Semi Finals – 12 March 2022 (Day 2)

Points table (final)

A1 – 2nd (67 points)

A2 – 1st (70 points)

B1 – 5th (44 points)

B2 Blue – 4th (53 points)

B2 Red – 8th (34 points)

C2 Blue – =2nd (59 points)

C2 Red – =9th (39 points) & 10th on quotient

C3 Blue – 4th (52 points)

C3 Red– 6th (49 points)

D1 Red – =3rd (59 points) & 3rd quotient

D1 Blue – 2nd (63 points)

D2 – 2nd (69 points)

Match Reports

Note: Abandoned day’s play rule

After all games were abandoned last Saturday, Day 2 of all games are played over 2-day games rules meaning that the higher placed Team only needs to draw to go through to the Grand Final.

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 2nd 9/77  drew with Glenorie 3rd 8/121 dec

One of the most overused words in sport is incredible, I hate it – but put simply, there were no other superlatives for the performance today, it was incredible.

Another overused word in sport is heroes, I hate it. But today, four new heroes etched their name into WPHCCCCCC folklore, with guys, grit, determination and hearts that heated true in perfect unison.

One of the most underused words in sport is Gittins, I love it. And that’s where we start today’s match report. Second step uncle – to Gandis, the much loved family figure Glenn Gittins was hard at work on the pitch when we arrived at Parklands this morning. Sawdust and leaf blowers were aplenty, trying to get the ground fit for play – and they had done a pretty good job. Some wet patches and what looked to be a wombat burrow hole from someone sleeping there the night before were slight blemishes, but it seemed to by drying quickly. Gandis and uncle Glenn exchanged pleasantries. It was awkward.

The umpires arrived and swiftly began inspecting the deep square leg boundary before coming to the decision that we had to wait for an hour before a reinspection would take place. That hour just flew by. Effie found a spider, Preeds urinated on a brand new Mercedes and Assman arrived at the ground, boy wasn’t I having fun

That fun turned to panic when the umpires decided we were good to go, toss to commence. Both teams starred from the sidelines as the captains and umpires waddled to the middle. The world’s longest pre toss chat commenced, Assman astutely noted it was probably a Welcome to Country taking place. Whoever won this toss was going to bowl, the wicket was soft and the outfield looked like rough from Bethpage Black. Wu won the toss. We held our breath. He followed Jamaican’s instructions, we were bowling.

Tiz and Cam opened us up and we knew Glenorie wanted quick runs. They began to up the run rate, until Tiz, the new spearhead, broke through. Lichaa, the old spearhead, come on after and was able to snare one, thanks to a brilliant diving catch from Horseface Preedy. 2/52 off 11 at the first drinks intermission

From here we traded blows, 4 wickets to Lichaaa, 3 to Gandis and 1 to Tiz were balanced with some decent run scoring from Glenorie. A quirky highlight was Gandis getting Pat Lawrence stumped by Baxter Billy Gaunt Holt. He looked to the crowd to see if Bruce Wood was watching, he wasn’t. Gittins screaming out to his boys to run it off, he declared their innings at 121.

A minimum of 43 overs to face or 122 runs to get, Wu dragged us into the rooms and told us we need to fight, work hard for our runs and not give an inch. We needed to be in survival mode and to be dour, like a stager training for the Melbourne Cup. Wu was switched on, we all knew he goes to another level in finals. He had a high level of concentration, which was erased as soon as he took the field and started talking to Pat Lawrence. “I’m going to get these runs in 12 overs”

Wu was the first man to depart, caught going the slog over extra cover for 3. Lichaaa, newly promoted to no 3 was next and you could tell he wasn’t used to quality top order bowling. Lawrence cut him in half on a dozen occasions, almost killed him with countless bouncers, had him caught off a no ball. So to the Berowra readers, don’t worry about him next week. Just bowl Blackwood to him. He was out to Adam Batman West for 4. 2/30

Jamaican arrived at the crease and began to go to work seeing off time with Preedy, who down the other end was looking a treat. His sober start to the innings was paying dividends and the pair batted through another half an hour, before the old man Osteo fell. 3/38

Billy Birdcage Lover Gaunt was next and he went to work with his classy shot-making. Him and Preedy were looking good, however both fell in quick succession… WPHCCCCC we’re getting shaky as they headed towards the tea break. 5/55

And first ball after tea, Assman was out. 6/55. If we ever needed a Saviour it was now, Sav out there was taking to task the bowlers and he quickly moved to 25. However the heads dropped on the sidelines when even HE got out… 7/70 and we hadn’t even reached the final 20 overs in the last hour rule….

We had to face 120 balls in the last hour with Effie, L Mac, Tiz and Gandis left. The runs were out of the question now, we just had to survive. Effie and L Mac got us down to 55 balls, before Effie was out caught. L Mac and Tiz got us down to 21 balls, before L Mac was out caught. Both L Mac and Effie defiant in their batting, just true courage to withstand everything. With about 500 men around the bat, 60 slips and 40 gullies, the pressure was well and truly on. We, on the sidelines, we were petrified.

It’s at this point, Billy Gaunt decided to get up out of his seat with his esky and head to the rooms. Lichaaaa very directly told Billy to sit back down, we can’t have people changing seats, moving, nothing. Typical British, honestly.

21 balls to go and Gandis strode to the wicket. The last time he batted, he reported he needed glasses because he couldn’t see the ball. We were 9 down, our season on the line. And all that stood between us and the GF was 21 balls to face between Glenorie and Tiz and a blind Gandis…..

They got it to 18, to 12 and then to 6 balls left to face to hang on for the draw. Gandis on strike. Pat Lawrence, his most feared bowler in the world takes off his cap. Gandis freaks out. But alas it’s not Pat who’s going to bowl. It’s old Uncle Glenn it a titanic battle of the Herzog’s. Who would win? Who would come out supreme?

Gandis blocks the first couple, then gets a single down to backward square with 3 balls to go…. Our entire season rests on the man from the West Indies, Tiz. He blocks one, then two…. Then 3. 9/77 and we had held on for the draw.

Sheer elation from the stands erupted, we were out for the count and on the canvas an hour before and someone held on for a draw. It felt like a win, a huge win. It bonded us together like nothing else before. And we are now ready readers, to take this home.

We want you all there next week at our home ground, Berowra Oval, as we take on the home side, Berowra for the HKHDCCCCA ROFIE!!


WPHC (Andrew) 1st drew with Glenorie 4th  (match abandoned)

Both Kenthurst Park and the back-up ground, Les Shore were abandoned due to a wet ground. Congratulations to the A2 boys who are now through to the Grand Final next Saturday & Sunday.


WPHC Blue (Shomik) 4th drew with Berowra 1st (match abandoned)

No play possible with a flooded Mt Ku-ring-gai Oval.


WPHC Blue (Buzz) 2nd 241 defeated Kenthurst 3rd 120

Congratulations team on winning a 4th consecutive Semi Final.

Every Semi has had its own unique story and this one is no different. Having miraculously played in week 1 despite all the rain, we actually played a full game of cricket! That said, although rain didn’t interfere, Covid rules forced Captain Buzz into isolation during the week promoting Deputy Paul to take charge. I have no doubt Buzz was agonisingly awaiting updates during the day.

Having finished week1 7/155 from 76 overs, we continued our innings with Connor and Jack at the crease. Both batted superbly with great discipline and concentration. The partnership had lasted for around 30 overs before Jack was dismissed for a well compiled 29. Connor was on 97 when Dylan came to the crease but was unable to last leaving Connor on 99no with #11 Paul walking to the crease. Paul needed to face the 2 balls remaining in the over to not deny Connor the opportunity to score again. The pressure, the occasion, he survived!

Connor asked Paul if he was close to 100, and Paul advised Connor, “can you just hit a single please!”. And with that, Connor achieves his maiden century to the delight of his family, friends and team mates on the balcony of Greenway and the appreciation of the opposition. Many of the team have played cricket with Connor since we he was in Juniors and some even Kangas, this was special for many. Some late extra runs were gained before Paul was given out and Connor carried the bat with a magnificent 107 not out.

So the scene was set, Kenthurst needed 242 runs from a minimum of 31 overs. We know they have some big hitters, and we know they were going to chase hard and punish us a little, but we also know we have bowling depth and good fielders.

Josh and Paul opened and despite leaking some runs early, they also picked up their three best batters (on paper) and Kenthurst were reeling at 3/20. Kenthurst didn’t throw the towel in and committed to the chase and pressed on to 61 before Josh stuck again. From there, Josh took a couple more and the C2 Blues were well in control and looking to close the game out with Jack about to rip in and bowl superbly with some wickets.

Des Hinkley (Kenthurst Captain) came to the crease for the last wicket in what we learnt was his last game after over 50 years of cricket. Congratulations Des on your career and the way you and your team conduct themselves, and thank you for your kind words and wishes to us.

Whilst your team was ultimately dismissed for a valiant 120, the spirit of cricket was well and truly alive.

Josh ended up with 5 wickets, Jack 3, Paul & Tarun 1 each. Our catching was also excellent with safe hands from Dylan (2), Tarun, Paul, Josh and Sam.


WPHC Blue (Rob) 4th Vs Beecroft 1st (match abandoned)

No play possible with a boggy Thornleigh Oval.


D1 Blue (Ross S) 2nd 105 defeated WPHC Red 3rd 74

Not ideal with the Blues(2nd) Vs the Reds (3rd) facing off in a semi Sheep station cup game…….a Grand Final place up for grabs. After days of heavy rain, Dural Park was playable just, with an unmown heavy field. We knew runs would be very hard to come by.

With the Reds needing to win, Diggers called correctly and sent the Blues in with the hope of taking 10 wickets and restricting the Blues to a gettable total. Having only played 35 over games all year, and with several team members having never played anything other than 20 or 35 over cricket it was always going to be a challenge.

Parin took the new ball, and snared a wicket from a top edge last ball of the first over, Connor taking a good catch at fine leg. Blues 1-0 not a good start. With Connor bowling a string of opening maidens, runs were very hard to come by. Parin then chipped in with a catch behind by Diggers…Blues in strife 2-7 off 6 overs. Both openers dismissed.

Chetan and Happy then dug in putting on 44 runs from the next 29 overs. A patient and important partnership given the context of the game.  An inspired spell from Marcus (3-9) broke the partnership with Chetan dismissed for a gallant 12 off 35 overs….then Vikas and Happy(33). In quick succession. Blues in a precarious position 5/58 and plenty of time and overs left in the day.

Gihan and Jags then dug in and at tea Blues 5-73 off 45 overs….After the tea break both guys looked to accelerate the scoring, with Jags hitting 2 big sixes. At 5-99 from 53 overs things were looking solid….but how things can change…

The opening combination of Parin and Connor came back. Jags was caught behind for 22 off Parin, then Gihan was bowled by Connor for 10 at the same score. A third wicket to Parin (4-10) and two to Connor (3-6), saw the Blues lose 5-6 off 6 overs. All out for 105 off 58 overs. A pleasing effort given very difficult batting conditions and good bowling, but very disappointing that the Blues batting capitulated after the huge up front effort. Something to work on and they must do better next weekend.

Excellent bowling by the Reds, with wickets to Parin 4-10 (10), Marcus 3-9 (8), & Connor 3-6 (11).  2 catches to Diggers and 1 each to Marcus and Connor.  Also an excellent and unlucky spell of spin bowling by Lachlan bowling 17 overs straight.

Reds turn to bat needing 106 off 22 overs….including 18 after 5pm…..Lachlan and Connor came out with intent from the first ball….looking to score at every opportunity. The Blues looking to keep things tight and limit runs, the Reds intent on chasing the score to make it into the final, nothing to lose. Second over first ball Chetan took a good catch at mid-wicket….Reds 1/3. First ball 3rd over, caught behind by Ross off Ram…Reds 2/10….not what the Reds wanted but great start for the Blues.

Ramil and Zac then set about pushing quick singles. Together with some lusty hits from Ramil took the score to 29 of just 6 overs before Ram took 2 wickets in two balls ….with stumps smashed both times.  eds in trouble 4-29….

With a never say die approach Ramil and Andrew continued to push the runs before Jags came on to bowl a great spell. Ramil caught by Ani for a well made 21.  Reds 5-42 after 10 overs.   12 overs remaining and needing 64 the Reds were still in it.……Andrew and Marcus were playing with confidence, Marcus hitting a huge 6 to build momentum and Andrew turning over the strike.

Ram was continuing to bowl a great spell blocking up one end, however it was Jags who broke the partnership a good catch by Ram at point. M arcus (14) was then caught by Vikas off Jags as he was pushing for quick runs. Reds 7/66 off 16. With overs running out and the Reds looking for quick runs, further wickets to Bala and Jags slowed the Reds progress.

Congratulations to Jags who took his 5th wicket from the very last ball of the innings. Reds all out for 74 just after 6.30pm. Also a great opening spell by Ram 10 consecutive overs with his pace and line never changing. Wickets to Ram 3-22 (10), Happy 1-26 (4), Bala 1-0 (1), Jags 5-23 (7) . 2 catches to Vikas, 1 each to Ross, Chetan, Ani, Ram .

There was definitely a toughness to this game, with heightened emotions from both sides as a grand final position was at stake. The game was evenly poised the whole day, with the Blues just being a little better on the day…..Congratulations and commiserations to Reds for another good season, having rain interfere for the second year in a row at semi time. Well done to the Blues for a grand final position, second year running. Playing the Minor Premiers St Ives next weekend. Semi-final rematch from last year…


WPHC (Nirav) 2nd 2/84 defeated Beecroft 3rd 6/69

With all the rain over the last couple of weeks & photos of sludge filled grounds, we actually consider ourselves really lucky to have a game today and what a cracker of a day it turned out to be. With all the strategies over the last few days on how to play out the game, it started feeling like our day from the moment the coin was tossed.

Nirav lost the toss and as per our wish, Beecroft decided to have a bat. We knew they would hope to get to 100 odd around the break and then push for a win. All seemed going to plan till they actually commenced their innings. They seemed out of sync and none of their batters really could keep the scoreboard going in their favour due to some very consistent bowling from our end and about 20 mins prior to the scheduled tea break they declared at 6 down for 69. Wickets each to Chintan, Ravi, Amith, Sahil, Agni & Tej.

Arun and Ravi went in to chase what seemed to be a decent enough target against a strong bowling attack. Beecroft captain dropped Arun in the second over and there was a deep sign around the opposition camp thinking they well may had dropped the trophy and as such Arun went on to score a solid 34 (seems a bit low as per his current form, but wish we had some more runs to chase).

Ravi provided superb support at the other end and survived a few close calls but in the process ended up frustrating the Beecroft camp even more and at the end along with Vishaal took us close to the target. The opposition were kind enough to bowl out the overs which gave us a chance to have a bit of an extra match practice before the big weekend against St Ives next week.