Grand Finals (Seniors) – 19 & 20 March 2022

Points table (final)

A1 – 2nd (67 points)

A2 – 1st (70 points)

B1 – 5th (44 points)

B2 Blue – 4th (53 points)

B2 Red – 8th (34 points)

C2 Blue – =2nd (59 points)

C2 Red – =9th (39 points) & 10th on quotient

C3 Blue – 4th (52 points)

C3 Red– 6th (49 points)

D1 Red – =3rd (59 points) & 3rd quotient

D1 Blue – 2nd (63 points)

D2 – 2nd (69 points)

Match Reports

A1 Grade – Runners-up

WPHC (Wurthy) 8/159 dec drew with Berowra 2/98

Day 1 – 3/47

After heavy overnight and morning rain we got on Berowra Oval at 4.00 pm for 30 overs. We lost the toss at got first use of the wicket. The aim is to set a target and try and bowl the higher placed Team out. Batting first on a slow ground we finished at 3/47 off the 30 overs. Josh Banner is 19 not and Sean Clarence 7 not out. We got into Day 2 with 90 overs, a slow ground and a wicket that will still give the bowlers a bit of support. There is still a lot of cricket left in this game.

Day 2

After losing 60 overs on Day 1 due to a damp square we had to make the running to try and manufacture a result. The plan was to bat until lunch, set a target of around 150 and try and bowl them out. Chasing quick runs we lost a few wickets early. Enter Ashane de Silva who smashed 59* including 2 big sixers and a cameo 15 from Lachie McBrien. We closed at 8/159 and gave us 60 overs to force a result.

The wicket dried out and became a batting track. Great bowling from Michael Richards with 0/9 from 13 overs. We finished with 2/98 from 51 overs with our best being Luke Herzog with 2/21 and so we finished with a draw.

A disappointing end to a game that promised so much but the late start and getting first use of a wicket that offered the bowlers a lot on Day 1 worked against us.

We had a great season overall with just the one loss all season to a Team that went through undefeated. So the best 2 Teams played in the big dance and it was an effort worthy of a Grand Final.

Team: Phil Wurth (C), Josh Banner, Sean Clarence, Ashane De Silva, Billy Gaunt, Luke Herzog, James Makin, Lachlan McBrien, Tis Mistry, Jackson Preedy, Michael Richards.

A2 – Premiers

WPHC (Andrew) 168 drew with Berowra 9/143

Day 1 – WPHC 9/71

After what seemed to be an eternity without any cricket, we find ourselves in the Gand Final against Berowra.

We arrived at a very moist Parklands Oval. The downpour from the night before meant the square was squelchy under foot and deemed unplayable. We now move to Mt Ku-ring-Gai where conditions were better, but still quite moist. I must say, it was a nice sight to see 11 Berowra blokes with blowers and buckets around the pitch. We finally start play at 2:30pm as we are sent into bat.

Roch “Shut-up Andrew” Ow and Andrew “T-Rex” Morris walked out, with Rochow walking back in the 2nd over, slightly chopping onto the furniture. Nik “Sick fade” Hil knocked the ball around and was walking back in the 9th over for 6 runs, bowled. Campbell “Still no nickname” Wallace was also walking back to the sheds 2 overs later, run out.

I think I heard someone yell yes and Andrew proceeding to yell no 3 times, Campbell was halfway down the pitch and gave up once the ball had reached the keepers end. By the time the keeper had gathered the ball and took the stumps out, Campbell probably would have gotten back to his crease if he tried. Very next ball, Chris “Can you please please please finally get some runs” Blinman smacked the ball onto his toe and was given out.

Ro “More overs than runs” Hit build a nice little partnership of 13 runs from 19 overs. He was eventually given out for 2, again smashing the ball onto his pads, the two noises echoed through the valley. Ump obviously only hearing 1. T Hando bowled for 0. Keats LBW for 9, going down leg. J Hando bowled for 3. Andrew was then bowled by a full toss that seemed surely a no-ball for a man of his stature. Apparently not. That leaves Tanay (4) and Matty P both not out at the end of the day at 9-71. Luck wasn’t really on our side today. Hopefully tomorrow we can put some more runs on the board and defend. We have the best bowling attack in the competition. Anything can happen.

Day 2

We have the best bowling attack in the competition. Anything can happen.

We also have the best 10th Wicket Partnership in the Associations history.

The skipper woke up with a few sore muscles and wondering what may lay ahead. Some of those wonderings included mowing the lawn around 3-4pm and whether or not a trip to Bunning’s for supplies was necessary on the way back home from the game. Arriving at the ground around at 10:15 after narrowly avoiding the turn off to Parklands, we find Berowra already fully dressed in their training gear and deep into their warm-up. WPH on the other had a total of 4 (one of which was the 12th Man) but 10 if you include the whole Hando clan.

Knowing that the team needed an early photo for the Wisden archives, the Ninan’s arrived early at 10:45. Tanay (wishfully thinking that someone might give him throw downs ) decided that he would start putting on the pads on instead. Keats was also too busy giving batting advice to Matty P rather than putting on the whites. Meanwhile the Hando’s were limbering up for an early bowling stint and Coach/Trainer plus all round great clubman Phil Hando was hitting catches to Campbell with the Tennis Racket. It was here that we got our 1st for the Day. Rohit took his first catch for the season and then another, and then looked ever so confident under the high ball. Back at the Sporto after match party, Rochow says the catches  on’t count because they were soft balls.

Finally a photo for Ross, a pep talk from the skipper about being on time and showing some respect for the skipper, the game, and most importantly your team mates. Even if that goes against the A2 WPH way of approaching the game. I asked the Matty P and Tanay if they had a plan for the day. They replied none. I said that 10 or 15 would be good and if your hitting over the top, hit down the ground with the wind.

The boys cheered every run, a dropped catch in over 3 was to prove rather costly. It was a simple catch and some of our team might have dropped it also, or like Tanay would later say “if I had moved forward it would of carried”. 70 turned into 80, 80 into 90.

A drinks break followed and the boys received a rousing reception. Berowra’s game changed and they began to bowl short trying to buy a wicket. Berowra RSL meal vouchers don’t go too far in Cherrybrook Village, so the boys stepped it up a gear, finding gaps for 1’s, crisp cuts for 2’s Pulls and shots over 3rd man for boundaries. The boys were in form and having a great time and in-between blocking dead every other 2nd delivery.

Each hour they were sapping the life out of the opposition.  Eric “what’s going on here” Junkkari quipped I’ve been to Willoughby and back and their still batting. Someone asked about records and Ross was right onto it. He recalled a match he was playing way back in 1915 as a youngster, but could not pinpoint the exact value. First the WPH A2 record was broken then the Association 1971/72 record broken at 96*.

There was a nervous wait for the 100 and then out of nowhere a C&B from a Berowra quick bowling off spin ended the partnership at 101.

A highly defendable score of 168 with 29 minimum but also 2.5 hours of play left mean that high 30’s were left to bowl. Both Tanay “Hero” Hira and Matthew “the Smiling Assassin” Phillip both ended with contributions of 47 and batted for 62overs in what may be the innings of their lives and something that everyone at the ground will remember for a long time.

Time to bowl and momentum and confidence at a high and 35 mins to the tea break. With the two Hando quick’s pumped, the 1st wicket fell in the 3rd. The Opener and keeper, out LBW going down leg. He didn’t put up a complaint, he had front row tickets all game and seen the finger go up in our innings. With respect he decided that his team was still 1 or 2 up. Relief was taking off the lid after 6 hours behind the stumps. His partner fell in the 5th with Jack hitting all 3 stumps with a ball that has got many a batsmen this year

At Tea with the score at 2/13 off 6, we were well on our way.

After the break and a rest the Hando’s were given the task of bowling a long spell and not be too quick between over’s. Careful consideration to the field and bowling plans at each over meant that were able to sustain pressure and not leak too many runs or over’s. The skipper at 1st put their best bat down off Jack , but Tom hit right back finding the edge and Rochow was never dropping that. Jack was starting to tire and Big Brother Tom was letting him know that getting hit for four through mid-wicket meant he wasn’t hitting his lines. In what was to be his last ball, Jack earned another over breaking through the defenses of the Captain for yet another Bowled Hando to the season tally.

At drinks 4/53 off 18 with our two batting superstars yet to bowl, a strong position and 18ov left in the last hour with 116 to defend.

After the drinks break, the Player of the Match, The smiling assassin, Two Names Matthew Phillip rocked up. Two warm up balls were aggressive hit, before Matthew took his first with a length ball that went as far as point and a catch to Jack. It was 2 in 8 balls for Matthew as he took out the lefty’s leg (still top of off for some ) stump. Matty had 3 in 4 overs with another cleaned bowled. Is there nothing this boy could not do, 7/75 and Berowra were in freefall.

Keats replaced Tom after a great 12 over spell, and struck 3rd ball after adjusting his line to the One Day  5th/6th stump line. A catch to the super sub KT at Mid on.

Matty was tiring now and after being smoked for 10 runs in 5 balls. Vice Captain Tom was calling out for a bowling change. The plan today was not to use our specialist #10 bat and best Association 3rd change bowler Tanay and keep him rested for next season. Matty hit back with his 4th on the last ball and earned a reprieve from Tom with a catch to Campbell now fielding in his correct position after multiple warnings not to stand next to the Runner at Square leg. Like our innings the last wicket partnership of 28 was the highest of the innings and was unbroken. Like Berowra we dropped a couple at the end but it was not as costly. Berowra gallant to fight out a draw and finished with 9/143 after 36 overs at the end of the day.

A drawn game but to WPH a Premiership win. A most unlikely win at the start of the day, but one that was never without a chance with our bowling attack. A win to remember and special to be a part of it.

A special thank you to all the supporters that came to watch. You are all a part of this victory as well and we very much appreciated your support.

Thank you Rick for finding the players throughout the year when needed and then not needed as the rain put an end to many a game.

To the A2 Premiership Team, thank you for a most enjoyable year. Everyone has played a part in our victories and stood up and contributed when all seemed lost or under pressure to win the close ones. Wishing you all the best in your careers as mine comes to a close.


Team: Rowan, Kyle Townsend, Steve Rochow, Jack Hando, Tom Hando (VC), Campbell Wallace, Chris Blinman, Nikhil Ninan, Tanay Hira, Andrew Morris (C), Matthew Philip,  Rohit Ninan.

C2 – Runners-up

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 59 lost to Hornsby Green 82

Day 1

The pitch at Montview was under an inch and a half of water, whilst areas of the outfield resembled swamps. Despite an awesome effort from the team to clear all the water from the pitch, the run ups and pitch surrounds were still too muddy, slippery and dangerous for play. At 2pm the Umpires determined there would not be a chance for these areas to improve for play on Day 1 and the day was called.

We can only hope that the work done today and a bit of Sun this afternoon will give us a chance to play tomorrow.

Day 2

All the fantastic work done by the team yesterday under the tutelage of Head Groundsman Paul Vink meant we were good to go at the scheduled start time with the ground in remarkable condition in comparison to 24 hours earlier.

Despite the loss of a day’s play, we knew we had an opportunity to have a crack, nothing to lose and at least a chance to play one last day of cricket for the season.

The toss went our way and we sent them in as our plan was to bowl them out and chase down whatever score was posted.

The bowling today was outstanding. Determined efforts from the opposition top order to bat time was met with fire and precision from Paul and Josh. Josh bowled the most hostile fast and challenging spell seen for many years and had the batters hopping about, fending off ‘throat’ balls, wearing bruises and clearly under pressure. Paul bowled the perfect line and grabbed the breakthrough before it was then Sandeep and Jack backing up with the next spells that removed the two other top batters. Jack bowled superbly and had 1/7 off 6 overs before we changed things up. This showed our bowling depth with Xander and Buzz grabbing the next two wickets quickly, and having the opposition in trouble at 5 down.

Paul and Josh returned for a second crack at the batters and proceeded to collect another 4 wickets between them without the opposition adding many to their score, before Sandeep closed the innings out with his second pole.

The end result was Paul with 3 wickets, Josh and Sandeep 2 each, Jack, Xander and Buzz a wicket a piece and the Opposition all out for 82 leaving us 36 overs to chase down the win.

At this stage we had worked so hard and played so well to give ourselves the chance to win where none had existed only a day before.

Unfortunately that’s when our luck changed.

I won’t dredge through the details, but suffice to say it was not our day with the bat.

We were never pushed by the required run rate, however, with the consistent loss of wickets and only two players breaking double figures, it left too much to be done for the lower order and our hopes came crashing down as we were dismissed for only 59.

At the end of the day we were outplayed, and whilst it is a bitter pill to swallow, we can take heart that we have had a great season given all its challenges of COVID, La Niña etc etc. and that the nucleus of players in this side for the past four seasons have made four Grand Finals. More importantly perhaps, we have earned the genuine respect of our opponents for how we play the game and our approach to fair play and Sportsmanship.

It is this aspect of our game that I am incredibly proud of as Skipper of this group.

Not our day, and not the result we wanted, but I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of blokes to play cricket with.

Team: Steve Burrows, Sandeep Darapuneni, Dylan Bish, Josh Elliott, Craig Hutchinson, Connor Hindmarch, Jack Hutchinson, Sam Kirkegard, Tarun Lath, Paul Vink, Xander Vink.

D1 – Runner’s up

D1 Blue (Ross S) 96 drew with St Ives 3/44

Day 1

No Play day 1 at Hassell Park. Pitch and surrounds too wet for play.

Day 2

It was always going to be a tough task to come up with a win in day 2 of the Final, given a Day 1 washout. The boys were up for the challenge though playing 1st place St Ives.  Only 1 crucial point separating the teams at the end of the season…so we were evenly matched.

Hassell Park had dried off over-night enabling play to start on time. Still, with a very heavy ground and boundaries set at over 80 meters, larger than the MCG, it was definitely not a batting day….

The skipper was hoping to win the toss, and get St Ives into bat with the hope of bowling them out cheaply, but things did not turn out to plan. Toss lost and asked to bat…

The challenge then became simple, play like a one day game for around 37 overs, hopefully get near to 100, then get them into bat, hoping we could get 10 wickets in 40+ overs….

Chetan and Ross opened the batting, knowing things would be tough, given the season and Associations top wicket-taker at one end, and the previous seasons top wicket taker at the other. Almost 60 wickets between them. A solid start blotting out the bowlers and taking a number of quick singles until Ross hit a full toss straight to cover in the 6th over. Chetan and Waman then played solidly, but with nothing other than a single possible for a good hit, runs were difficult. We lost Waman with score at 19 after 12 overs….Happy and Chetan then looked to accelerate the scoring but unfortunately we lost 4 quick wickets for only a handful of runs -6/48 after 19…..and a lot to do…Jake and Vikas at the crease at the first drinks break…

After drinks the momentum shifted with both guys playing their shots hitting into the outfield…a good partnership of 25 in relatively quick time before Jake was dismissed 7-73. Ram and Vikas then put on another 17 in quick time, the highlight being the only 4 of the day hit by Vikas to the longest part of the ground….At 7-90 we were still hopeful of a reasonable score, but as has been the case all year we lose wickets in clumps, being dismissed for 96 in the 33rd over. I’m sure n a normal day on a ground with boundaries suited to D grade an equivalent score of well over 150…..Top scorer Vikas who put together a solid 33. Game on.

St Ives 44 overs to bat and with 5 overs to bowl before the tea break, it was really important to get the breakthrough and that’s exactly what happened. Second over a great catch by Ani in the slips off Vikas. At the break St Ives 1-4…guys pumped and 39 overs to get 9 wickets.

After the tea break Ram and Vikas bowled a great spell with the new ball. Combined with exceptional fielding no runs were allowed…the breakthrough came from Ram, yorking the Associations top run scorer – LBW for 5….next over a great caught and bowled by Vikas. St Ives in real trouble 3-9 off 11 overs…we were on top..St Ives just intent now surviving.

Unfortunately we were unable to take any more wickets….2 catches behind and a catch at first slip not given was disappointing and could have changed the momentum, but well done to the boys for keeping their heads up  Even though 10 players got a bowl, we simply could not generate any chances, as the St Ives batsmen shut shop completely with never any attempt to chase down our score…

With two overs remaining we called the game with St Ives crawling to 44 runs off 42 overs…wickets to Ram 1-10 (12), Vikas 2-7(10)…catches to Vikas and Ani. 21 maidens from 42 overs of our bowlers…

We can’t be disappointed with our season. Just making the final was a significant achievement given several team members have never played anything more than 20 over cricket or had ever played club cricket at all, and a number of the team playing with major injuries. Well done guys, you can hold your heads high.

Team: Happy Rana, Gihan Thebuwanage, Muthindra Gunesakara, Vikas Goel, Jake Smith, Ross Smith (C), Brahadesh Ramamurthy, Mahesh Shinde, Balaraman Raghuraman, Jagadeesan Balakrishnan, Sandeep Pathak, Chetan Chandrasekhar, Waman Tamhanka

D2 – Premiers

WPHC (Nirav) 176 defeated St Ives 115

Day 1 – WPHC 8/161

After a late start getting Caddies Creek ground ready for play after heavy overnight and morning rain we lost the toss and were asked to bat. At stumps Nirav is not out on 16 and Sahil 23. This is already a competitive score in a Grand Final and with a few more runs on a slow ground and Finals pressure this is game on.

Day 2

Flashback early June 2021 – the D2 team’s Whatsapp group was showing a message “Guys, its June…..should we get back to the nets this week?”, and there started another journey uphill. Still remember, we got together at the Club nets on a cold & damp Saturday and had our first pre-season session and even before bowling the first ball, we were like – “Let’s go get the premiership again”. We knew given their performance, we will end up losing a few key players which we did in Praneel, Parin, Siby & Mike however seeing a most of them turn up and help their hearts out on the grand final days made us realise how closely knit we still are as a unit. This is the beauty of cricket; it never ever fails to bring you closer.

The season in itself was nothing short of a dream. With 6 new players in the squad, it was a matter of settling them in during the first few rounds and that laid the foundation. Ravi, Chintan, Cory, Mridul, Sahil & Tej provided some brilliant knocks/spells throughout the season and we could not be prouder of what they have achieved on their first season with WPHCCC – D2 Premiers 2021. For the rest of us, this back-to-back win seems a bit too surreal. We probably would not have been in this position had we not asked club’s support to move the GF to a more suitable venue since Thornleigh Park was unplayable, so a huge shout out to club execs Ross Anderson, Steve Quanborough, Rick Turner for supporting us to the core this season & especially over the last few days.

The excitement of being able to play at a ground like Caddies Creek was high, but that was short lived on the first day when the whatsapp chat started being filled with photos of a run up being under few cms water. What eventuated over the next couple of hours was nothing short of a miracle. While St Ives were chilling out in their zone with a minor premiership advantage, we were trying whichever way possible to get rid of the surface water and it surely did take a lot of effort. Pretty sure we potentially look at a side hustle in being groundsmen! The umpires finally were happy with all the mopping, blowing and agreed on a 2pm start.

The aim was to bat out the day and try and get closer to 150 odd runs. Arun (41) and Ravi (17) laid the foundation with their 3rd consecutive 50 plus opening partnership and we knew most of the job was done. The next few batters tried their level best to keep the scoreboard ticking, however at one point we ended up at 7-115, still quite a few runs short of where we would have liked it to be. In came the Captain and boy what a difference he made. Before getting out on the last ball of the day, Nirav (18) and Sahil (32*) led the team to 8-161 with the plan of batting a few overs next morning and get the score closer to 180.

Day 2 morning was as perfect as it could get. We managed to take the score to 176 and we knew St Ives were only going to try and bat out the rest of the day. With a lush Caddies Creek in their favour and having a few hard hitters in the squad, not going for the runs seemed to have backfired but they did not give up. Amith scalped their opener with a low full toss and we were totally in the game. What followed throughout the day, again was nothing short of a dream. Nirav bowled the spell of his life (22-11-5-22) and broke the foundation of St Ives batting. Yes, there were patches of them holding up well but batting out 70 odd overs against our bowling was a tough ask.

Amith kept bowling tight lines from the other end and at one point we needed to pick up 4 wickets in the last hour with their Captain and a strong batter in the crease. In came a couple of beauties from Amith which rattled the middle stump on both occasion and that was enough to take it home. Captain Nirav had severe cramps and with 20 mins to go in the day had fallen flat on his back and not being able to walk but all he said while lying down was “I want to keep bowling”! Those few words changed the entire momentum as we needed to pick up the final 2 wickets in the last 15 minutes. Nirav bowled a beauty to take their # 9 and the very next over, Amith Ninan redeemed his batting shocker (you will get picked on it till we see you Amith!) to claim the last scalp 5 mins before the scheduled finish time and ending with his season best spell of 4-16.

What a couple of days of cricket and what a season! The way we managed to claw the game back was nothing short of extraordinary and a huge shout out to all the families and friends who supported all along. We would also like to whole-heartedly thank Steve Q, Amit Sen, Cam, Rick, Tim for turning up and support. The last shout out goes to Mick Brookhouse – our legendary scorer/fill in and humour generator within the D2 camp, thanks for making scoring look so easy Mick!

Rest up guys! What a season it has been and the credit goes out to all of YOU! Keep an eye out on the team Whatsapp as in all likeliness a message will pop up again in the next few weeks about the first pre-season session.

Till then……

Team: Amith Ninan, Vishal Nathan, Sahil Kirpalani,, Ravi Gunna, Tonoy Gosh, Arun Chaudhuri, Nirav Desai (C), Cory Brookhouse, Luke Christensen, Chintan Shah, Agniva Chakraborty.