Anecdotes – Round 10 (1-dayer)

WPH Sports Club Christmas Tree competition

Over the Christmas period, the Sports Club ran a ‘Communitree’ Christmas Tree decorating competition with the winning entry, voted on by Club Patrons who spent $5 or more at the Bar.

It is great to report that we won the $1,000 prize as voted on by the Club Patrons.

A big congratulations to Ruth, Neera and the Girls who helped make the decorations. How about Ruth & Neera who were at the Sports Club until 11.00 pm to complete the decorations and ofcourse Ruth who put cricket ball stitches on the 200 red baubles.

Also, thanks to our Club members who went back to the Club after games and during the week and voted on our Tree.

Photo: Final voting count in the Christmas Tree decorating competition.



What a performance from Raynaldo Howard (C4 Red) who scored 131* in the one-dayer. Not only is this our 535th ton but it also accounted for an amazing 77.1% of the total team score. The innings included 10 x 6’s & 11 X 4’s. After 17 over mark of the 35 overs he was just 27* so he scored the next 104 runs in just 18 overs!

We have had a big season with players dominating Team totals:

  • Sean Clarence (A1) scored 128* out of our Team Total of 7/191- 67% of the Team total (191 runs) and to top it off, 95% of the Opposition score!
  • Harry Hando (A2) with 52% of the Team total on a difficult The Glade pitch

This effort from Raynaldo now ranks as the 2nd best individual contribution to a Team total in our history. The latest list is:

  1. Wally Howard (B1 Grand Final in 1968/68 @ Campbell Park. We were all out for 4 and Wally Howard scored the only scoring shot – a boundary. This is 100% of the total score
  2. Raynaldo Howard (C4 Red on 13/1/2024 @ Fred Caterson 4) scored 131* of the Team toral of 7/170 after 35 overs – 77.1% of the total score
  3. Glenn O’Connor (C3 Blue 31/10/2010 @ Campbell Park). In a team total of 191 Glenn belted 145 – 75.9% of the team total
  4. Daniel Anderson (D2, on 20/12/2008 @ Holland Rd scored 81* out of an innings team total of 112 (72.3% of the total score). DA was 13 at the time
  5. Sean Clarence (A1, on 16/12/2023 @ Parklands Oval scored 128* of the Team Total of 7/191 (67% of the Total score)
  6. Jason Goddard (C1 on 14/2/2015 @ Cheltenham Oval) – scored 78 out of a Team total of 119 – 65.5% of the total
  7. Greg Fiedler (C1 on23/10/2004 @ Thornleigh) scored 95 out of a team total of 146 – 65% of the teams total
  8. Brent Larkham (B2 on 04/11/2017 @ Annangrove Park) scored 200* of a Team total of 5/313 – 63.9% of the declared Team total


Photo: Raynaldo after scoring his 131*

“The Hat-trick that went through to the ‘keeper.”

A great insight into the hat-trick that everyone missed in B2 Grade. As background, there have only been 51 hat-tricks taken in our history so they are pretty rare. In the weekend’s game, Nathaniel Chidgey got a wicket with the last ball of his 3rd over – the 5th of the innings. He then took his hat-trick with the first & 2nd ball of the 31st over – and no one noticed:

Here goes the story from Rob Knapman:

“Nathaniel Chidgey came out to bat with the team struggling at 6/72. Nathaniel ran himself into the ground on his way to 25. Eventually being the last batsmen dismissed with the score on 129.

 Nathaniel then backed it up by taking the new ball for the first over. Nathaniel nicked the opener off in his first over! After his 2nd over he told his skipper that he was cooked and only had one more in him this spell. On the last ball of his third over he knocked over middle stump. Asked by the skipper if he wanted another, he puffed ‘No!’

 Fast forward to the 31st over with the opposition 8/107, Nathaniel was thrown the ball for his second spell.

 His first ball he nicked off the stubborn No.8. He then followed that up next ball knocking over the No.11’s off stump. Finishing with figures of 4/6

 The team ran in to the huddle with everyone pumped for the victory in the top of the table clash!

Paul Vink made sure he secured the match ball for his 100th wicket.

 Off we went to the club!

 2 hours after the end of the match everyone was sitting around at the club. The scorebook was sitting on the table. Someone said “Congrats on the hat-trick Nathaniel!!”

 Wait……. What?!?!

 Not one person on the team realised that Nathaniel had achieved this rare feat! ……… Nathaniel included!!!

 A Hat-trick 25 overs in the making! Now to track down Paul and divided that match ball in 2!”

Photo: the famous scorecard showing the hat-trick – 26 overs apart.


While on the hat-trick

In the same game where Nathaniel took his hat-trick, just the 51st in our history, Paul Vink achieved an amazing personal milestone of 100 wickets. Got a great note from Paul:

“The last wicket before a milestone is the one you most often must wait the longest for.

 Waiting 6 weeks since my last wicket felt like a lifetime, the calendar ticked over to a new year!

 I had been hauntingly close prior to Xmas but just couldn’t snag one. I was tantalisingly close last week but no luck.

 Playing with the mighty B2s this week in a top of table clash, most importantly we got the win, and as a bonus, I got a wicket…yay! Thanks lads 😊

To complicate things, we always have milestone cricket balls presented at Presentation Night. The problem with this one is that Paul rightfully has the ball but…2 hours later it was found that Nathaniel also got a hat-trick with the same ball. Maybe we just need to cut the ball in 2.

Photo: Paul after taking his 100th wicket at NTRA on Saturday.


What West Penno players do outside cricket

We have a long history of our players who travel around the world and take the time to have a photo wearing our Club colours. This year alone we have Nirav Desai (D1 Blue) at Mt Everest Base Camp; James Makin (A1) at Bermuda and Agniva Chakraborty (SCG Members during the New Year Test).

Our latest world traveller to proudly wear their West Penno colours is Connor Hindmarch (B1 Blue) who is travelling Europe. In the attached photo, Connor is wearing his B2 Premiership shirt at Bruhl Castle, Germany – a UNESCO cultural World Heritage site.

Photo: Connor at Bruhl Castle 16 December 2023.

Man Vs Wild

Move over Bear Grylls – we have our own version on intrepid adventurers with Harry Whitehouse (D1 Red) – all 13 years of age. Apart from being one of the best bats in the Team Harry is also prepared to take on nature with a fearless predator – a Kookaburra who he was giving the eye to show who was boss.

The result of the staring match – a draw with both Harry and the Kookaburra not giving an inch.

Photo: Harry with the Kookaburra – Samuel King Oval – 13 January 2024.

Emerging Champions

Going through the records we have a number of current players who are on their way to breaking long-term records in each Grade. Last week we covered the batters – this week it is our bowlers. Here goes:

Grade Runs scored Nearest current player
A1 364 wickets (Ray McDonald) Michael Richards (151 wickets)
A2 182 wickets (Rowan Keating) 182 wickets (Rowan is still playing A2)
B1 296 wickets (Wally Howard) 91 wickets (Chris Williamson is still playing B1)
B2 149 wickets (Eric Junkkari) 80 wickets (Rob Knapman)
C1 232 wickets (Eric Junkkari) No current players near this milestone
C2 295 wickets (David Carey) No current players near this milestone
C3 69 wickets (John Rose) 46 wickets (Steve Burrows is playing this Grade)
C4 25 wickets (Mudiutha Dissanayake) No current players near this milestone
D1 139 wickets (Roger Friend) 124 wickets (Dave Larkham is playing D1 Grade)
D2 144 wickets (Jon Burns) 55 wickets (Roger is playing D2 Grade)

Next week we will cover of the wicket-keepers.

Photo: Dave Larkham after taking his 100th wicket in D1 Grade – Foxglove Oval – 11 February 2023. Dave is our current player closest to breaking the D1 record for wickets taken – just 16 wickets short.


Emerging Champions – more insights

More on the info in the above table. In A1 Grade, while Michael Richards is the 8th highest wicket taker (151 wickets) in A1 Grade he has taken these wickets at the amazing average of just 11.0 runs / wicket. The best all-time average is 10.4 runs / wicket by Sol Tomlinson.

Photo: Michael Richards (left) with Ryan Loveridge & Billy Gaunt – Greenway Park Community Centre, 27th November 2021


While on records

There is an old saying that you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you have come from. In this context – some introductory music – If I could turn back time

During the week I came across some old photos from A1 Grade 1985-86. These are the oldest photos we have of this generation of past players from A1 – 38 years. Checkout the photos in the Photo Gallery to have a glimpse into the past.

By the way, if anyone has old photo’s, Seniors or Juniors, then send them to me and we can add them to our Photo Gallery– Ross Anderson (email link )

Photo: The A1 Grade side of 1985-1986. From left to right: Peter Handel, Alan Swan, Ross Anderson, Mark Dell. Front row: John Giddings, Greg Fiedler (C), Craig Russell, Greg Stoneham & Brent Dornan. Lying down – Warwick Barnes. Storey Park 1986