Anecdotes – 9th September 2018

Young Achiever

Nick Bennett (A1) holds the record as our youngest Captain (18 years of age) when he was leading the Colts Team in 2007/08.

This season Michael Gunn (pictured) will Captain B1 and will be just 20 years and 9 months of age in Round 1. We don’t have detailed records of the ages of our Captains over the years but Gunny is one of the youngest senior grade Captains in our history, especially so in higher grades.

Another little known fact is that he has already scored 4 tons putting him at just 3 behind the record holder Laurie Tuckerman (A1) who scored 7 way back in 1951/52 and is the 6th most prolific century scorer in our history.

Bill Peterkin – one step closer

If Bill Peterkin (gun for hire) can get a game in C3 (take note Buzz!) this season he will be the first player in our history to have played in every Grade. The only gap will be not having played in C4 -a Grade that no longer exists. Bill’s record is impressive:

  • A1 – debuted in 1999/2000
  • A2 – 97/98
  • B1 – 95/96
  • B2 – 97/98
  • C1 – 92/93
  • C2 – 93/94
  • C3 – yet to play
  • C4 – Grade no longer exists
  • D1 – 92/93
  • D2 – 93/94
  • SPL – 12/13
  • Colts – 08/09

Steve Quanborough (D1) is the nearest to Bill in playing all Grades. The only Grade Steve hasn’t played is B2. Like Bill there are Grades (Colts & SPL in Steve’s case) that he hasn’t played but they don’t exist anymore.

So if Buzz (C3 Captain) feels generous and gives Bill a run in C3 this season he will tick over a record as our most capped journeyman and the 1st player in our history to achieve this milestone.

Brothers in Arms

This season, Riley (A1 Player number 306 and pictured, left) and Bailey Miedler (318, pictured right) will play together in A1 Grade after debuting together late last season. They will become just the 9th set of brothers to join a small and elite group of players in our 61 years of A1 Grade history to achieve this great milestone.

The others brothers to have played together at the elite level are:

  1. The Bellamy brothers (Albert and Bob) in 1951/52
  2. The Childs (Wally and Les) also in 1951/52
  3. Twin brothers John and Ken Donaldson (1961/62)
  4. Greg Fiedler (1981/82) and Andrew Fiedler (1986/87)
  5. Scott Wills (1988/89) and Todd Wills (1989/90)
  6. Matt Rae (1992/93), Tim Rae (1997/98) and Chris Rae (2005/06)
  7. James Makin (1993/94) and Richard Makin (1995/96)
  8. Alex Robertson (2009/10) and Michael Robertson (2016/17)
  9. Riley Miedler (2012/13) and Bailey Miedler (2017/18).

Another bit of history is that Riley is the youngest player in our history to take 250 wickets (on 26th November 2016, aged 22 years, 9 months and 9 days) and is on track to notch up 300 wickets (currently 274 wickets) before he turns 25 years of age!

Going way back, brothers playing together wasn’t such a huge deal. In the early days, family teams were common. The South Colah Cricket Club (Thornleigh) had 18 sons of Patrick and John Duffy (Duffy Avenue origin); Dural CC was sustained by the seven sons of Thomas Best; Pennant Hills CC by the 10 sons of Arthur Thompson (Thompson’s Corner origin) and Castle Hill CC by the eleven sons of John James.

Seniors Registrations closed – first time

Last week we had to close off Registrations for Seniors for new players. This is the first time in our history that we have ever had to turn-off registrations, let alone before the season even starts. This could be famous last words but early indications are that this is looking like a pretty good year coming up.

Did you know?

Five of our current players hold records as the highest cumulative scorer for runs scored in specific Grades. These players are:

  • A2 – Michael Banner (2,161 runs) and playing A2 again this season
  • B1 – Ross Anderson (2,972 runs) and playing C3
  • C1 – Eric Junkkari (2,983 runs) and playing B2
  • C2 – Peter Lees (2,369 runs) and playing B2
  • D1 – Pratah Sinnetamby (1,600 runs) and playing C2.

Other current day record holders are:

  • 61 wickets – Tim Scoular (A1 and pictured above) is the A2 record holder for most wickets in an A2 season
  • 192 dismissals – Nick Bennett (A1) holds the Club record career w/k dismissals at 192 and will be the first player to reach 200
  • 40 dismissals – Andrew Morris (fill-in) holds the record for the most w/k dismissals in a season.


Phil Wurth – Culture Warrior

Phil Wurth (A1) pictured doing his best to help build an inclusive, understanding, compassionate and caring culture in A1 Grade this season. In this photo Phil is providing constructive feedback to Andy Meikle on some of the finer aspects to his effort at scoring. Lachlan McBrien is in the background giving support – Saturday 8th September 2018.

Quote of the day

After going for an uninspiring 12 runs in his first over, Napier Gryst hit back with two wickets in his second. Napier explained to all:

“I just can’t bowl in the rain, I’m a dry weather bowler!”

The showers had ceased between his two overs – future Captains check your weather report before bringing Napier into the attack!


Injury update

We are only up to Round 1 of the T20’s and the injury count is already 2. The first injury was from Tim Worthington (C1) who strained a Pec muscle while watering the garden.

Next was Nick Bennett (A1) who managed to break 2 bones in his hand while playing AFL last weekend putting him out for 10 weeks.

None of this though compares to Calvin Breytenbach (A2 / B1 – front row, far right) last season who managed to break both legs, yes both’, jumping down a hill and putting himself out for the season.