News – 6 August to 13 August 2017

2017/18 Season Registrations

Registrations for the 2017/18 season are open for secure on-line payment – here

For returning players please create your registration from scratch and ignore any prompts to log-in as an existing user for this season only.

Registration status

Registration Day was held on Sunday 31 July and current status is:

Juniors Boys

Spots fill up quickly and we close off Registrations once we reach a maximum of 12/13 players per Team. To be in your Team of choice and play with your mates please don’t delay.

Please note:

  • U15s are closed
  • U16s are closed

All other Age Groups – U8s; U9s; U10s; U11s; U12s; U13s and U14s are open but will close as soon as we get to a maximum of 12/13 players per Team.

In2Cricket (Kanga)
Registrations are open all year. Once Teams fill up we can’t guarantee you the chance to play with your friends. So register quickly to make sure of a place in your Team of choice.

Junior Girls
Registrations also remain open all season but to play in the same Team as your friends please don’t delay registering. Once registered, you are guaranteed a game and in the Team of your choice.

Registrations are not yet open as we are making a few tweaks to the systems to link each player to our Club records.

Seniors pre-season start

There is no need to register just yet – we are tweaking the system so hold off just for now.

Pre-season training started on Saturday – 5th August. Details are:

  • When:              Every Saturday from 5th August
  • Where:             WPH Sports Club nets, 103 Newline Road
  • Time:               1.00 pm to around 4.00 pm.

Training is on every Saturday until 2 September when the season starts the following week.

Kingsgrove Sports special Gear offer

Kingsgrove Sports have been great supporters of ours for over 40 years. They also have the best range of cricket gear anywhere in Sydney with pricing among the best you will find.

We are just arranging for a day that our WPH folk can pop in to the North Parramatta (570 Church Street, North Parramatta), store to buy clothing, gear and anything else that you need to be ready for the season. Due to our relationship they are offering a 10% discount for all gear and 5% off any gear that is already on special. So keep a watch out for more details but just hold off on any purchases until we can provide more details.

School Holidays Cricket Clinic – 2017

Registrations are now open for the acclaimed Coaches’ Association / Northern District CC’s Junior cricket coaching clinics for boys & girls aged 6 to 15 years during the next school holidays.

The Coaches’ Association is a not-for-profit organisation and has scheduled 3 junior clinics between 25 September and 4 October 2017 in north-western Sydney.

The venues are:

  • Mark Taylor Oval, Waitara;
  • George Thornton Reserve, WPH; and:
  • Curtis Oval, Dundas Park.

These popular school holiday clinics have been in operation since 2010 and have a proven track-record in developing the skills of players of all standards, ranging from beginners and Club players to experienced representative cricketers.

The online registration process is easy – see the attached flyer, which can also be accessed via this link –

The timing of these school holiday junior coaching clinics provides the perfect lead-in to the 2017/18 cricket season.

Level 1 Coaching

Each year we have a sought-after Level 1 Cricket Coaching Program run by CNSW at Edward Bennett Oval. This is open to all West Penno folk who are Coaches or are involved in some coaching capacity. The usual cost is $90 / person but we cover this cost so this valuable accreditation is $0 to our people.

This is a sought after accreditation with only 3 Levels available – Level 1 (Club Coaching), Level 2 (Representative Coach) and Level 3 (Senior Grade Coach including Australian National side level).

Details are:

  • When:              Sunday 17 September 2017
  • Where:             Edward Bennett Oval\
  • Time:               10.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • Cost:                FREE – the usual cost is $90 / person.

How do I register?

Go to the CNSW website and register online – here

Let Ross Anderson ( ) know that you have registered and a refund will be arranged.

Outstanding achievement

We are home to 2 of the greatest Women players to have ever played the game – Lisa Sthalekar (Australia 2003-2013) and Denise Annetts (Australia 1985 to 1993).

Lisa played all her Junior cricket with us (1989/95) and Denise played Seniors and managed and then coached Junior sides between 2003/2014.

On Sunday (23 July) Denise was formally Inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the MCC (Lord’s) to be one of only 320 people worldwide to receive this honour. There are only 75 Australians and 19 Women on this list.

MCC Life Membership is offered by the MCC Committee “….to any person who in its opinion has given long and distinguished service to the game and as such offers are comparatively rare”

Lisa was inducted 2 years ago and our other MCC Life Member is former Prime Minister John Howard (Seniors 1963/63 to 73/74). So our Club has 3 of the global list of Life Members in this distinguished list.

NSW Community Cricket Club of the Year 2017
Sports NSW Community Club of the Year 2017 (Runner-up)

We are delighted have been recently selected by Cricket NSW (CNSW) as ‘Community Cricket Club of the Year – 2017’.

On Thursday 29 June we attended the Sport NSW Community Sports Awards at NSW Parliament where Award winners from all Community Sports attended. We are thrilled to have been selected by Sport NSW as Runner-up in the category of ‘Community Club of the Year’ covering all community sports in NSW.

This is an amazing achievement as this covers more than 80 NSW sporting organisations and 20 Industry Bodies covering 670,200 adult volunteers ––networking/2017-nsw-community-sports-awards/ .

This is great recognition for our 260+ volunteers, our culture of giving everyone a ‘fair go’ and ofcourse the legacy achievements of Leaders – past and present.

There is a lot more to achieve and we have big plans for 2017/18 especially for the Girls and Blowfly cricket – stay tuned.

Major Award Winners
Now that the dust has settled on the season, congratulations to our Major Award winners this year.

New Life Members

Life Membership is the highest award that can be bestowed on anyone involved with our Club. At the Seniors Presentation Night on 5 May, we inducted 2 new Life Members for long and distinguished service to our Club. This is extremely rare with only 22 Life Members inducted in 86 years. Congratulations to our new Life Members:

James Makin – our 21st Life Member

James started playing Juniors for us in the mid-1980s and started in Seniors 1989/90. Apart from a distinguished record as a player and record breaking achievements as A1 Captain, James developed the A1 Grade Player numbering system where every player selected in A1 has a unique playing number in the order they have played going back 66 years.

He also evolved the Club Wisden from a primitive, highly manual intensive data base into an agile access data base that allows us to update playing records relatively easily and also get data cuts of many different records.

Bill Peterkin – our 22nd Life Member

Bill played Juniors with us in the late 1980s and started Seniors in 1992/93 in all Grades from D2 to A1 Grade. Like James, Bill’s playing record is distinguished. Apart from his wonderful playing record, Bill has held many Administrative positions – Seniors Deputy Convenor between 2002 and 2006; Seniors Treasurer between 2009/10 and always helps out where there is a need.

Bill’s most significant achievement has been taking on the Kanga Director’s role since 2015/16 when Bill filled a gap in running Kanga with many of the administrative records and operational details unobtainable due to illness. What makes Bill’s contribution exceptional is that he has no children playing Kanga.

Club Service – President’s Award

Congratulations also to Julian Bish (Juniors Director) who was awarded the prestigious President’s Award for service to our Club. Julian has been Juniors Director since 2013 and has done an amazing job in running the Juniors and building a great Team.