Anecdotes – Round 2, 2022-23 Season

The records keep coming

James Makin, our Seniors Director and 22nd A1 Grade Captain, continues to set records that are likely to stand for many years – pictured after winning his 4th x A1 Premiership in 2015. On Sunday 9th October, he plays in the 1st Grade T20 Grand Final – a fantastic achievement but look at what he has achieved in addition to this:

  • On 29th March 2015 he Captained our A1 side to their 4th successive Premiership (a Club record)
  • He also Captained A1 Grade to:
    • 1 x Runners-up
    • 2 x T20 Premierships
    • A2 to 1 x Premiership
  • As a non-Captaining player, he also played in a B1 Grand Final and now this 1st Grade T20 Grand Final.

All up, including the up-coming T20 Grand Final, James has played in a record 10 x GF’s – winning 7, losing 2 and is about to play in another GF. No other player in our history has played in 10 x GF’s.

Let’s not also forget some other famous West Penno players who have achieved amazing records as both a Captain and player in GF appearances:

  • Jim Fuggle (1973 to 2002) – Captained 2 x winning and 7 x losing Teams = 9 Premierships
  • Matt Jobson (2007 to 2018) – Captained 2 x Premierships, 1 x Runner-up and played in 5 GF’s = 8 Premierships
  • Simon ‘Snumpty’ Smyth (2004 to 2016) – Captained 5 x winning Premiership sides plus 1 x Runner-up + 1 x washout = 7 Premierships
  • Daniel Friedrich (1990 to 1997) – Captained our U11s to U16s and won every year including winning the U16s twice = 6 Premierships


1,000,000 runs – status

We will touch on this briefly each week and ramp-up the coverage as both milestones get closer. After 2 x T20’ Rounds and 1 x Competition Round we have scored 2,369 runs & had 2,257 runs scored against us. This brings the milestone targets to:

  • 988,595 runs scored by West Penno
  • 991,553 runs scored against us

Where do our players travel from?

First up, our theme music for this one – I’ve been Everywhere

So far this season we have had 725 registrations across the Club with the Junior Blasters and Girls Comps still a week away from starting. While 83% of our players come from Cherrybrook and WPH, our cricketing family come from 59 different suburbs from Abbotsford to Wiley Park.

Some of the longer distance weekly commutes are from:

  • Green Point (Terrigal) – a 100 minute return trip covering 128 klms
  • Illawong (Cronulla) – 82 klms return trip and who know how long depending on traffic
  • Glebe – 60 klms and traffic dependent