Anecdotes – 9 December 2018

Vultures for culture

Last week we reported that Pratah Sinnetamby (C2 Blue) retired on 61 and in sight of a ton but gave away his wicket to watch the ballet – Cinderella at the Opera House – here :

This magical romance, with its swirling planets and Dior-inspired ball gowns, returns to Sydney Opera House for an exclusive encore performance”.

We have a long history of Teams and individuals mixing Cricket and cultural activities. At Team level, let’s leave out the annual A1 EOS celebrations because no one was in a fit state to remember anything, we had A1/A2 enjoying Warnie’s Wing at the SCG (picture).

We do though have a number of other players over the years who have similar conflicts between playing cricket and doing ‘cultural stuff’. Earlier this season we had Paul Vink leave a game to go to the ballet, his daughter’s admittedly.

Then of course we had John Steel (B1 to C1 2006/2013) who left early to go to an Andre Reiu concert. We also have Ross A going to Splendor in the Grass at the Hunter Valley. Add to this Robbie Knapman (B2 Captain) and Steve Quanborough (D1) who went to a Guns & Roses concert.

When you add the cultural efforts of Simon Smyth and the A2 boys who give the West Penno Sports Club a workout after each game we really are a sophisticated lot.


John Howard bowling

During the cricket this week they screened John Howard, our former Prime Minister, bowling to our Troops in Afghanistan – here

For those who didn’t know, John played B1 to C2 Grades for West Penno between 1962/63 and 1973/74. His batting wasn’t much chop, scoring just 260 runs @ 9.8. But sticking to the bowling theme he bowled 1 over for 19 runs (B1 Grade in 1968/69) so it doesn’t surprise that the video showed a less than inspiring spell.


Keeping it the family

The Digby’s

Ian (D1 and pictured 2nd left) and Matt Digby (B2) both had great wins for their Teams on the weekend. What isn’t widely known though is that both sat their Captains Ticket Umpires course earlier this season in case they were b]needed throughout the season. Anyway, Matt ended up Captaining B2 earlier ths season for a big win. On the weekend it was Ian (Dad’s) turn Captaining D1. Playing the standout Competition leaders Ian scored a superb 40 opening the batting and led the boys to an emphatic win. So 2 Digby’s, 2 Captains certificates and 2 first up wins.

The Fiedler’s

Andrew and one of his 3 sons, Stuey play together in C2 Blue. It was great to see Andrew getting into a bit of form, spanking the ball around like the old days. Enter Stu who was doing a bit of umpiring this time against the old man. As things happen, the opportunity to fire the old man came up and up went the finger – LBW.

According the Stuey: “Apparently he hit it….Whoops”. Neither Fiedler has been sighted since that fateful moment.

Fashion Statements

An unnamed source (thanks Eric) sent a great photo through of Phil Hayes (B2) and Michael Macca McGregor (B2) while they were at the WBBL at North Sydney Oval on Saturday Night. To quote my unnamed source:

“Phil Hayes (left in photo) dressed by Gucci. Michael McGregor dressed by St Vincent de Paul”

With fiends like this.

Quiet Achiever

Alex Chidgey (C2 Blue and pictured waving) is one of those great Team players who always offers to bat down the order to give others a go as he also bowls. The chance came on the weekend to have a decent bat. He hammered 134 (our 484th ton) and his highest score (previous best was 58 playing C2 in 2016/17). It is great to see good guys coming first.

The last of our big Team achievements

When A1 Grade scored their 146th run the boys brought up the 120,000th run scored in this Grade. We started in 1951/52 and then have been in A1 continuously since 1966/67.

For the record, our other big Team achievements this season have been:

  • B1 scored their 140,000th run (29th September)
  • C2 brought up their 120,000th run (13th October)
  • B2 scored their 100,000th run (10th November)


Last week we wrote-up about Peter Lees (C2 Red) who was stuck on 4,999 runs and finally got to 5,000 this weekend.

This week we have Simon ‘Snumpty’ Smyth (A2 Captain and pictured right with Rick Turner). Simon is edging his way to an amazing 400 career wickets to be just to 7th player in our history to reach this massive milestone. He is also just 2 wickets away from equally the great Greg Stoneham (A1) on 401 career wickets.

Anyway, he got one wicket on the weekend so next week he has a shot at cracking this massive milestone.