Anecdotes – Round 3, 2022-23 Season

More on our top Premiership appearances

Last week we did an article on James Makin who next week (16th October), plays in the 1st Grade T20 Grand Final – his 19th Grand Final!

After this story, old scorebooks have been uncovered plus emails have been floating around to confirm the top 5 list. We can now confirm our most capped Premiership players:


Grand Finals Wins


James Makin (A1)


(1 to be played next week)

10 (8 as a Captain)


Andrew Fiedler

15 11 (5 as Captain)


Simon Smyth

12 7 (5 as captain)


Michael Banner (B2)

9 6 (Nil as Captain)


Jim Fuggle

9 2 (all as Captain)


In addition to this, Simon also Captained 2 x losing GF’s in the Juniors.

Records are made to be broken but we reckon the top 3 especially will be there for a long-time.

Photo: Michael Banner (left), Simon Smyth (2nd left) and James Makin (4th left) with Dan Costigan and Indranil Mukerjhee – WPH Sports Club 2nd September 2017.


Our new Girls uniform

Everyone should now be aware of our spectacular new Girls playing uniforms. These have got the attention of everyone who sees them and especially Cricket Australia and CNSW. Checkout the latest update from CNSW that was recorded during the week. It gives a great insight into the background and where we are heading as a Club – CNSW link

Keep a lookout for the promotion regarding the WBBL where our Girls will be taking pride of place in advertising.

The making of a Champion

Rommel Pandey (D1 Red and pictured) is one of those players who can change the course of a game in a few overs and on his day could easily play higher. He has a top score of 85 (C3 in 2017/18) and when the runs come, they come quickly. So what does it take to be a gun bat – we found the key last weekend. In the background is Luke Christensen who is also approaching a major personal milestone of 2,000 career runs!

What is your Decision

A question in the latest CNSW Umpires Examination follows. See if you can get the right answer:


As the bowler is running in, a left-handed batter switches their stance to right-handed. The bowler delivers a fair delivery which pitches outside what was the leg stump when the bowler began their run up. Without making contact with the bat, the ball strikes the batter’s pad in line between wicket and wicket and in your opinion would have gone on to strike the stumps. There is an appeal.

What is your decision?


Check out the answer below.

Undefeated after 2 Rounds

The main season has now being going for 1 month and we are tracking towards a record that no one wants. With 14 Senior Teams we are still yet to lose a game. The problem is that only 4 games have been completed in the Mian comp due to rain. Hopefully we can get on next weekend and the rain just stays away for at least the weekend. As a bit of light relief here is a Classic song by Super Tramp that will put a smile on faces – SuperTramp – Its raining again


What is your Decision? The answer.

Answer the appeal Not Out as the ball pitched outside the leg stump. The off and leg side are determined by the striker’s batting position at the moment the ball comes into play. Law 36.3