Anecdotes – Round 11 (Day 2)

A long time between drinks

Matt Marsden (C1 and right in picture) scored 102, our 459th ton on the weekend and our 14th this season. Matt’s last ton was 125* in B1 Grade way back in 1995. What makes this amazing is that it is 22 years to the day that he scored this first ton – our 202nd ton. So after 22 years, 8,036 days and 257 Club tons, history has been repeated with a ton.

Quotes of the week

“The ugliest girl on the planet…”

Got to hand it to Phil Wurth (A1) who was recounting his younger days. When he was 12 years old he mentioned how his mum, a perceptive lady, told Phil, on his 12th birthday, that had he been a girl he would have been “…the ugliest girl on the planet”. Time has obviously treated Phil kindly as compared to boys in A1 he ranks up there in the beauty stakes.

“This doesn’t look good”

Rick Turner (B2 Captain) turned up at Gilroy College on the weekend looking to defend our 97 scored last week on an oval that had ankle length grass. As he came over the hill at Gilroy not only had the grass been cut but it was burnt to be like a road and hence the comment.

Sign of the times

Ten years ago we had our website and that was about it. Now it is a different world:

  • Our website is getting, on average around 1,200 hits a month
  • TeamApp now has 186 members and had 2,015 hits in December ranking is as the 118th most used App Australia wide
  • Facebook has 470 people Like us
  • The Selfie is now growing in importance with around 20% of our photos coming in this form – the photo is a selfie of Grace Junkkari and Elyse Perry.

A definition of boring

Last weekend was hot and a lot of games were affected by uncut grass making low scores common place. Spare a thought though for our D2 boys who were playing Kissing Point, a top 4 Team. Playing at the postage stamp sized Cliff Oval, Point batted first and scored 126 in a massive 98 overs and with an amazing 42 maidens. If you came from outer space you would think that the Oval had knee length grass with huge boundaries – not so. Our time to bat and the boys belted 2/143 in just 30 overs to get a comfortable win and move us into the top 4.

The human headline

Living legend, Eric Junkkari (C1 and pictured left) just keeps doing it. Eric usually gets a mention through his outstanding on-field performances and space cadet status when trying to assemble a shelter. On the weekend it was a bit warm and Eric had the onerous task having to umpire for 10 overs. After we declared the innings closed to have a go at an outright win it was time to field. Unfortunately, Eric was too exhausted to take the field after the onerous umpiring stint and found a nice shady spot on the hill at Greenway Park to watch the boys go around.