News – 10 November 2019

Association news

Dates for the calendar

  • T20 senior GF – 8th December
  • Juniors last week before Christmas break – 14th December. Start back 1st February
  • Seniors last week before Christmas break – 21st December. Start back 11th January
  • Junior SF – 8th March
  • Junior GF – 15th March
  • Senior SF – 7th & 14th March
  • Senior GF – 21st & 22nd March
  • Next Association meeting – 12th November

Seniors T20 Semi Finals

The original draw for the T20 SF on Sunday 17th November published on the Association’s News Event on the website used net run rate for determining teams on equal points. The playing conditions states quotient is to be used.

The draws have been adjusted and published on MyCricket. Please check the draws – here

1st Grade:

WPHC Blue (A1 – Phil) Vs WPHC Red (A2 – Andy) @ Greenway Park starting at 2.30 pm

3rd Grade

WPHC Blue (C1 Phill) Vs Kissing Point @ Auluba Oval (11.00 am)

5th Grade

WPHC Red (B2 Napper)Vs Kissing Point @ Greenway Park (11.00 am)

Northern District Festival of Cricket

If you have time today (10th November), Northern District Grade Club is having their 1st Grade T20 double header games at Mark Taylor Oval. This is where the big boys play with many BBL players on show with lots of sixers and action.

Apart from having the best cricketers in Sydney on show Mark Taylor and Nathan Lyon, both ND’s players, will be around for most of the game for photos and signing autographs.

In addition to Nathan and Mark Taylor, other great Northern Districts players will also be attending – Neil Harvey, Alan Davidson, David Sincock and other cricketing legends will also be attending.

Games are:

  • Game 1 – Northern District Vs Blacktown – 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
  • Game 2 –Northern District Vs Western Suburbs – 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

“Shoosh for Kids” initiative

Shoosh for Kids is a collaborative effort between the Office of Sport and State Sporting Organisations to promote positive parental behaviour. The general rule is, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

We have signed up for Shoosh for Kids Awareness Week, an initiative for Summer sports to be held 11th – 17th November 2019.

While we don’t have a problem the campaign message is relevant all season long – for all Clubs and all Teams.

The purpose of the NSW campaign is to provide a positive environment for players, whilst also addressing issues which arise from poor behaviour including:

  • Abuse to Officials
  • Reduced Volunteer numbers
  • Reduced participation rates (due to poor experiences / non enjoyment / too competitive).

New Constitution

While talk about Constitutions can make the eyes glaze, this one is important. For the first time since 17th September 1983 we are about to change our Constitution – in part to embrace new legal requirements and also because so much has changed.

All members who are financial and over 18 years of age may contribute and vote on what will be the governing model for the way we operate for many years to come. For this reason there is a Special General Meeting to discuss and vote on the proposed constitution. Details of the meeting are:

  • When – Wednesday 20th November
  • Where – WPH Sports Club
  • Time – 7.30 pm

Please understand that the only business allowed at that meeting will be a motion to adopt the new constitution as submitted.

A copy of the Constitution will be sent shortly and if anyone wants a copy then please send an email to Ross Anderson at here and a copy will be sent to you.

Given the importance of this meeting you are most welcome and in fact, encouraged, to come along and be part of the decision making process on the way we operate.

Photo of the Month

Our Photo of the Month is on again this season. Our good supporters, Bistro WPH, have sponsored us with a gift voucher to the value of $50 for the best photo of the month. Bistro WPH run the Bistro at the Sports Club and make the best pizza’s in the District plus lots of other eating options. Check out their website on here

Photos are always welcome from across our Sections – Junior Blasters, Junior Boys & Girls plus Seniors.

They can be traditional photos of players batting and bowling, team shots, family and friends who are spectators – anything. In the past, the some of the best photos have been fun shots of people having fun.

How do I participate?

Just take a photo of anything cricket related and send it to Ross Anderson – here . The photo will be put on the website and our Club Chairman will make a decision on the best photo. The winner will get a $50 dinner voucher – it is that easy.

Club status

Blowfly Cricket

Our 2nd season of Blowfly Cricket is underway. We are thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful initiative again and have now completed our 3rd week.

Blowfly continues to be a fantastic initiative and one everyone in our Club should be proud. We started last season with 6 participants and finished the season with 12 Blowfly cricketers. We now have 20 participants and this is growing as word of mouth spreads.

Blowfly Cricket gives young people with autism, special needs &/or disabilities the chance to play organised sport. It also gives families the chance to be involved and enjoy seeing their children having fun and just enjoying life. The following link provides a great insight into Blowfly Cricket – here

 If there anyone in your family, or if you know someone who would like to play Blowfly, games are played as follows:

  • When – every Friday starting 18th October
  • Where –James Henty Oval
  • Time – 6.00 pm until around 7.30 pm

How do you register?

Just contact Bill Peterkin on here or 0488 110 942

Girls cricket

Girls Only Master Blasters (7 to 10 years of age) – started on Friday 18th October at Thornleigh Oval and new starters are always welcome.

We have a really good turnout with 14 Girls already registered from West Penno plus Girls from Thornleigh, Castle Hill, Kenthurst, Galston-Glenorie, Normanhurst, Pennant Hills and Beecroft.

We take registrations throughout the season so it is never too late to give it a go.

How do I register?

Register via our website Registration page or contact Suzanna or Grant Colburt at here or by phone: Grant: 0413 594 077 / Suzanna: 0413 594 082.

Junior Blasters (aged 5 to 7 years)

We now have 17 Girls playing and Registrations are open throughout the season.

Girls aged 8 to 16

Round 5 started this weekend with the following games.


WPHC (Annetts) 5/112 lost to WPHC (Stalakher) 2/116

Competition table

WPHC (Stalakher) – 2nd

WPHC (Annetts) – 5th

Dates to look out for are:

  • Summer Comp Semi Finals – 23rd November
  • Grand Final – 30th November

Sixers League

WPHC (Perry) 1/129 lost to WPHC (Healy) 3/154

Competition table

WPHC (Healy) – 1st

WPHC (Perry) – =2nd (3rd on quotient)

Sixers League

WPHC (Perry) Vs WPHC (Healy)

Competition table

WPHC (Healy) – 1st

WPHC (Perry) – =2nd (3rd on quotient)

Juniors Boys

After the current Round (9th November) are:

Round highlights

After the current Round (9th November) are:


  • No standout scores the weekend.


  • No big partnerships this week.


  • Just like the batting – no big performances this weekend.

Team standings

After the Round, our latest Team standings are:

  • U15 & U16s – Blue =1st (1st on quotient); Orange =1st (2nd); White =5th (5th); Red =9th (9th)
  • U14s – Red =1st (1st); Orange =1st (2nd); Purple – 6th;Blue -10th; Green – =11th (12th)
  • U13s – Green =4th (4th); Red – 9th; White – 10th; Blue – 11th
  • U12s – Blue =2nd (2nd); Green – 9th; Orange 13th; Gold 17th; Red 20th
  • U11s – Blue 3rd; Gold 5th; Orange =6th (8th); Red =9th )10th); Green – 13th
  • U8s to U10s – no competition points allocated

Seniors (All Age)

Round 5 (Day 2) highlights:

  • 257* C1 Grade Club 3rd wicket record partnership by Campbell Wallace 176* (our 488th ton) and Matt Schwartzel 83*. This:
    • Just missed the existing Club record 3rd wicket partnership of 259 for all Grades
    • Campbell’s ton is the 488th in our history.
  • David Larkham 6/34.

Personal Achievements / Milestones

The Home page of the website has an update of personal Milestones – who has an approaching milestone and who achieved one. The system is now working and each week we will have the latest updates on performances.

Match Reports

Match Reports of every game are on the Match Report section of the website.


Seniors Train at the WPH Sports Club nets on Wednesday and Fridays between 5.00 pm and dusk.

Points table

After 4 Rounds, Team standings follow:

  • A1 – 7th
  • A2:
    • Red (Andy) – 3rd
    • Blue (Gunny) – =1st (1st of quotient)
  • B1 – 2nd
  • B2 – =5th (6th on quotient)
  • C1:
    • Red (Phill) –= 3rd (3rd)
    • Blue (Fieds) – =3rd (4th)
  • C2 – =4th (4th on quotient)
  • C3 – 1st
  • D1:
    • Red (Diggers) – 7th
    • Blue (Rob) – 8th
  • D2 – 1st

Sydney Sixers membership

Included in the Registration form is an option to become Sydney Sixers Members. This is your choice to accept or decline to opportunity. It is though worth noting the benefits of Membership:

  • Benefits:
    • Discounts of $5 for single membership and $15 for families
    • Club priority for donation requests (Please note we are expecting an increase in Club Partners this season, so we highly recommend registering if you think that you may need any donations to ensure that you don’t miss out)
    • W/BBL team signed bat.
    • Entry to 3 matches (including Sydney Smash).
    • Blast Squad on-field opportunity during home games.

So if you would like to signup it is as easy as doing so when you register.