200* – pictured right) and Eric Junkkari (57* – left) put on a record 248* for B2 Red Vs Lankan Islanders at Annangrove Park. Coming in at 5/65 they left at 5/313. Some facts on this partnership:

  • Brent’s 200 is just the 6th double in our history and sits behind:
    1. 225 – Ken Smith (B1) – 1951/52
    2. 223 – Russel Ingram (C2) – 5/12/2009
    3. 215 – John Chadwick (C1) – 1952/53
    4. 211 – Russel Ingram (C2) – 1/11/2009
    5. 205 – Rob Gailey (C1) – 1991/92
  • Brent is the youngest player in our long history to score 200 at just 17 years and 10 months of age
  • Included in his 200* were 29 x 4s and 5 x 6s = 146 runs in boundaries. The Club record in boundaries is held by Russel Ingram (C2 – 5/12/2009) when he scored 32 x 4s and 9 x 6s = 182 runs in boundaries.
  • The 6th wicket partnership of 248* has smashed the Association and Club records:
    • Association:
      • 183 runs set in 1991/92
    • Club:
      • 156 runs set by Eric Joiner (69) and Scott Roderick (50) Vs Mt Colah in 1984/85
  • Eric’s 57* brought up his 5,000 career runs and became just the 7th player to reach this milestone.

D2 Club record partnership

John Rose (113) and Ben Kinchington (104*) scored a D2 Club record 214 run 2nd wicket partnership. Some points on this one:

  • This broke the previous record of 126 set by Paul Ainsley (41) and Craig Lindsay (72) set in 1983/84.

Space Cadets

Chris Williamson (A2)

Chris (pictured) is a long term player who occasionally makes an appearance as a Space Cadet. His last effort was pulling a calf muscle while umpiring and had to leave the field. This week Chris, who usually packs 2 shirts in his kit, had none. He reckons he washes the shirts but photographic evidence suggests that his shirts have never seen the wash. Anyway, after claiming to have washed one last week this was nowhere to be seen and the 2nd one also disappeared. So Chris had to borrow a shirt that was 2 sizes to large for him.

Cameron McBrien (A1)

Cam is rapidly taking over from Lachlan Vile as the Space Cadet champion in A1. When the boys were taking off the covers after rain Cam commented how dry the wicket was. The big fella had to be reminded that the covers had been on since Thursday and they are actually meant to protect the wicket.

Centuries in a day

Despite the wash-outs we had 3 tons scored on Saturday and 4 in the match:

  • Brent Larkham – 200*
  • Zac Turner – 134
  • John Rose – 113
  • Ben Kinchington – 104*

This is the 2nd most prolific behind the 5th December 2009 when 4 toms were scored – again capped off by a rare double ton:

  • Russel Ingram (C2) – 223
  • Daniel Anderson (C1) – 134*
  • Sam Thariani (D2) – 103
  • Alex Connel (B2) – 104

Record A2 aggregate

Last Saturday Michael Banner scored 61 runs and it the process set a new record for the aggregate number of runs scored in A2 Grade. Michael now heads the list with 2,046 runs in this Grade and still going. The highest run scorers in A2 are:

  1. Michael Banner – 2,046 runs
  2. Amir Marzouk – 2,009
  3. Michael McGregor – 1,870
  4. Ross A – 1,404
  5. Matt Dawson – 1,393
  6. Rowan Keating– 1,384

A2 Team Aggregate record

At the start of the season a total of 79,880 runs had been scored in A2 Grade (pictured above). On 7 October in the Round 2 game at Kenthurst Park the boys brought up 80,000 runs scored in this Grade.

D1 Team Aggregate

The mighty D1’s have so far scored 79,677 runs in our history and next match are likely to pass the 80,000 run mark when the 323 run is scored – most likely in Round 6.

The Vendetta

While on Michael (pictured right with James in better times), questions have been asked about whether James Makin (A1 Captain) will consider Michael for A1 Grade selection given that Michael has now scored 221 runs @ 55. It has come to light that there has been a simmering issue with the great James Makin (A1 Captain) ever since, way back in 2007/08, he bowled 1 over and took 1/12 and was never asked to bowl again. This obviously cut deeply:

To quote Michael:

“…James is too guilt ridden to be able to Captain a team I play in.

 Snump (Simon Smyth – A2 Captain) has been very supportive after I tearfully admitted to him at the start of this season that my shoulder does not allow me to bowl these days.

 I’ve never made a critical comment of James in my life so I’m relieved I don’t need to bring up the vendetta he has against me.”