Round 1 – 24 September 2022

T20 Semi Finals – Sunday 25 September

1st Grade

WPHC 9/113 defeated Hornsby 9/105

2nd Grade

WPHC Red (Todd) 7/84 lost to Kissing Point 2/88

4th Grade

WPHC (Rob) 83 defeated Lions 83 (Super over)

Match Reports

A1 Grade

WPHC Red (Cam) drew with Berowra White

Playing the Berowra A2 side at Parklands Oval the game was abandoned without a ball being bowled.

A2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Campbell) drew with Berowra Maroon

A combined A grade comp, with only 9 available (one being a 14 year-old) and our first game against Berowra A1’s at Berowra. It was looking like a difficult challenge ahead, but the boys were in good spirits and ready to have a crack.

Arriving at the ground, a pitch which resembled mud and incoming rain meant both captains pretty quickly agreed we’d have no chance of any cricket and might as well go watch the AFL grand final (standing in the rain for 5 hours at Berowra would’ve been more enjoyable for Swans fans though).

The match was abandoned without a ball being bowled. We look forward to next week and hopefully playing some cricket.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Shomik) drew with Normanhurst

Results to be advised but the only question is whether or not any play got underway.

WPHC Red (Birdcage) drew with Sydney Lions

Results to be advised but the only question is whether or not any play got underway.

B2 Grade

WPHC (Todd) 1/12 drew with Sydney Lions

We rocked up for our first game of the season with grey skies overhead. After losing the toss and being sent in, Volc “when do the two dayer’s start” Banner and Rick “Tina” Turner strutted out to the middle winding back the clock with a few quick singles. Volc “when do the two-dayers start” Banner departed bringing Dylan Bish to the crease who creamed one through the covers before the heavens opened and we headed back to the Sporto to rehydrate after a tough day of cricket.

C1 Grade

WPHC (Kapil) drew with St Ives

Results to be advised but the only question is whether or not any play got underway

 C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) drew with Thornleigh 3/12

After winning the toss and choosing to bowl we had Thornleigh ‘on the ropes’ before the heavens opened.

WPHC Red (Indranil) 2/24 drew with Mt Colah

After winning the toss and batting first at Greenway Park the game was abandoned after 9 overs after heavy rain on already wet ground.

C3 Grade

WPHC Blue (Tarun) 0/19 drew with Castle Hill

Winning the toss and batting first we put on a solid start in 7 overs before the heavens opened.

WPHC Red (Cameron) 3/24 drew with St Ives

A familiar story with Kapil winning the toss, batting first and being in a solid position. Then the rain and off to watch the Grand Final.

C4 Grade

WPHC (Hiresh) drew with Hornsby 1/27

Just the 11 overs bowled at Howson before rain and a washout at Howson Oval.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Arun) 1/16 drew with St Ives

La Nina 1 – 0 WPHC

After all the speculations around the weather over the last few days to kick off season 2022-23, the D1 Blues planned a well-deserved family outing up north at Northholm Grammar. The ground looked a bit damp upon arrival however was definitely playable, considering this same team played in worse conditions in Arcadia last season.

St Ives on the other hand were keen to call it even before a ball was bowled and go enjoy the AFL, however after a few exchanges decided to take us on.

Arun and Amith opened the batting and the paid looked solid till Arun fell for 10 with 16 on the board for 3.3 overs just before the heavens opened up and we had to call it quits.

Not the start anyone was hoping for so hopefully we have a full game next week.

WPHC Red (Diggers) drew with Kissing Point

In the offical match report by stand-in skipper Dave Larkham ‘Match Abandoned’ – without a ball being bowled.

 D2 Grade

WPHC (Ross S) drew with St Ives

Match drawn – no play possible.

 Having a Sunday game, with the weather beautiful, we arrived at Campbell Park excited to start the new season. The ground looked in great condition, but hopes were dashed when we saw a 2 metre section of the pitch from the batting crease through the run up covered in quite a few cm’s of water.


With the run ups like a bog, we had no option to abandon play….unfortunately other teams in our Grade got to play, not ideal, but hopefully we will get on next week.