Anecdotes – Round 5 (Day 1), 2022-23 Season

9 for 1

Our C2 Blue side Captained by Rob Hanich, has a habit of winning and over the last 2 years the Team has been re-graded by the Association from C4 to C3 and now C2 Grades. They won the 4th Grade T20 Grand Final last Sunday. So you get the sense that this side is something special.

What is interesting then is to see a couple of batting collapses in the last 2 games that has seen them lose 5/1 in the Round 4 game against Indranil’s Red side and then 4/0 in the T20 GF that they won. Included in this are 10 batters who scored 7 runs or fewer. So 9 wickets for 1 run is up there with the all-time best collapses in our history.

Photo: the 4th Grade T20 Premiers from last weekend.

The stuff that memories are made of

How good is this one. Last week. Thenuk, who plays in our U11 Blue team, was chosen to participate as an ‘Anthem Kid’ for the SL and NZ T20 World Cup game. Not only did he get to accompany the players on the field but he was partnered with Kane Williamson – something he will remember for a very long time.

How good is this one

Our Stage 3 Girls have taken up the cause on ‘Movember’ with a great initiative to support this wonderful cause. The following note from Kirsty Newbury (our Club Diversity & Inclusion Director) says it all:

“The Stage 3 girls celebrated a close win against Leichhardt today.

 Our Team this round are actively promoting Movember in support of all the amazing men who champion us and our game. At the game today we were raising money for this important cause.

 The Stage 3 girls wore moustaches for the game to raise awareness.

We will also be asking the other Stage 1 and Stage 2 teams to join us in our fundraising efforts at training.”

We are going to have this on Facebook shortly so if you get a chance to support these fantastic Girls then give it a go.


Quote of the week

Where would we be without Ray Khamis (B1 Red) – either as a match winning player, for either our side or the Opposition, a record breaking batter (the most number of sixers in an over – 5) or providing a memorable quote.

Well big Ray hit the jackpot again on the weekend when his B1 Red side had the pleasure of playing a Sunday game. To quote the Match Report from his Captain (Birdcage):

“Big Ray ‘would rather be in Covid isolation than playing cricket today’  Khamis taking ‘the best catch I’ve seen in my 113 years watching club cricket’

Photo: Ray Khamis after hitting 5 x 6’s in succession – a Club record for consecutive 6’s.C4 game 9th January 2016.


Outstanding performances

A huge weekend for Personal milestone achievements last weekend:

  • Councillor Sreeni Pillamarri (D1 Red) scored his 1,000th career run
  • Dave Larkham (D1 Red) and Matt Digby (B1 Red) both took their 100th career wicket
  • Craig Hutchinson (B2) got Match bowling figures of 10/51 taking 6/7 and then 4/44 in the 2nd innings.

A few things on the 10 wickets:

  • This is only the 54th occurrence in our 92 year history that a bowler has taken 10 wickets or better in a game
  • The last time a player took 10 or better was way back in 2016/17 when Ishaan Singh (C3) took 11/58
  • Craig’s 6/7 in the first innings is the best 6 wickets in an innings bowling performance in our history. For info, the previous best in an innings for a player taking 6 wickets was by Justin Paterson who took 6/16, also in B2, in 2015.

Postscript: On Saturday, the B2’s rolled Sydney Lions for just 56 with Craig’s son, Todd, taking 6/29 so 16 wickets to the Hutchinson family in 1.5 games – not too bad!

Photo: Craig and Jack Hutchinson after Jack top scored with 68* in the D1 game Vs Glenorie @ Holland Road, 19 October 2019.

What a way to achieve a Milestone

While on Milestones, Councillor Sreeni scored his 1,000th run and what a way to do it. In the game last week not only was it his 1,000th run but it was the first game he played with his son (Parin), first game of the season and he also took his 1st wicket of the season. We reckon that this is one game that Councillor Sreeni will remember for a long time.

Photo: Sreeni (left) with Bill Peterkin & Julian Leeser – Blowfly cricket at James Henty – Friday 6 March 2021


How can you be this good without trying

A great note from Justin Edwards (A2) on one of our best players – who else other than Tanay Hira, the player the great Eric Junkkari even wrote a song about last season. To quote Justin:

“Tanay had his inswinger going beautifully and had an early wicket, before telling the team he’d forgotten which side the shiny side had to face to bowl in-swing. This is how cool Tanay is, he doesn’t even pretend to be trying and is still good.

 With his aviator sunglasses and chain around his neck, Tanay oozes a modern-chic style few can compete with. He has the rugged handsomeness of Dennis Lillee, the sheer presence of Chris Gayle, the aura of Viv Richards and a sprinkling of Keith Miller’s swagger. We are in awe.”

 Photo: Tany (2nd left front row) – A2 Grand Final 20 March 2022


1,000,000 runs – status

Last round we scored 2,057 runs in all Grades and had 1,982 runs scored against us so we are edging ever so closer to the magical 1,000,000 runs.

The totals are currently:

  • 992,779 runs scored by West Penno
  • 995,885 runs scored against us

This means we are going to reach this Everest in either Round 9 or 10 in early January.

As a further piece of trivia, B1 Grade has the highest number of runs scored – 151,040. The Grade that has conceded the most number of runs is also B1 with 142,254.

For info, since Day 1 and just on 65,000 innings, we are averaging 18.1 runs / wicket and have 18.2 runs on average scored against us. How close is that!