News – 19th November 2023


This weekend is our big Movember Fundraiser. Details are:

  • When:    Saturday 25th November 2023
  • Where:   Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre
  • Time:     12.00 pm to 4.00 pm

In conjunction with Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre and our wonderful sponsors we will be raising funds through donations and a Chocolate Wheel with lots of instant prizes and heaps of giveaways.

Come along and support this great initiative.

Add to this our participants who are getting into the spirit with their own Movember contribution: Jackson Preedy (A1); Ram Ramamurthy (C3); Vedant Virmani (C1); Vikas Goel (C3), Angus Greenhalgh (D1).

Key collection roster – 24th & 25th November 2023

game date game time Grade Ground Key Collection Responsibility home team Oval Key Required Amenities Key
24-Nov-23 6:00:00 PM Friday Stage 1  All Girls John Purchase PS WPHC WPHC N Y
25-Nov-23 8:00 AM Saturday U9 Mixed Cherrybrook PS WPHC Red WPHC Red N Y
Saturday U8 Mixed WPH PS WPHC Red WPHC Red Y Y
8:30 AM Saturday U15 Mixed Greenway Oval WPHC Gold Oakhill College Gold N Y
Saturday U14 Mixed Campbell Pk WPHC Purple WPHC Purple N Y
Saturday U13 (Starc) Mixed Northholm Grammar WPHC Red WPHC Red Y Y
Saturday U12 Mixed James Henty WPHC Gold WPHC Gold N Y
John Purchase PS WPHC Blue WPHC Blue N Y
9:00 AM Saturday U11 (South) Mixed Holland Reserve WPHC Red Castle Hill RSL Green N Y
Thomas Thompson WPHC Yellow WPHC Yellow N N
10:30 AM Saturday U11 (South) Mixed Cherrybrook PS WPHC Green WPHC Green N Y
Saturday U10 Mixed WPH PS WPHC White WPHC White Y Y
1:00 PM


Campbell Pk WPHC Red WPHC Red N Y
Northholm Grammar WPHC Blue WPHC Blue Y Y


Caddies Creek WPHC WPHC N Y


Dural Park WPHC WPHC Y Y


Greenway Oval WPHC Blue WPHC Blue N Y

Sports Club Christmas Tree Decorating competition

Keep a lookout for this one.

With 5 weeks until Christmas and the Sports Club is currently gearing up for a big silly season.

As a part of this we have been invited to participate in the Sports Club CommuniTREE initiative – a Christmas tree decorating competition at the Club. The Sports Club is setting up 4 Christmas trees in the Club. Each of the sporting Clubs (WPHCCC, WPHCFC, Penno Demons & Greenway Giants) have invited to come and decorate a Christmas tree.

Each tree will then have a Perspex box placed in front of it. Starting on 1 December, Members will be issued a ticket when they buy something over the bar. Members will then vote for their favourite tree by placing their tickets in the barrels.

The tree with the most votes will win a $1,000 donation and the 3 runners up will win a $500 donation from the Club.

We have been encouraged to be as creative as you like and ask that you incorporate a sprinkle of your sport into the theme.

More on this shortly but any support and every vote counts. Stay tuned.

Cricket Australia updates

Cricket Injury research

Australian Cricket is asking players to complete a survey about experiences, over the last 12 months, of the following injuries:

  • Head injuries & concussion
  • Heat illness
  • Bowling-related back injuries.

This is an important survey to help CA & CNSW to quantify the number of injuries and then develop solutions.

To be involved please complete the Survey – Cricket Australia Survey

PlayHQ updates

Player statistics in the PlayCricket app

When viewing statistics in the PlayCricket app, some users are noticing error messages or incomplete statistics.

What can I do if my statistics are missing or not displaying correctly in the PlayCricket app? – Play Cricket Support  explains the issues users might be facing, and any steps they can take to rectify them.

The article will be updated as the issues are resolved, so please share this freely with anyone who would like to stay informed.

Answers to common e-scoring questions, all in one place

With several weeks of matches now complete, we have fielded e-scoring questions around a few common themes. We’ve pulled these together in a handy eScoring FAQs – Play Cricket Support, which is a great supplement to the Full eScoring Guide – Play Cricket Support for your scorers.

Women’s Social Cricket is here now

The fabulous Women’s Social Cricket comp is underway and it isn’t too late to register. This is a great opportunity for Women (all ages), daughters (all ages) and friends.

Details are:

  • When:                    Starts Wednesday 8th November 2023
  • Where:                   Mark Taylor Oval – Waitara
  • Time:                     6.30 pm to 8.00 pm
  • How long:             every Wednesday for 6 weeks
  • Cost:                      $60.00

How do I register?

You can register via the following link – – Women’s Social Smash – register here

A QR code link is also on Facebook.

Association News

The Association has got its new website up and running. So that you can lock in the link to check on this like the Draw and Competition Tables check out the following link – HK&HDCA home page

Registrations for 2023/24

Registration status is OPEN for:

  • Cricket Blast (5 & 6 year old) – OPEN
  • Juniors (Mixed):
    • U8 – OPEN
    • U9 – OPEN

All other Age Divisions are Closed.

How do I Register?

Registrations can be made via the following link – Register here

Blowfly Cricket

Season arrangements

Blowfly Cricket is now finished for the season. To find out more about Blowfy cricket for next season checkout the website –

What if I need more information?

Please contact Bill Peterkin at here

How do Register?

You can register and pay online through the following link.

Register | PlayHQ

Channel 10 – The Project story

Check out the News report on Channel’s 10 ‘The Project’ –Blowfly TV item from about 1:43 secs.


The Pathway for Girls this season is:

Friday (HK&HDCA)

  • All-Girls Blaster Hub (5 to 7 years + new to cricket / soft ball program) Friday Twilight hub at Thornleigh Oval
  • Stage 1 (7 to 11 years of age – new / a bit of experience) – Friday twilight Girls-only cricket (played in the Hornsby district)

Saturday (NSJCA)

  • Cricket Blast (5 to 7 year olds for boys & girls);
  • Stage 1 (a) – 7 to 11 years of age – new / a bit of experience. Saturday (played at local grounds and in the North Shore area
  • Stage 1(b) – 10 to 11 years. Saturday afternoon home & away hardball
  • Stage 2 & Stage 3 (ages 12 to 17 years of age)Saturday afternoon Girls-only competitive cricket.

To learn more then checkout – Girls Playing information

Competition Ladder

After 7 Rounds (18th November 2023) the competition table is:

Stage 1 (morning)

  • WPHC Jonassen:                 3rd

Stage 1 (afternoon)

  • WPHC Schutt                      =8th
  • WPHC Sutherland              =6th

Stage 2

  • WPHC Litchfield                 12th
  • WPHC McGrath                  4th

Stage 3

  • WPHC King:                        6th

Juniors (Mixed)

The only registrations open are for:

  • U8 – OPEN and remain open all season as this is a non-competitive age group
  • U9 – OPEN – as above

All other Divisions are CLOSED.

If anyone is still interested in playing in these ages please contact our Juniors (Mixed) Director, Steve Burrows on Juniors (Mixed) email

Points table

Competition table after 10 Rounds (18th November 2023)


  • WPHC Purple 2nd; Blue 3rd; Green =4th; Gold =4th , Yellow =7th; Red =10th


Hazlewood Comp:

  • WPHC Gold 4th; Green 5th

Starc Comp

  • WPHC Red 1st; White 9th; Blue 10th


  • WPHC Purple 1st; Gold =9th, Blue =12th


  • WPHC Red 1st; Orange 5th; Gold =5th


  • WPHC 1st

Note: there is no competition for U8 to U11’s.


Competition table after 5 Rounds.

A1 Grade (Cameron):       17 points (4th)

A2 (Campbell):                    17 point (=3rd)


  • Red (Shomik):      20 points (4th )
  • Blue (Todd):         15 points (=5th )

B2 (Warren):                        25 points (=1st)

C1 (Indranil):                       20 points (5th)


  • Red (Arun):           22 points (3rd)
  • Blue (Rob):           10 points (9th)


  • Red (Fieds):          19 points (=5th)
  • Blue (Mat):           27 points (1st)


  • Red (Ross S)         22 points (=3rd)
  • Blue (Hiresh):       10 points (10th )


  • Red (Diggers)        17 points (=5th )
  • Blue (Agniva):     25 points (1st)

D2 (Roger):                           15 points (=5th)