Round 14 – 23th February (Day 1)

Points Table

Standings after Round 13 follow:

  • A1 Grade – 4th
  • A2 – 1st
  • B1:
    • Blue (Rick) – 8th
    • Red (Gunny) – 1st
  • B2 – =2nd (3rd on quotient)
  • C1 – 6th (5 points off 4th spot)
  • C2:
    • Blue (Fieds) – 1st
    • Red (Indranil) – 4th
  • C3 – 1st
  • D1 – 3rd
  • D2 – 6th

Match Reports

A Grade Vs Hornsby – Day 1 was a washout and will be played as a 1-Dayer next weekend.

A2 Grade 200 Vs Hornsby – amazing blazer conditions greeted Snumpty ‘Love You Pon’ Smyth, as he lost another toss. We got sent into bat. Volc ‘Black Shoes’ Banner and Blowy ‘Also Black Shoes’Blow opened the batting, in what was a very tall partnership. Very tall.

We were going good. Pear ‘Where’s My Phone’ Partridge and Effie ‘Drink Drive’ Banner dominated. Pear hit 85 and Effie 58. They batted good. We made 200. Should have been more. I blame J Mac ‘Not Playing’McBrien.

How sexy is Pon as a blonde?

We had 17 overs to bowl. Snump gave the instructions to be aggressive and passionate in the field, which meant Pear got to be Pear. It was good. There’s nothing like being sledged by a short cover with a legionnaires hat.

Hornsby are 3/16. Tis ‘Here’s Another Nickname Fieds’Mistry and Gandis ‘Ingu‘ Herzog took the wickets. Onya boys.

Onto trivia. We were dominating, until Pear got caught cheating like Blowy. We hid his phone behind the tv, and he panicked. It was funny. We should have won. More apartheid questions were necessary.

Kaity Herzog proposed. Yes!!!!

B1 Blue (Rick) 3/86 Vs SKLPS – we arrived at Glenhaven Oval to a damp setting but surprisingly the ground was in reasonable condition but it proved to be slow – real slow. Flair called correctly and had no hesitation in batting as we couldn’t be bothered fielding in the drizzle.

Something is wrong that is 4 correct calls in a row. Willy ‘god I bat slow’ Williamson and Jules ‘I run slow’ Raffel kicked us off in the drizzle. They got us to 1/19 at drinks when Jules was out caught. Willy and Kyle ‘I bat faster than Willy’ Faber got us going after the break. Or more specifically Fabs got us going after the break. Fabs crafted a very nice 30 in good time before holing out on the deep square boundary.

Zac ‘I also bat faster than Willy’ Turner came to the crease. They ground out a few runs to get us to 85 before Zac found the gully fieldsman. Alex ‘ Yep I also bat faster than Willy’ Turner’ joined the fray but succeeded in getting a top edge straight into the gob of the SKLPS wicketkeeper who was standing up to their medium pace bowler.

This successfully managed to put his top teeth through his upper lip (not a pretty sight). An ambulance was called for and the injured player was carted off to hospital. The SKLPS players were not keen on playing the last 45 minutes 2 players down (yes their captain escorted the player off to hospital). SO we called it a day and hit the Bowlo.

Batting wise Fabs 30, Willy 25* (in 51 overs), Jules 13, Zac 7 and Alex 1*. We will bat some more next we because we can!!!

WPHC Red (Gunny) 181 Vs Castle Hill White – we arrived today on a wet, cold, windy day at a terrible Fred Caterson 2/3 hating our decision to play cricket this season. We won the toss and elected to bat purely on the basis of avoiding fielding in the rain. Things were pretty slow all day, which is probably why there was no one in the crowd.

Shoutouts to Stanton ‘I remember how to bat’ Tam, who backed up his 99 with a 70 today. He batted patiently, waiting for anything in his zone even managing to hit a 6. Backed up by handy contributions by everyone, including Cameron ‘relaxed’ Price (23) and Ray ‘can’t run’ Khamis (30) got us to 181.

We consider this to be a very good score on a slow ground. Shoutout to KT who got run out at the bowlers end off a finger touch, as well as Brent smashing one to the keeper and claiming he didn’t hear anything.

Also sorry to Raghu from B2’s for throwing lemon’s at your head during social night, they were aimed for Snumpty’s table.

B2 6/180 Vs Berowra – match report to follow.

C1 0/14 Vs Kissing Point 172 – the weather to greet Campbell Park wasn’t promising, in our favour though was a lovely couch covered ground. We won the toss and bowled, with the ball going to get wet we worked diligently throughout the innings, in keeping it somewhat controllable.

With small square boundaries, restricting Kissing Point to 172 was outstanding. Sam Hando (0-7 off 5 overs with 2 maidens), Napier Gryst (0-35 off 13 with 2 maidens), have been our opening spell bowlers all year building a formidable partnership.

Waris Trehan (1-24 off 11), Raunak Sethi (0-21 off 4), & Rommel Pandey (1-13 off 3) bowled really well without more rewards. Our spin bowlers Arjun Kumar (7 overs 1-15), Asees Rajput (8 overs 1-20) & Pavan Cherupalli (3.1 overs 2-15) were once again constantly creating headaches to their batsman, some really good stuff when one of their batsman wanted to take them out of the park.

Our star with the ball this week was Nandu Ramesh (12 overs 4-21 with 2 maidens), economical, wise beyond his young years seems to outwit, outlast & outplay most of their batsman.

In reply we faced 6 overs 0-14 Richard Hughes 8no & Waris Trehan 2no, a run chase next week with 10 wickets in hand.

C2 Blue (Fieds) Vs C2 Red (Indranil) 5/244 – Dural Park was the setting for the round 14 clash of the Reds and the Blues. Reds have it all to do in a must win game to retain our top 4 spot.

The Reds Captain called incorrectly and the Blues invited the Reds to bat. Indranil got the Reds off to a quick start but was caught out going for one too many early swipes.

This brought Will and Vinod together who then set about grinding out a 113 run partnership that set the Blues back. Will was out for a well compiled 68 and was followed a little while later by Vinod for a patient 50.

Rishab was joined by Peter and who together added a 57 run stand before Rishab was out for 25.

Ramil (13) assisted Peter in closing out the days play with Peter remaining not out 53. A great day for the Reds who had three players pass 50 today when in the previous 13 rounds no player had passed this mark. It was also the first time the Red’s moved past 200 runs in an innings. Roll on next week as the Red’s seek to secure their Semi Final spot.

C3 0/38 Vs Berowra 212 – we won the toss on a drizzly, windswept Foxglove North Oval and it was an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and prepare for the Finals by taking a different tack, bowling first and seeing if we can chase down a total (often this season we’ve piled on the runs and played the opposition out of the game).

Bowling from the Southern end of the ground, Paul Vink was sending down extremely quick short and challenging stuff and true to form picked up a wicket in his second over dismissing one of the grade’s best batsmen early to have them 1/7.

The bowlers from the Northern end had it much tougher bowling into a howling gale on the world’s skinniest pitch, but Dylan and John Rose did their best to keep the pressure on and Paul picked up his second wicket to have them 2/40. The constant drizzle was another tough thing to deal with and we had spilt a couple of difficult chances, but at 3/60 with their best batsmen back in the pavilion we were working well to be on top.

This brought one of their hit and miss players (like you find so many times in this grade) to the crease. He played only one way, and unfortunately for us, today was his day, cross batting with a lot of power and a shed load more luck (we spilled no less than 8 chances, all difficult with the bar of soap we were using for a cricket ball by this stage), however he went on to score 118!

We did continue to pick up a few wickets at the other end during the onslaught, and eventually dismissed Berowra for 212. A pretty disciplined effort given the conditions.

Some great spells of bowling from Rowan, Dylan, Rosey, Darcy, Xander and Buzz in a challenging situation was great preparation for anything we might face in the finals.

Best of the bowling was Buzz with 3/21 Dylan 2/20 Paul 2/66 Rowan 1/26 and John 1/34.

Our turn to bat in horrible misty rain for 19 overs saw Xander and Connor play beautifully to see us at 0/38 with a great platform for next week. A frustrating day where we could have rolled them for 100 less, but all in all a strong position against a team who sit in 2nd place on the table just below us and may well be a team we face come Grand Final.

Huge thanks to Miss Jane and Miss Kate who huddled themselves under umbrellas to score during our innings! Above and beyond ladies

PS we did come equal 2nd and had an awesomely fun time at the Club Social trivia night as well, so a pretty good day all round! Thanks Miss Jane for organising!

D1 Vs St Ives 9/230 – Connor started of the days play with a beautiful ball that swung onto middle stump getting the days play off to a great start. The Exton show got his opportunity to bowl along with some very new non-intimidating stare downs after some 150k yorkers, he eventually got a well deserved wicket after a great display of reverse swing bowling, putting us in an good place to take control of the match.

Siby was called on to grab a quick wicket after a good partnership from the batsmen was forming. Didn’t take long for him to swing one to middle stump bamboozling the batsman, soon after Amith charged in and collected another valuable wicket. Disco Dave was bowling his usual perfect line and length balls and picked up 2 valuable wickets after a dry spell.

St Ives piled on the runs as the days play finished with them nine wickets down along with a hefty total to chase down next week that will test the strength of our batting.

D2 8/51 lost to Kissing Point 2/54 – we lost the toss and were sent into bat. The grass was very long and the field wet at Mimosa Oval. We had 9 players. The weather continued to play a part with drizzly rain continuing throughout our innings. We lost our 8th wicket in the 46th over with the ball skidding on and keep low. The opposition opening fast bowler took 5/15. It was a nightmare batting.

When the opposition came into bat about 5 pm we had to bowl 21 overs. It was then that the sun came out and the wind dropped giving them completely different conditions to bat in. We had 7 players at that stage for fielding and that included the bowler and wicket keeper.

So there were plenty of gaps for their batters. They hit 54 runs in 17 overs for the loss of two wickets. Praneel Singh took one wicket and Lakshya Rao the other. Captain Mike took a superb catch making up a lot of ground to  catch a very high ball which was swirling away from him.

We expect that KP will try for an outright win next week as they have already won on their first innings score. We hope to make that difficult.