Anecdotes – Round 9 (1-dayer)

Space Cadet

First up our theme music for this sought after Award – Rocket Man

What better way to re-start the season than to have a Captain arrive late to a game thinking it was still a 1.00 pm start rather than 12.30 pm while the Juniors are not playing.

Our usual C4 Captain (Hiresh) sets the bar very high with the way he leads the Team. Unfortunately things didn’t go the plan with our stand-in Skipper (Meet) thinking the start time was still 1.00 pm and hadn’t left home 5 minutes before the toss. He was not alone with only 7 players at the ground for the toss.

Thankfully the Berowra captain let us bat first to solve the problem with late arrivals.

A Grade re-union

Over the last 35 years we have had some great A1 Grade sides, defined by Premierships won, with none better than our 4 x Premiers winners between 2011/12 to2014/15. The first of our great Teams though was back in 1989/90 to 1991/93. This Team though won our 1st A1 Premiership since we made the top grade in 1951/52 and went on to win 3 x consecutive Rofe Shields that set them up as the Association Team of the Decade.

The boys are now having a reunion on Friday 23rd February 2024 at the Sports Club and are travelling from all over NSW for the get together. We will get some great photos on the night but it will be a highlight of the season.

Photo: The photo is from the reunion of our 2010/11 A1 Premiers. In the photo are (left to right) – Simon Smyth, Matt Jobson, Tim Rae, Ranga Ediriwickrama, James Makin (standing), Michael Banner, Bill Peterkin, Daniel Anderson (seated), Scott Henderson, Matt Spalding & Peter Stott. WPH Sports Club – 3rd December 2022.

What West Penno players do away from cricket

So far this season we have had West Penno players proudly displaying our Club colours all over the world – Bermuda (James Makin) & Nirav Desai (Mt Everest Base Camp).

To add to the list, Agniva Chakraborty (Captain D1 Blue) was at the SCG for Day 3 of the Pink Test, members pavilion of course, proudly wearing his D2 Premiers cap from last season.

Unfortunately Agniva missed the carnage of the last session of play as  he had to go to Team training – that is commitment.

Photo: Agniva at the SCG with his Baggy Blue – 5 January 2024.

Emerging Champions

Going through the records we have a number of current players who are on their way to breaking long-term records in each Grade. This week we cover the batters – next week we will cover the bowlers. Here goes:


Runs scored

Nearest current player


4,876 runs (Greg Fiedler) 3,510 runs (James Makin)


2,522 runs (Michael Banner) 2,064 runs (Rowan Keating)


2,972 runs (Ross Anderson) 1,332 runs (Michael Banner)


1,742 runs (Gavan Hassett) 1,423 runs (Chris Williamson)


2,983 runs (Eric Junkkari) No near contenders


2,796 runs (Peter Lees) No near contenders


1,101 runs (Peter Lees) 1,101 runs (Peter Lees is still playing C3)


923 runs (Sparsh Popalle) 923 runs (Sparsh is still playing C4)


1,817 runs (Pratah Sinnetamby) 1,349 runs (Steve Quanborough


1,671 runs (Luke Christensen) 979 runs (Roger Friend)


Next week – the bowlers.

Photo: Peter Lees (C3 & left) who holds both the C2 & C3 batting records while captaining the C3 Sheep Station Blue Team – with John Rose – Campbell Park 7 January 2023.

What would you decision be?


You are at the striker’s end for this over.

A left-arm medium fast bowler bowls the 2nd ball of the over (which is a fair delivery) to a left-hand batter. The batter hits the ball towards mid-off and the batters start to run. The cover fielder dives to stop the ball but misses it but gets up on his feet quickly and feigns to throw the ball towards the striker’s end:

  1. What are you required to do?
  2. How many runs are scored from this delivery and how are they scored?

What would you decision be?


  • Part AIf either umpire considers that a fielder has caused or attempted to cause such a distraction, deception or obstruction, he/she shall immediately call and signal Dead ball and inform the other umpire of the reason for the call. Grab the ball as soon as possible. (Law 41.5.3)
    • Neither batter shall be dismissed from that delivery
    • The bowler’s end umpire shall Signal No ball or Wide to the scorers, if applicable, award 5 Penalty runs to the batting side, inform the captain of the fielding side of the reason for this action and as soon as practicable inform the captain of the batting side.
    • The ball shall not count as one of the over.
    • Any runs completed by the batters before the offence shall be scored, together with any runs for penalties awarded to either side. Additionally, the run-in progress shall be scored whether or not the batters had already crossed at the instant of the offence.
    • The batters at the wicket shall decide which of them is to face the next delivery.
    • The umpires together shall report the occurrence as soon as possible after the match to the Executive of the offending side and to any Governing Body responsible for the match, who shall take such action as is considered appropriate against the captain, any other individuals concerned and, if appropriate, the team.

    Part B – Award 5 penalty runs to batting side. Run in progress will be scored. 6 runs scored (1 run in progress + 5 penalty runs).