Anecdotes – Round 6 (Day 1)

What it takes to be a great Club Person

Mat Marsden (C2 Blue Skipper), showed what it takes to be a great Club person during the week. For those who don’t know Mat, he is a former West Penno Junior and played Seniors between 1984/85 to 1998/99 and then started up again with his Junior Team back in 2021/22.

Mat’s Team have been killing it in C3 Grade – undefeated and leading the Comp. On the other hand our perennial Competition pacesetters, C2 Blue (Rob) have lost all their games this season and needed a circuit breaker. Enter Mat who offered to swap Grades to help out. This makes their effort to win the Comp that little bit harder but has helped out the Blues to kick-start their season.

Well done Mat – this is what playing for a Club is all about.

Photo: Mat (centre with Blazer and tie) and the now C2 Blues – Campbell Park, 18/11/2023.

Remembrance Day 2023

Last Saturday was the 105th anniversary of Remembrance Day marking the end of World War 1. Being a weekend it is easy to lose track of the significance of the 11 November but not our U13 Red Mixed Team.

The Reds were playing Oakhill College at Annangrove and the adjoining RFS were having their own Remembrance Day ceremony with a flag and anthem ceremony and 2 minutes silence.

So how good was it to see the players stop the game to allow both Teams to link arms and show their respect.

Well done to the players, Team Managers, Coaches, parents & families of both Teams for being involved.

To finish-up – a great tribute to this important day by Terry Kelly – A Pittance of Time

Photo: the U13 Reds with Oakhill during the 11 November commemoration – Annangrove Oval – 11 November 2023.

Not happy Jan

Got a great note last weekend from the larger than life character that is Ray Khamis (B2). After sending out the weekly update I neglected to mention Ray’s 3/0 as a highlight of the weekend’s Round and got the following note from the big fella:

“I think 3-0 qualifies as a high achiever. Dissapointed.”

Checking the records, Ray’s bowling is often discredited but…the history suggests that he is an undiscovered diamond. Ray has a best bowling performance of 3/1 playing C1 Grade in 2016/17.

For those new to our Club the big fella holds lots of records for his batting:

  • In Juniors Ray smashed 10 x 6’s at Edward Bennett Oval
  • On 3/12/2011 Ray (D1 Red) hit a Club record 11 x 6s in an innings of 98 runs at Caterson 4
  • On 9/1/2016 (C4) Ray hit 5 consecutive 6’s to set the Club record of the most consecutive 6’s in an innings

So anyone who wants to join the Ray ‘The Big Show’ Fan Club he is happy to welcome all takers.

Photo: Adam van Saarloos (B2), Bill Gaunt (A1) and Ray Khamis (B2) at 6.00 am after watching the Football World Cup game against Argentina – Sydney Live Site – 4th December 2022


Ton up

After Day 1 of Round 6 so far this season we have had an amazing 13 x tons scored. I have been asked a couple of times how this compares to other Seasons.

The record in a season is 23 scored in 2012/13 – the year that Rick Turner (B1 Blue) scored 4 tons while being a burglar in C3. By the way, Rick scored 798 runs @ 72.5 this season which is the 7th highest aggregate by a Senior’s player in a season.

The lowest season total this century is 7 scored in 2007/08.

Over the last 6 years the season’s totals have been:

  • 14 (2017/18)
  • 10 (2018/19)
  • 9 (2019/20)
  • 5 (2020/21) – Covid season
  • 4 (2021/22 – Covid
  • 14 (2022/23)

So if we keep going at this rate a new season record will be established.

Photo: Centurion #527, Anubhav Ghatak (D1 Blue) after scoring 111 runs Vs Thornleigh.

What would your Decision be?


A fair delivery, the fifth of the over, is played into the outfield. The batters have completed one run and crossed on a second as the ball is returned to the wicket-keeper’s end.

The throw is missed by the wicket keeper, and the ball contacts a fielder’s helmet placed on the ground at which time the batters have yet to complete the second run.

  • What happens now?
  • How many runs are scored and how are they recorded?
  • How many deliveries remain in the over?
  • Who faces the next delivery?

Photo: C3 Premiership Winning Captain Steve Buzz Burrows with Umpires Peter Lee and Barry McDonald after winning the Grand Final Vs Berowra @ Greenway Park – 24 March 2019.

What would your Decision be – the answer

The ball becomes dead the moment it contacts the fielder’s helmet which has been placed on the ground and not being worn.

It is sensible practice for either umpire to call and signal Dead ball when this occurs as to inform everyone that the ball is indeed dead and has ceased to be in play.

A total of seven (7) runs are scored to the batting team – two (2) are credited to the striker in addition to 5 Penalty runs.

There is one delivery remaining in the over and the striker for the previous delivery shall be facing for the final delivery of the over. The run in progress is scored because the batters had already crossed at the instant of the ball striking the helmet. Law 28.3