Anecdotes – Round 10

Real Housewives of Armidale

Move over Real Housewives of Melbourne and Sydney. We have our own – the Real Housewives of Armidale. Our U15s had an amazing Carnival at Armidale last week – winning 2 games against Regional Rep sides and also doing some amazing things in running a Pink Stumps Day to coincide with the Sydney Test initiative that raised $2,000 for the McGrath Foundation. Behind the scenes were our Mothers and family members.

Our latest NSW Representative

Congratulations to Adrian Chau (C2 Blue and fielding in the photo) who has been chosen in the NSW Deaf Cricket Team that will compete in the National Cricket Inclusion Championships that starts on the 20th January. Well done Adrian and good luck.

Quotes of the week

“At my job interview yesterday I was asked “what’s your greatest strength?” “Anything on my pads,” I replied. I’m confident I’ll get a call back.” – Grade Cricketer.

“Get off the wicket please”

In our C2 game against Berowra last weekend the Berowra Umpire asked one of our players to walk to the side of the pitch when changing ends to avoid damage to the pitch. When asked why, he said the Rules require it – the problem is the wicket was an astro turf deck. Needless to say the boys just kept on walking and doing so after each over.

Coming up

Two big personal milestones are coming up fast.

Eric Junkkari (C1)has 447 wickets and once he gets to 450 Eric will be only the 5th Player in our History to get to this milestone. Just ahead of Eric is the great Mark ‘Tubs’ Taylor with 461 wickets.

Matt Jobson (A1) – Jobbo is on 298 wickets and needs just 2 more to become the youngest player in our history to reach this milestone at just 27 years of age. This will move him to equal number 11 on our all-time list with Andrew Driscoll who got his 300 only 3 weeks ago.

Hot on Jobbo’s heals though is Riley Miedler (A1) who has 259 wickets and is just 23 years of age. It is possible that both of these players could reach what has been the ‘unachievable’ landmark of 623 wickets held by the great Dave Carey.

  • 200 wickets - Matt Jobson
  • Riley bowling vs Penrith

Pink Stumps Day in Armidale

Our U15s made a huge impact in the Walter Taylor Cricket Carnival at Armidale last week. Wendy Paton and Ray Silins (pictured) organsied a Pink Stumps Day to coincide with Day 3 of the Sydney Test and raised over $2,000 for the McGrath Foundation.

Armidale District Cricket’s Junior Vice-President, Michael Dennis, said in the local paper – “Pink Stumps was a huge success. Everyone embraced it and there was pink everywhere, so it was really good to see people supporting that,”


Only in Australia

In the C2 game against Berowra at Brooklyn Dairy ground on the weekend the boys were greeted with a Goanna leisurely walking across the ground. Later in the day one of the batters nicked off to the ‘keeper and everyone behind the wicket went up for the big nick – not out. The reason is that the umpire didn’t hear it because of the noise the cicada’s were making.


Ashane De Silva – global superstar

During the ODI, Tis Mistry (B1) saw a commercial of Luna Park, which featured our very own Ashane De Silva. The photo is actually of his father Dinesh after the C1 Grand Final win but you can see where Ashane gets part of his good looks from.

The boys approached Ashane at the game on Saturday and he claimed that he is not in just one commercial, but also in a McDonald’s commercial. Ashane also has his own agent, much to all of our surprise. On top of all of this, he has to grow out his hair for a L’Oreal Paris commercial in February, to which he doesn’t know if they will be cutting his hair, dying it, or styling it – but one thing for sure is he is getting paid huge money – superstar!

The old jock-strap trick

Tim Leyshon (B1) is if nothing resourceful – right in the photo with Allan Raffa. On the weekend Tim came to the game wearing boxers. The problem came when it was time to bat. Tim overcame this problem by getting a roll of packing tape and then went about binding his protector with an intricate web of overlays to get it to stay put. Fortunately Tim’s handy-work wasn’t tested with the big fella being bowled for a duck. We have a photo of this finished product but will save our good readers from the sight.