Anecdotes – Round 8 (1-dayer)

2022-23 Season – a snapshot

Thanks to the amazing analytical skills of James Makin he has worked out how to link the old MyCricket data in our Club Wisden with PlayHQ data – genius. The good news is that we can now identify the highlights of last season. Here goes:


  • Lachie Edwards scored the most in 22/23 (638 @45.6), followed by Ashane de Silva (604 @46.5) and Arun Chaudhuri (521 @34.7)
  • Sean Clarence topped the averages (494 @61.8)
  • Lachie’s 638 is the 32nd best season of all time. It’s a tough list to crack into! He had the 2nd best C2 season of all time though. His 209no was also the 5th highest score of all time (225 is the record)


  • Todd Hitchinson took the most wickets (40 @9.6), followed by Michael Richards (38 @8.7) and Luke Herzog (31 @11.4). Michael Richards also had the best average out of those who took more than 10 wickets
  • Luke Herzog is now the highest T20 wicket taker of all time (35 @16.3).
  • Daniel Vink’s 9 wickets in the T20s is the equal best season tally of all time
  • Michael Richards has the 2nd best A-grade average of all time (131 @11.0). The best is by Sol Tomlinson with 10.7 (158 wickets)


  • Sam Kirkegard’s 25 dismissals was the most by a long way, followed by Raynaldo Howards (16) and Jack Marsden (14).

Space Cadets

This week we have a dual Award winner – hence Space Cadets.

As background, no one needs to be reminded of the 42 degree heat last weekend but this didn’t stop two of our natural athletes, Daanish and Surendra, going out and having a bowling warm-up before the game started.

Daanish, who was going to bowl the first over had Surendra join him in the blazing sun as his fielding partner. The problems started with the first warm-up ball.

Daanish rolled his arm over and while Surendra stopped the ball it wasn’t with his hands. The result can be seen in the photo with Surendra in recovery mode. Needless to say, the warm-up finished but it was still enough for Daanish to bowl 6 overs for 7 runs.

Photo: Surendra after stopping the warmup ball

Masterclass – the latest high achiever

Last week we did a story on Harry Hando’s (A2) Masterclass last innings that was 52% of our Team total. This week we went one better.

How good is Sean Clarence (A1) who scored 128* out of our Team Total of 7/191 – our 534th ton and 14th of the season. This is 67% of the Team total (191 runs) and to top it off, 95% of the Opposition score!

Sean debuted for us in the 2021/22 season and has now scored 3 x tons, already passed 1,000 runs for our Club and last season won the Association Player of the Year.

Updating our top 7 players who have dominated Team totals, Sean is now number 4 on the all-time list of dominant scorers. Here goes:

  1. Wally Howard (B1 Grand Final in 1968/68 @ Campbell Park. We were all out for 4 and Wally Howard scored the only scoring shot – a boundary. This is 100% of the total score.
  2. Glenn O’Connor (C3 Blue 31/10/2010 @ Campbell Park). In a team total of 191 Glenn belted 145 – 75.9% of the team total
  3. Daniel Anderson (D2, on 20/12/2008 @ Holland Rd scored 81* out of an innings team total of 112 (72.3% of the total score). DA was 13 at the time
  4. Sean Clarence (A1, on 16/12/2023 @ Parklands Oval scored 128* of the Team Total of 7/191 (67% of the Total score)
  5. Jason Goddard (C1 on 14/2/2015 @ Cheltenham Oval) – scored 78 out of a Team total of 119 – 65.5% of the total
  6. Greg Fiedler (C1 on23/10/2004 @ Thornleigh) scored 95 out of a team total of 146 – 65% of the teams total
  7. Brent Larkham (B2 on 04/11/2017 @ Annangrove Park) scored 200* of a Team total of 5/313 – 63.9% of the declared Team total

Photo: Sean 1st left, front row, after winning the T20 Premiership@ Greenway Park – 15 October 2022.

Happy 21st

We are so lucky to have so many great people in our Club and right up there is Xander Vink (B1 Blue). Saturday just happened to be his 21st Birthday and his plan was to have a quiet one without any fuss. Fortunately it didn’t work out that way.

With some clandestine work behind the scenes, mum and dad Vink arranged with the Sports Club to make it a special day. With a special cake that had an image of Xander scoring his 2nd 50 way back 2013/14 – just on 10 years ago to the day.

As Dad (Paul) mentioned: “…we couldn’t think of a more deserving environment to celebrate and be with our Cricket club members who sang Happy birthday with gusto”.

While just 21, Xander has played with West Penno for over 15 years, is a 3 times Premiership winner and is definitely the ‘better Vink’in the family.

Well done Xander and to everyone for making this such a memorable day.

Photo: Xander with his 21st Birthday cake at the Sports Club – 16 December 2023.

Spirit of Cricket – The Grubs

It seems like a long time but 2 weeks ago we actually had games abandoned due to wet weather.

After surviving a couple of weeks of high temperatures it is easy to overlook the latest The Grubs video on the Spirit of Cricket – Rain delays. Here goes – The Grubs – Spirit of Cricket

Photo: Campbell Park just after 2 days of rain – Friday 5th October 2018


What would you decision be?


Playing at a fair delivery the striker’s helmet becomes dislodged and falls, breaking the wicket. There is an appeal. Simultaneously, the non-striker calls the striker through for a sharp single. The striker fails to make her ground at the bowlers end before the wicket is broken fairly. What action shall the umpires take?

Photo: Rob Hanich receiving 4th Grade T20 Trophy from Umpires Simon Moore & James Fernandez @ Les Shore 1 – 30th October 2022.


What would you decision be?


  • Striker’s end umpire answers the appeal Not Out Law
  • Non-striker’s end umpire answers the appeal Out – Run Out Law 38.