Anecdotes – Round 6 (Day 2), 2022-23 Season

Personal achievements

Perhaps our best publicised personal milestone is the double century scored by Lachlan Edwards (C3 Blue) – congratulations Lachie on scoring 209*! This amazing achievement caps a number of records:

  • 7th double century in our history and the 5th highest score and just 16 runs less than the highest all-time score of 225 scored back in1956/57
  • Lachlan is now the youngest double scorer in our history at 17 years, 9 months & 23 days. The previous record was by Brent Larkham (our 6th double century scorer) who was 17 years 10 months & 16 days
  • Our 505th century scorer

When you think about it, in the 92 years of our Club’s history, there has been between 8,000 and 8,250 registered players. So to be one of the 7 players to score a double puts Lachlan in rare company.

Photo: Lachlan Edwards after scoring his 200 batting with Shakeel Mistry.

Quote of the week

While on personal milestones. Michael Banner scored his 6,000th run playing B2 last weekend. This moves Michael Banner into number 5 in the all-time highest run scorers. Simon Smyth, who has taken 409 wickets himself, gave the following great quote:

“I know how much this means to you after being in the nervous 5,990’s for 3 season”

Photo: Michael (left) – 22nd October 2017.


Youngest high achievers

This is a special photo of the 2 youngest players to score a double ton in our history. When Lachlan Edwards (C3) scored 200 on the weekend he became our youngest player to reach this milestone – 17 years, 9 months & 23 days. There to congratulate him was Brent Larkham the previous record holder at 17 years, 10 months & 16 days when playing B2 Grade back on 4th November 2017.

Apart from being an important historical photo both Brent and Lachlan are class acts and worthy record holders until someone else comes along to break this new record.

Photo: Brent (left) and Lachlan at the Club after the game.

1,000,000 runs – the big day has arrived

Day 1 of the current Round we had 1,119 runs scored against us – bringing us to a cumulative total of 999,528 runs – just 472 runs short of the 1,000,000th run scored against us. So this weekend, most likely during Sunday’s C2 game at Greenway Park will be the big one – once all the Saturday scores have been received. This has been a long time in coming:

  • 92 years since our Club started in 1930
  • 262,000 overs
  • Average runs / wicket = 18.2

The next big one is the 1,000,00th run scored by us – this is now sitting on 997,398 after day 1 of the current Round so this is a big chance of being achieved next round.


The quiet assassin

Over the last 2 games, Michael Richards (A1 Grade) has bowled 30 overs and taken 12/42. In his last 2 innings he has taken an amazing 10/23 off 23 overs including a best of 6/13 off 14 overs! Michael is still only in his mid-20s and has taken 204 wickets @ 14.6 / wicket. In 2020/21 he won the Association A1 Grade bowling award with 32 wickets @ 7.53 – just short of the Club record average of 7.24 / wicket set by Sol Tomlinson in 2014/15!

Michael has now moved into the top 6 fastest players to reach 200 wickets in our history (11 years). If he keeps playing, the all-time aggregate record of 623 wickets by Dave Carey will be challenged. The quickest players to reach 200 wickets are the following Club Greats:

  1. Dave Carey (1979/80 to 2001/02) – 6 seasons (623 wickets)
  2. Ray McDonald (1953/54 to 1979/80) – 7 years (543 wickets)
  3. Mark Taylor (1985/86 to 2006/06) – 9 years (461 wickets)
  4. Wally Howard (1960/61 to 1974/75 – 9 years (342 wickets)
  5. Scott Henderson (2004/05 to 2017/18) – 10 years (258 wickets)
  6. Simon Smyth (1997/98 to 2020/21) – 11 years (451 wickets)

Photo: Michael Richards (left), Ryan Loveridge (B1 Red skipper) & Billy Gaunt (A Grade Superstar) – Greenway Park Community Centre, 27th November 2021


Campbell Park – our Spiritual home

When Lachlan Edwards scored his amazing double hundred at Campbell Park on the weekend to become the youngest player in our history (17 years, 9 months & 23 days of age) to score 200 runs this became yet another record that Campbell Park has seen.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the amazing moments in our history at this ground:

  • The ground was built in 1952 by Hornsby Council and Club members who helped level the ground, construct the wicket, lay water pipes and build the chain fencing
  • In the 1967/68 B1 Grand Final we were dismissed for 4 runs – the lowest seniors score in the Association’s history
  • Rob Gailey (C1 Grade 1991/92) scored 205 after coming back from a hip and knee replacement
  • In 2009, Daniel Anderson (C1) scored 134* to become our the youngest century scorer (13 years and 7 months)
  • On 31 October 2010 Glenn O’Connor (C3) scored 145 runs out of a Team total of 191 runs – 75.9% of the Team total – the highest % of runs scored in a competed innings in our history
  • C4 Grade scored an Association C4 Grade record of 6/462 dec in 58 overs. The innings included 318 runs in boundaries!
  • Happy Rana (D1 Blue) scored our 500th ton on 20/11/2021.

There have been lots of other Association and Club records but these are just a taste of why Campbell Park has always been and always will be our ‘Spiritual home’ and Lachie’s achievement just adds to its rich history.

Photo: Vedant Virmani (C3) on his way to 100* and our 498th ton Vs Beecroft @ Campbell Park – 6 March 2021

Father & son

One of the great experiences for families is for parents and children to play together. We have run father /son Teams for generations and do it well. On the weekend, Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows and his son Ben batted together for the first time in a game – refer to photo. These opportunities create life-time memories. So far, we have had a wonderful long-term experience of fathers / sons playing together. The next challenge is to see this evolve to a parent / child result with a mother / daughter or mother / son combination.

Photo: Steve & Ben (striker) Burrows batting for the first time together – C2 Blue Vs Thornleigh. Rob Hanich is the umpire. Greenway Park – 20 November 2022.

A Grade feast

The Sheep Station Trophy started on 16th December 2017 with Rick Turner and Simon Smyth played each other in A2 Grade. Since then we have had 23 Sheep Station games. On the weekend our 2 x A Grade sides played each other in the first A Grade Sheep Station game.

To make this even more memorable the A1 Red (Cameron) side had Tom & Jack Hando playing. The A Grade Blue (Campbell) side had Sam and Harry Hando playing against each other – another first.

To cap it all off, Phill and Mary Hando were cooking up a storm with a BBQ for both teams – sausages, bacon & egg rolls.

Photo: Cameron McBrien (A1 Red) & Campbell Wallace (A2 Blue) at the coin toss. This is the first time there has been an A Grade Sheep Station Trophy. Played at Turramurra Oval – 19 November 2022.


At the instigation of our Girls we ran a Club-wide Movember initiative this weekend and all our Junior Blasters, Juniors (Mixed) and Girls. Check out the photo gallery to see some great shots of our Teams involvement –

Photo: Stage 3 Girls getting iongto the swing of Movember.