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A big step forward for season 2016/17

After a lot of hard work from the executive you’re now looking at the brand new WPHCCC website....

After a lot of hard work from the executive you’re now looking at the brand new WPHCCC website. This new site is the result of a decision made by the executive last season to significantly update the club’s online presence. We wanted to create a digital space that reflected the incredible community and culture we have at the club, a space that would give us another powerful tool to attract new players and sponsors to grow the club even further.

As well as all the information on the old site, we’re going to role out access to everyone’s MyCricket statistics over the next few weeks. So the next time we’re back at the club and someone talks about that spectacular ton so-and-so hit in that Grand Final, you’ll be able to quickly pull out your phone and see that it was actually a quick 38 with three 4’s and a 6 (which was an absolute slog). As well as this you’ll be able to quickly and easily access plenty of historic photos and video footage from all the successes the club has had over the years. And what WPHCCC website would be complete without Rosco’s weekly updates, which can all be easily accessed through this new site.

One the most important changes is our new online registration process. This is designed to make your registration process as straightforward as possible. From now on we’re hoping to put all registrations through this site and do away with the old paper method completely. If you haven’t registered, head over to the registration page and get stuck in!

We believe that just as WPHCCC has set the standard for the HKHDCA in building a strong and successful club culture, we’re now setting the standard in online presence and community. Here’s to another successful season in 2016/17 and a new way to share our successes online!

The Club Executive

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