Round 9, Day 2 (6 February 2021)

Remaining Draw

There are now just 2 Rounds (4 weeks), remaining before the Semi Finals.

  1. Round 10 – 13th February & 20th February
  2. Round 11 – 27th February & 6th March
  3. Semi Finals – 13th & 20th March
  4. Final – 27th & 28th March

Check out the draw at the Association website – here

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 9/100 lost to Vs ARL 2/102

Wet weather greeted us to Parklands Oval, just a causal 45 mins drive north west of Sydney’s Central Business District.

The pitch was green, but firm and hard. Rain would likely play a factor through the day. The outfield was very long. We were certain we would lose the toss and bat. Phil won the toss and elected to bat – without our opening batsman, Assman at the ground.

Assman eventually arrived and joined Jamakin at the centre wicket. He was shaky early. A flick to square leg off the first ball was immediately followed by a firm “Yes”. Jamakin obliged but Assman was unmoved, admiring the ball trickling just wide of the fielder. By the time he left the barriers, Jamakin had almost lapped him. The throw to the bowlers end was awful and Ass was lucky to get away with this.

Hot on the heels of the shaky start, his next ball with square cut softly, in the air, to the point region.

An ARL field was parked underneath it, a certain catch upcoming. But said fielder lost the ball in the trees and tried to shield his body by abruptly rotating his spine to be a separate angle to his head and the rest of his body. A simple chance gone begging for ARL and eyebrows were raised on the sidelines. Not because of the fielder error, but because of the reaction from our fearless leader Wu, who was in an uncontrollable fit of laughed. You can find out more about this on our A grade podcast this week.

Back to the cricket and the Assmakin opening stand was ticking along nicely – never in the last four years have we had an opening partnership do so well. The lads put on 35 before Ass was dismissed. Gav Taylor strode to the wicket, the poo watchman not needed.

Gav lasted 5 balls and the Parklands changerooms will now forever smell like green Maximus. The liquid like blood scattered all over the floor like a crime scene. And the smell, oh the smell. Thanks to Coach for the heads up in moving by plastic cricket kit box out of Gavs line of sight.

Effie joined Jamakin and we continued to build a strong platform. But then, out of nowhere, the heavens opened. The covers were applied but the rain was setting in. WPHCCCCCC relished the opportunity to work on our fielding, using a tennis ball and raquet to pelt tough catches at each other.

A couple of screamers were taken and you can vote for the classic catches by messing A, B or C to +61 447 364 333.

    • Classic catch A was absolute ripper by Lichaaa who dived hard to his left, one handed at full stretch, the ball whistling past his body as he grabbed it mid air.
    • Classic catch B belong to Krang, who went low and one handed to his right, sublime reflexes for the big fast bowler.
    • Classic catch C is former A grade start Bailey Miedler who reacted brilliantly to the deflection off Jackson Preedy’s head, dived forward one handed and screamed “do you know who my Dad is!?”

When the rain stopped we were left with a 24 over a side contest. We put on some quick runs, with cameos from Wu, BCG and Preedy to get us to 100. A defendable total we thought given the circumstances.

The bowling started well with Gandis, who finally had enough overs under his belt, taking the new ball and being duly rewarded with two vital wickets. It was the start we needed and we were up and about. Unfortunately that is where the fanfare ended, ARL batting well to chase the runs down with a mammoth 3 wicket partnership. It was a tough loss, stinging moreso by the disappointment in ourselves for poor body language (PBL).

We will bounce back. We cannot let this Club down.

Thanks to Russ, Bailey, Coach, Kaity, Mrs Effie, Krang, umpire lookalike Simon Taufel and our offical scorer, Alex Robertson for coming today.

We appreciate all of our loyal fans and staff.

Speaking of which, if anyone has seen our head coach Gus, please let us know.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 8/114 lost to Berowra 4/116

This is a very sad match report to write. We lost by 2 runs. To Berowra.

The day at Dural Park today was on and off, with it ending in a 25 over-a-side affair. We won the toss and bowled knowing a rain affected run chase would suit us batting second. We started off solidly without being brilliant, with Varun ‘Mum’s support’ (0-10 off 5) having 4 LBW shouts in the first over.

One was plumb, but by the 4th ball Varun didn’t bother appealing and it was somehow not given out. Keats then picked up a wicket LBW after a massive inside edge. Go figure. We came off at 17 overs for a rain delay with Berowra 1/67.

After the delay, Keats (2/23 off 5) got another with Ray forcing me to mention his catch in the match report. A dive but more of a flop in reality. Matty Watts (1-12 off 3) and Benny (1-16 off 3) finished the innings off strong to see us chasing 116.

The run chase started very, very poorly, with Gunny playing the worst short ever seen on a cricket field. We were 4-15. Keats ‘get my stats up’ played a very good cameo to get us back in the game with 27, ably supported by one knee Brent (14) until Ekkers got him out by making him miss a full toss.

With all hope lost at 6-56 needing 10 an over, Varun Ravindran and Rohit Ninan continued to work away but we were left needing 40 off 4. Varun absolutely tees off, scoring a quick fire 23 and getting us back in the game needing 10 off the last over.

A single first ball to Ro. A big heave for 3 next ball by V-train and suddenly we just needed 6 off 4.

Another single. 5 off 3.

Then a huge wide was let go by the umpire leaving us needing 5 off 2. Varun held out on the boundary next ball and Ro hit a 2 last ball and it was not to be. Ro finished with an impressive 25*.

To sum up our season, Berowra are first and undefeated and we are struggling in 5th yet showed today we are just as good if not better than anyone. Plenty of tight losses and missed opportunities leave us in a tough position in a season of what could have been.

A highlight of the day was when the rain hit at around 2pm. Umpire approaches us asking if we have a broom when it stops raining.

We respond no.

He asks if anyone has one at home they can get. Again, we respond no. Unfortunately none of us own a broom. Berowra then drive to Bunnings to buy two brooms, return, break one broom within 5 minutes of sweeping. We giggled as we sat happily in the dugout watching and discussing Ro’s 15,000 watches a month podcast.

We lost the game, but won that battle

B1 Grade

WPHC Red (Rick) 150 lost to Berowra 5/153

Sunshowers, rainbows, massages, warm showers, calippos, fresh bed sheets and Willy’s butt are all things I enjoy more than getting beaten by Berowra.

Starting at 7/131, the loss of 2 early wickets wasn’t ideal. We wanted 150, and we got it through Todd ‘Hutcho Man’ Hutcho Man and Deano ‘Spidey’ Carlin. Who knew they could bat? Even Spidey with his shirt untucked pretended to be a batsman. We made 150, and the rain came down.

The WPHC boys were keen to bowl, and Spidey took a magnificent caught and bowled in his first over, due to Will ‘Andrew’ Fiedler’s 67 year old bat. Hutcho Man cleaned up Tony Greig in the next over, to see the chromosome-less at 2/1.

Gee Jordan Silk has a long neck #giraffe

Partnerships then built for the other team, but after building up pressure, Snumpty‘Retirement’ Smyth did his hammy again. Dr Volc told me to avoid alcohol and ice my hammy. I’m 12 Melbourne Bitter’s in, with more to go, and feeling good now. I’ll play next week Rick. Change of bowler, Smyth. PS I can’t walk.

Ok, so we played Berowra today. Dan’Im The Good Looking Bro’ Schwartzel took a great pole, thanks to some great keeping from Rocco ‘Rocco’ Rochow. Good chat from the cordon supported Dan. Dan ‘Not Matt’ Schwartzel’ had many family names thrown up. Matt, Wazza, Warren, Wazz. It was thought we would bring Dan’s mum into the equation, and without knowing her name, assumed it was Cheryl. Bowled Chezza.

With wickets to get, Hutcho Man bowled a bunga which Spidey webbed. Prats ‘Training’ Datar took a pole too, thanks to Rocco’s snare.

Unfortunately, Berowra scored more runs than us. Unfortunately, my leg hurts. Meant I drank too much to write a decent match report. I blame Will Fiedler. The last 3 times I’ve done my hammy was against him. Must be some voodoo doll scenario.

If only every ball had had the support of Manus ‘Loose Bus Change’ Labuschagne, who thinks everything is out. Some great appeals. He screams like Isa. Speaking of Isa, Rick picked some good seam #2fingers

WPHC Blue (Napper) 2/102 defeated Sydney Lions 82

Once again Greenway was looking fantastic. There was always going to be rain about, but all we needed was an hour of play to chase down the total. The umpires and batsmen waited for the Lions in the middle in perfect conditions, but as they finally made their way onto the field at 1:10, the rain started and of course they didn’t want to start play.

The rain stopped at 2:30pm and the Greenway pitch looked great. A quick sweep and it was good to go……. not according to Lions. After starting the match with a negative batting performance, they were now reluctant to take the field on Day 2.

They eventually realised that the rain was holding off and we got underway at 3:15pm.

Tanay Hira and Zac Morris resumed their innings and saw off the first few overs without any risks. They gradually increased the run rate with the change of bowlers, before Tanay was dismissed for 19 in a 56 run opening stand.

Zac was joined by Nandu Ramesh and the pair were told to get it done before drinks. Some big hitting saw us pass the 82 run total inside 45 minutes. With some fine weather, we thought Lions needed the bowling practice so we decided to bat on. Nandu was eventually dismissed for 20 and we called stumps. Zac Morris finished unbeaten on 55*. Not a bad return on his first innings of the season!

An important win that keeps us in 3rd place as we close in on the business end of the season.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHCC 8/123 defeated outright Hornsby 53 & 49

It felt like deja vu in many ways at Montview Oval in Hornsby this week.

We faced overcast conditions once again, and despite the ground looking fairly dry leading into the start of play, there was little doubt that the weather would be a factor.

With a few wickets in hand, we had every intention of batting on for another 20-30 quick runs, but with the showers looking likely to impact play we decided to close our innings and send Hornsby in to get as many overs at them as possible.

Pressure built on Hornsby immediately, who seemed to be playing for time (and hoping for the rain) as they showed no intention of bothering the scorers. The first wicket fell in the 5th over before a run was on the board, with Tom Hando (3-14) crashing through, continuing to confuse batsmen who just can’t seem to pick which way the ball will swing.

A short but heavy shower stopped play for around 15 minutes, soaking the outfield and pitch, but this wasn’t enough to save Hornsby.

Once play resumed, the wickets fell at regular intervals. Scott Chapman (2-14) didn’t get the same assistance and bounce from the pitch that he got last week, but an adjusted length paid off for him.

Steve Ozvatic (1/5) is making a habit of taking a wicket in every spell, managing to land the on line and length from ball one once again. Big call out to Sam Hando today, who seemed to be most suited to the skidding pitch conditions and finished up with a very respectable 3-5.

Hornsby’s innings came to an end still well short of our lead, when their no. 11 shouldered arms to a length ball from Sam which tickled the bail on its way through to the keeper. A great team effort, particularly by our bowlers, which sends us to the top of the table at exactly the right point of the season.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC Vs Castle Hill

Scores & Match Report not received.


WPHC Red (Fieds) 97 lost to WPHC Blue (Buzz) 4/98

Welcome to C2 Sheep Station Cup Round 2.

The toss went as per the previous match up, however the result wasn’t the same (Stuey’s amazing sequence seems to have now been truly laid to rest).

The Blues sent the Reds in under dubious skies and persistent drizzle. Both teams were keen to play for a full 6 points in this top of the table clash, as whilst we didn’t get on the paddock at all on Day 1, the 3rd placed side in our Grade had already picked up a first innings win last week and there was pressure on both teams to stay in the Premiership race.

There was tight bowling from the Blues early, but Nick and Cameron settled in nicely to look in control. A couple of big sixes from N. Duck looked ominous, but Paul Vink snared the breakthrough to pick up Cam, and next over Josh found the edge of Nick’s bat to change the pace of the innings with two quick wickets. Hutch Jnr and Adam settled things before the rain came down too strongly to continue and we took an early drinks break.

As the great Ross Anderson always reminds us, it’s always tough for batsmen to start again after a break, and so it transpired with Adam snicking the very first ball on our return to the field to a willing Hari at gully to take the Reds to 3/52 after 18.

From there, tight bowling from Bishy and Buzz pinned the Reds scoring rate and the pressure drew a couple of quick run outs (Chidge, you may be playing D grade next week after burning your skipper 😜)

The Blues kept things tight in the field and managed to restrict the Reds to 97 off their allotted 35 overs, collecting the final wicket on the last ball of the innings.

Some great work in the field with Callum and Paul effecting run outs and Sam having a top day behind the stumps with 2 catches, 2 run outs and a superb stumping to get rid of Waris who top scored with a forceful 18.

Best of the bowling from Buzz with 3, Dylan 2, Paul, Josh and Tarun one each.

The Blues turn to bat.

Last match up they’d batted poorly, but after a great effort in the field, hopes were high that the total to chase would be achieved. Dylan had to leave early and was also determined to continue his great recent form with the bat, so he and Hari set about laying a fantastic foundation and seeing off the best of the Red’s bowlers whilst keeping ahead of the required rate.

They took the score to 65 before Dylan had to rush off and morph into Dougie the pizza boy, but that parting seemed to give the Red’s some impetus and led to 3 quick wickets to send a slight murmur back to the Blue’s remaking batters.

Peter Lees unveiled his new bat and took the attack to the bowlers, and well supported by Sam managed to steer the Blues towards a win.

The Reds fought hard with Craig and Naiyyar both grabbing two wickets, but 97 just was never going to be enough and the Blues managed a comfortable win to leave the Sheep Station Cup at 1-1.

The decider may well come in the Finals series! These two sides are definitely the best two in this Grade. Good luck to both teams in their run to the finals.

PS Clearly the better West Penno C2 Team won on the day PPS it was an agreement by both Captains that the winning skipper could write the match report 😁

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 6/289 dec drew with ARL 7/226

Having clocked up a season high score of 289 and taken out Asquith’s opening bat last week, we turned up at Campbell Park totally confident of netting those 6 points that have eluded us.

Within just 30 minutes from start however, the ever-threatening clouds finally let loose and we scampered to the shelters.

By the time the weather cleared, we had already lost 19 overs. But what followed was our worst nightmare – the red cherry was soaking up a lot of water from the wet outfield despite our best efforts using every possible rag and towel in our kits. Getting a breakthrough was proving harder than expected and the batsmen were scoring freely.

Rommel’s introduction to the attack put a brake on the scoring rate and he managed to get both the overnight batsmen out with his deceitful bowling.

John kept things equally tight from the other end and soon we had ARL 4 down for 79 and with a real chance of running through rest of the batting order. However, a combination of some resolute batting from their #4 and #6 batsmen and a number of dropped catches from our boys took all the pressure off Asquith, and we found ourselves desperate to get wickets at the stroke of the 5pm break.

Rommel returned to bag one more scalp to take his tally to 3 and with some tight bowling, we managed to get 2 more wickets and made that final push in the last few overs to get the remaining batters out, but alas!

It was not to be. It was a hard fought draw and once again, the 6 point dream eluded us.

The dream lives on!

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 7/137 defeated Kenthurst 9/313

After a wash out last Saturday we had a one day match against Kenthurst.

Rob lost the toss, as usual, and we were sent in to bat. After a slight delay due to a passing shower we got on the field.

Batting started well and despite some intermittent drizzle we kept the score ticking over. Consistent small partnerships got our score up to 7/137 after our 34 overs. Great batting from Luke (40) and Pravin (20), together with a brilliant final partnership between Mudi (16no) and Rey (15no)…..28 runs from the last 3 overs.

So a decent total to defend. Good bowling all round kept the runs down and slowly wickets started to fall. We seemed to have their run chase under control all the way and they ended on 9/131.

Great bowling from Rey (3/15), Will (1/10) and Luke (2/18) and excellent economy from Mudi, Pravin and Zia.

So 4 wins since the break and we maintain our position as comp leaders.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 109 lost to WPHC Red (Diggers) 8/111

The decider for the Sheep Station Trophy was poised for an epic encounter with the Reds needing a further 101 runs for victory on a very slow Howson Oval outfield, after finishing last week on 1/9.

Unfortunately, Captain Diggers was absent this week, required to chase a Guinness Book world record for the amount of alcohol consumed at a postponed Christmas Party. This required Disco to step-up in a cameo Captain appearance.

The start wasn’t what the Reds were hoping for, with Mitch ‘Keets’ Keetels out in the very first over without adding to the total, caught from the bowling of Ram ‘the Man’ Brahadesh (2/26 off 17), who continued to steam in all day bowling with pace and heart.

This brought Andrew ‘Fieds’ Fiedler (18) to the crease to partner the ever reliable, Pratah (27). These two veterans put on a chanceless 43 run partnership and placed the Reds in a solid position despite the ever constant threat of rain.

With the Reds cruising at 2/52, a change in bowling from the Blues Captain, Ross, led to another mini batting collapse.

The mesmerising spin bowling of Aayush Tamhankar (3/15 off 9), had the Reds suddenly down for 6/58 and the demons from the last game starting to re-emerge when the Reds lost a heap of wickets cheaply in a similar position.

This brought Lachlan Edwards (21) and Marcus ‘where the bloody hell are you’ Exton to the crease. These two steadied the ship and put on a fantastic partnership of 48 taking the total to 6/106.

However just as Disco started to breathe again (and hadn’t thought of padding up), two quick wickets of Lachlan and Connor had the Reds at 8/106 and still needing a further 4 runs for the win, but Tej (4no) and Marcus (21no) ensured a much needed win for the Reds.

A great game, played in great Club spirit.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 7/114 drew with St Ives 276

We started the day 2 game in overcast conditions with more rain in the forecast. St Ives continued their innings at 5/238. Nirav and Parin started bowling and got their tail end in 10 overs. Parin again bowled a good line and took 3 wickets.

St Ives got out for 276.

So far in the season this was the first time we had to defend such a big total. Looking at the playing condition we decided to change the batting order to defend the total.

Vishal and Mike opened the inning and played well against the tight opening spell from St Ives.

Vishal batted like a wall with a straight bat blocking every ball hitting wickets without giving any chances. It was good to watch all the batsmen use the opportunity and played well as planned. At tea we were 3/20 Vishal holding one end determined to play long.

Laksha joined Vishal and they put up another strong partnership, at drinks score was 4/75.

We lost a few wickets in the last session but Siby, Simon and Parin defended well to draw the game. Vishal scored 27 (137), Siby 12 (92) and great batting from Simon 4* facing 29 balls.

Great efforts from everyone once again, keep it up guys.