Anecdotes – Round 6 (Day 2)

Separated at Birth

If anyone has been watching Masterchef Dessert Masters we have found a double for our own Michael Gunn (A1) – our own doppleganger.

The image on the left is the French Dessert Master Amaury Guichon. The image on the right is our own ‘Gunny’. We had a bit of an email discussion among a few people in our Club during the week and got this note back from Nicole Digby:

 Oh my God, I can’t un-see it now!”

Photo: checkout the matched photo of Amaury and Gunny (centre), along with Rob Knapman (left) and Buzz Burrows (C3 Blue) taken in 6 May 2022.

The wedding – an insiders view

Got a great note from one of one of our un-named sources (thanks Ray) on the wedding event of the year – Michael Gunn’s (A1 Grade) wedding 2 weeks ago. Now, everyone knows Billy Gaunt – star A1 batter and w/k and one of the nicest blokes on the cricket field. There is though another side to Mr Perfect.

Those closest to Billy reckon he still has the 1st dollar he earned. Anyway, to cut to the chase, BG was in Gunny’s wedding party at the Event of the Year. So far so good and now to cut to the note from my un-named source (thanks again Ray):

Billy failed to congratulate him on his beautiful betrothal with Alyssa by failing to give a gift for the wedding.”

The positive is that Gunny and Alyssa did get a present via the wonderful parents of BG.

Photo: in happier times. Billy (2nd left with glasses) with Adam van Saarloos and Ray Khamis! 4th December 2022



Keep a lookout

I was contacted by the Daily Telegraph this week who are running a story in early December on the “best reserve grade players in NSW.”

Specifically, the Tele has asked for info on our “two best reserve/second grade players, their role, a small description on what makes them a good player/what they bring to the team’

Our Seniors Director (James) has made the Decision on the 2 x players from A2 Grade to feature in this article that will include a story plus photo. What we can say at this stage is that the players will come from our A2 side. We will let everyone know who the players are and when the article will appear once we get a date the article will be published.

We will be setting odds on who the 2 x players are and Billy Gaunt will be the Bookies ‘Bagman’ who will hold all the bets.

Stay tuned to read what promises to be a great article.

What it takes to be a Volunteer

To be a passionate cricket volunteer you have to be ‘different’ – in a good way. Remembering, that without volunteers there is no Club. Take Steve Quanborough as an example. Quan is a dynamo and has contributed so much to our Club over so many years. He is currently our Seniors Registrar and is on the on the Association’s Senior Competition Committee.

So what makes a Volunteer different? Just have a look at the accompanying photo – it says it all:

‘Eat, Sleep, Cricket’

On behalf of everyone in our Club – thanks for everything Quan.

Photo: Steve Quan wearing his favourite shirt.

Christmas is coming

When you walk into the Sports Club there are 4 x Christmas Trees that are going to be decorated by the 4 major sporting Clubs in our area – West Penno Cricket; Giants Baseball; Demons and Lions Football Club. Each Club has been asked to decorate a tree and Members will be asked to vote on the best decorated tree by using a token they get when making a purchase at the Club.

The winning Tree will get a $1,000 prize! Our Team is already well underway with the Girls producing mini decorated cricket bats, Ruth from the Juniors has just completed painting 200 red baubles to look like cricket balls and we are also getting a ‘Warnie’ Angel to sit on top of the tree plus a lot more.

So from this Tuesday, whenever you are at the Club, have a llook at the decorated tree and don’t fortget to vote – for us ofcourse.

Photo: the first of the 200 red baubles looking like a cricket ball.




Whatever it takes

Day 2 and the D1 Red (Diggers) boys had Kissing Point 4/59 chasing 190 – the game in a good balance. The weather was crook with a wet ground and heavy clouds coming our way. Enter Gus Greenhalgh, Ben and Harry Whitehouse who used a blower vac and special broom sized window type cleaners to get the pitch playable. Anyway, the boys got us on, we rolled them in 90 minutes, the rain then came and there was no further play.

In these type of situations, while many teams pitch in and try and get on, A1 had the super-sopper out at Turramurra, this is just one example where rather than waiting for things to improve, a bit of extra effort to get on allowed the boys to get a result when other Teams in the Grade finished with a  draw. Well done boys.

Photo: Gus, Ben and Harry at work getting the George Christie pitch playable – 25 November 2023.

Bad hair day

What do you do with Ryan ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge (A2). By his own admission, ‘cricket is an easy game’ and when he fires, no opposition can stop him with the bat or ball. With no play this weekend due to a Bye in the A2 Comp the big fella must have been at a loose end and conscripted his sister to do a ‘hair job’ and change the looks to strawberry blonde.

We will let you make the assessment about whether or not this works but either way, no one is going to miss seeing him on the field next weekend.

Photo: Birdcage with the new look.