Anecdotes – Round 11 (1-Dayer), 2022-23 Season

Girls pathway

Congratulations to Dani Chivers who recently made her 1st Grade debut (player number 163) playing Premier Women’s Cricket for Northern District Cricket Club. This is just one step below WBBL and 2 steps below Australian representation.

We have a rich history of our Girls players going on to play for NSW and Australia and this is another great story that shows our Girls that there is a playing pathway for those who want to keep playing cricket. Well done Dani!

Photo: The photo shows Dani (left) receiving her numbered cap on her debut.


Welcome back!

A special weekend with not one but 2 legends returning to the field. First up The Doctor. Doctor Who? No, Doctor Daniel Heidegger. Daniel is one of our best ever Juniors to play for West Penno – scorer of 5 centuries in Juniors and many other record partnerships. Daniel stopped playing to focus on his degree but is now back. After graduating with a Distinction average in Medicine he is now a practicing Doctor at Gosford Hospital.

Our 2nd legend is the great Andrew Fiedler – our own John Farnham with the number of final appearances. Fieds is the 2nd highest run scorer in our history and is back after a successful slimming down program to get fit for the all-run 3s and 4s he is a specialist in getting.

Our musical interlude celebrates both players but especially The Doctor – a theme close the hearts of all ‘Whovians’ – Doctor Who

So how did the boys go? The Doctor got a very well compiled 1 run before being LBW to a ball hit into the next postcode. Andrew got 11 runs and managed to be able to still be walking.

Photo:  Daniel Heidegger (right & 100 retired with Matt Chamberlain) after putting on 173 for the opening partnership for the U16 on 20 October 2012 – the first recorded instance of both openers scoring undefeated tons in our Juniors.


Space Cadet

First – our theme music recognising Elton John’s farewell concerts: Rocket Man

Our first Space Cadet of 2023 and one the worthy recipient continues to perfect. Who other than Zac Gerber (D1 Red).

Getting ready to go into bat Zac asked for some throw-downs. So far so good. The problems started after the 1st throw-down when Zac hit it over the fence and into the bush – lost ball. Quoting Zac: “I am good for throwdowns now – thank you.”

So, throw-downs finished for the day and looking for the ball lost deep in the bush at Les Shore 2 was too tough.

A bit of excitement

The B1 Blue (Shomik’s) boys had some excitement during their game at Mt Ku-ring-gai oval on the weekend. Their game was reduced from 35 overs to 13 overs after a helicopter landed on the field/ A great report from Shomik explains what happened:

“A rescue helicopter landed on our field; apparently, a man was lost in the thick bushland near Mt Ku-ring-Gai.

 The pilots attempted to track the man whilst sitting inside the ring on the far side of the field. We lost 90 minutes of game play, reducing the overs to 30-a-side.”

This brings to mind some other famous stoppages. In the 1980’s a helicopter also landed at Berowra Oval. This time the result wasn’t as successful with a body found at the northern end. We have also had games stopped during the famous 1993/94 ‘Eastern Seaboard’ bushfires. More recently on 21 December 2019 Warrina Street Oval was also used as a helicopter pad and resulted in a game being abandoned.

Photo: The U10s Reds had their game interrupted when a helicopter had to use Comenarra Oval as a temporary landing strip for an emergency – 27 October 2018.

A little bit too much detail

A great story from Todd Hutchinson (B2 Skipper) from their game:

“After drinks our spinners Craig “Hutchy Snr” Hutchinson (1-15) and Chris “Willy” Williamson (1-13) would absolutely dominate with the ball and were exceptionally hard to get away on a lush Dural Park.

 However, Hornsby would attempt a quick single to which I would let one rip straight into the right nut of my father Hutchy snr… lucky those tools have already been put to good use have been retired.

 An over later I would then drop a catch of his bowling… so if anyone is offering any warm meals this week that’d be great as I don’t think I’ll be receiving any at home.”

Photo – Craig and Todd Hutchinson during better times watching the C2 Semi Final – Greenway Park, 13 March 2021

A training video

Occasionally we get those seasons where Opposition Teams just don’t give LBW’s. One that comes to mind is our D1 side a few years ago when the boys got one decision all season. This one is a bit different. One Team (I won’t mention our C4s to protect the innocent) have made it a masterclass in giving LBW’s when the ball hits the pads whether or not they are in line with the stumps or whether the ball is hit into the next postcode with an edge.

So not for one moment suggesting that the boys not give decisions out that are out but…..maybe they could get the balance between the two extremes – on the pads is out Vs the classic of never being out – DRS

Photo: Sol Tomlinson (A1) successfully appealing for an LBW at Parklands Oval – 10 March 2012.