Anecdotes – Round 9 (1-Dayer), 2022-23 Season

Our top performers at the half-way mark

Our website home page has all the latest on our top bats, bowlers and those of us with approaching milestones. Unfortunately, with PlayHQ systems issues we can’t source Junior performances – yet. With the business of the season now here it is worth highlighting our elite Senior’s performers – the best of the best. Here goes:

Top 3 bats

  1. Lachlan Edwards (C3 Blue) – 360 runs @ 72.0
  2. Ashane De Silva (A1) – 341 runs @ 113.0
  3. Bradesh Ramamurthy (D2) – 311 runs @ 103.0

Top 3 bowlers

  1. Todd Hutchinson (B2) – 21 wickets @ 10.0
  2. Michael Richards (A1) – 17 wickets @ 7.0
  3. Sparsh Polepalle (C4) – 14 wickets @ 12.0

Well done fella’s.

A Master returns to the crease

By any measure those who are playing with James Makin (A1) are playing with greatness. While a lot of people know that James sits at number 4 in the all-time run scorers list (6,175 runs) he has also taken 370 wickets. The last time he bowled in A1 Grade was way back in 2010/11. Well, in Round 8 he bowled 1 over for 4 runs – maybe a sign of things to come.

Photo – James Makin (right) with Steve Quanborough – John Purchase nets (6th August 2022).


A battle 33 years in the making

While on James, blink and you will miss this one. James (A1) is the 4th highest run scorer in our history with 6,175 runs and Michael Banner (B2) sits at number 5 on the all-time list with 6,174 runs! So….after a combined 658 innings that started with James way back in 1989/90 just one run separates these two great players!

Photo – Michael Banner (centre) and James Makin (right) joined by Eric Junkkari – Seniors Presentation Night, Friday 4th May 2018.

A debut to remember

We have had some great stories over the years of Junior Girls coming up to Seniors and doing well.

Our latest highest achiever is Mayher Singh (U15s) who played in Indranil’s C2 side in the game before Christmas. Mayher bowled a full compliment of 7 overs and took 3/37 that included 2 stumping’s by Indranil! This wasn’t enough to win the game but what a great debut into senior Men’s cricket.

To cap it all off Mayher was selected in the U16 National Championships for NSW Metropoloitan.

With our Club’s track record of producing women who have dominated world cricket who knows what the future holds for Mayher. Well done Mayher.



Who is this person?

The last day we played before the break was a cold and windy day with the only thing missing being grey skies and rain – the now ‘traditional’ Sydney summer. In the B2 match played at Greenway Park one of our long-termers was ready and rarin’ to go out and bat at the fall of the next wicket. The famous Club character has scored just on 3,500 runs, taken 215 wickets and is part of an Association record 1st wicket partnership of 333 scored back on December 2009. So who is this famous Club personality – see below.

Photo – Chris Williamson at Greenway Park – 18 December 2022


Support crew

With most games washed out on Saturday it was great to see so many of our players from other Teams come along to support the C3 Sheep Station Trophy game at Campbell Park. Not only did the boys turn up to support but in the case of the A / B1 boys they had their own esky – a pile of ice on the ground that did the job. Well done to Cameron (Skipper #25), Daniel Heidegger, Jackson ‘Stoinis’ Preedy, Steve Quanborough and Birdcage Loveridge.

A special mention to Cameron (#25) who earlier this season also turned up to a D1 Sheep Station Trophy game after A1 was washed out. Cam not only turned up to support but also fielded with the Team a couple of players down due to injury!

Photo: Cameron McBrien, Daniel Heidegger, Jackson ‘Stoinis’ Preedy, Steve Quanborough & Ryan Loveridge – Campbell Park.

The Prodigal returns

Great to see a returning prodigal back playing cricket. Peter Heidegger, back to C3 after retiring in 2014-15 with just the odd fill-in game since then. The C3 Match Report (thanks Bronson) reported this momentous event: “….Skipper Pete was joined by Peter H in the middle. Special mention of Peter H’s bat, a mint condition circa 1990’s Gray Nicholls single scoop.”

Just on the bat that has savaged C3 sides in past season’s including a 551 run season effort this bat was scoring heavy duty runs before half the members in his Team were even born!

What the scorecard didn’t show is that Peter is still the highest C3 Grade run scorer in our history with 970 runs and his batting partner, Peter Lees – the 4th highest run scorer (784 runs). Bowling for the Opposition Red’s was John Rose (751 runs) – our 5th highest C3 run scorer.

Photo: Peter getting some warm-up throws from son Daniel before batting.