Anecdotes – Round 5 (Day 2), 2022-23 Season

Leadership Plus

We too often take for granted the amazing effort of our Volunteers – put simply, we wouldn’t have a Club without the efforts of so many people – our Club Executive; Junior Managers and Coaches; scorers; umpires; Senior Captains; plus so many more.

Our Volunteers are spread over just on 60 Teams across the Club. But…one Team has done an amazing job as the engine room that keeps us going – the C2 Blue side. How about this as a record that is 2nd to none:

  • Rob Hanich (Captain + Association Junior Secretary + Club Vice President)
  • Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows (Club Juniors Director)
  • Will McLennan (Club Social Media Manager)
  • Zia Ahmed (Club Vice President Greenway Park Community Centre + Sponsorship).

To have one third of a Team make such an enormous impact on so many people is extraordinary.

Add to this our C2 Red Captain, Indranil who also manages ground allocations across the whole Club and anything else that needs attention the C2 Grade boys (Blue & Red) deserve special recognition.

By the way, both Teams are killing it – the Reds are = 1st and the Blues are = =4th!

Photo: Indranil Mukherjee (centre with w/k pads & gloves); Rob Hanich (centre with Club Training shirt); Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows (centre with pads); Will (next to Buzz); Zia (next to Will) –The C2 Grade Sheep Station Trophy game – Campbell Park – 29 October 2022.

While on Leadership Plus

Great photo above of the Sheep Station Trophy above. Just an observation though when was the last time in Senior cricket did you have 4 players padded up waiting to going into bat before a ball was bowled! When Indranil (w/k) is included this photo has 5 players padded up – this would have to be a first for a photo in our Club.

Personal achievements

The PlayHQ issues are making the tracking outstanding performances that little bit more difficult but we had some good ones on the weekend:

  • In one of the slowest season starts to our century makers list we had the double in D2 Grade. Well done to:
    • Ray Howard with 127* (our 503rd ton) & Brahadesh ‘Ram’ Ramamurthy (D2) who scored 100* (our 504th ton)
    • the boys also put on 188 for the 6th wicket. Not a record but a great performance
  • Michael Richards (A1) took 6/13 from 14 overs. While not a record, it is the best bowling performance by an A1 Grade bowler since Sol Tomlinson took 7/26 Vs Kenthurst on 1 November 2014
  • Steve Quanborough (D1 Red) scored 30 * in 56 overs and was well supported by Parin Pillamarri (14*) in 25 overs to steer the Team through avoiding a potential outright loss with the Team finishing at 8/152.

Photo: Ray Howard & Ram after their dual centuries and 188* run 6th wicket partnership – Auluba Oval 12 November 2022.

Third time lucky

Congratulations to Brahadesh ‘Ram’ Ramamurthy (D2) for his ton on the weekend. This is Ram’s 1st ton in over 20 years of Seniors cricket. The story behind this is fabulous. This was Ram’s 3rd attempt at scoring his 1st ton – the 2 previous times he was run out for 99! So when he was on 99 for the 3rd time there were serious nerves but…he got there. We will load a Facebook video of the moment on Monday so stay tuned.

Photo: refer above

86 not out

On the weekend, Steve Quanborough (D1 Red) scored another impressive not out innings – batting for 56 overs to finish with 30* in a great effort to avoid an outright defeat. What Makes this amazing is that this innings was Steve’s 86th not out innings in his 239 trips to the crease – 36% of all his innings. The next nearest is Andrew Fiedler on around 70 so Steve is setting up one of those obscure records that may be a lot time in the record books.

Photo: Steve Quanborough (left) and Parin Pillamarri after their batting heroics (read above) – Northholm Grammar – 12 November 2022


Reelin’ in the years – our best performers by Grade

First up, our theme song – the Steely Dan classic Reelin the Years

I occasionally get asked who has scored the most runs and taken the most wickets by Grade in our history – especially by players who have played in the same Grade for a while. Well here is the record list and the current day challengers:


Record batting Runs  

Current day


Greg Fiedler 4,876

James Makin – 3172 runs


Michael Banner 2,522 Rowan Keating – 2,033 runs
B1 Ross Anderson 2,972

Rick Turner – 922 runs


Gavan Hassett 1,742 Chris Williamson – 1,229 Runs
C1 Eric Junkkari 2,983

No current player in range


Peter Lees 2,796 Tarun Lath – 837 runs
C3 Peter Heidegger 970

Peter Lees – 857 runs


Ian Paterson 447 No current player in range
D1 Pratah Sinnetamby 1,817

Steve Quanborough – 1,153 runs


Luke Christensen 1,671

Roger Friend – 894 runs


Photo – a great photo of our century scorers taken at Campbell Park on 19 February 2012. Our record holders in this photo are: Greg Fiedler (3rd right, back row); Michael Banner (5th left – back row); Ross A (2nd left (back row); James Makin (1st left, middle row).

The bowlers

And now for our bowling record holders and the nearest challengers:


Record bowling Wickets  

Current day


Ray McDonald 364

James Makin – 90 wickets


Rowan Keating 168 Rowan Keating – 168 wickets
B1 Wally Howard 296

No current player in range


Eric Junkkari 149 Rob Knapman – 65 wickets
C1 Eric Junkkari 232

No current player in range


David Carey 295 Steve Burrows – 75 wickets


Matt Rashleigh 68

John Rose – 55 wickets

C4 Muditha Dissanayake 25

No current player


Roger Friend 139

Dave Larkham – 95 wickets


Jon Burns 144

Roger Friend – 49 wickets


What would your decision be?


Off a No ball, both the injured striker and their runner were out of the crease when the wicket at the striker’s end was put down by the wicket-keeper, without the intervention of any other fielder. What will be your decision if an appeal is made?


See immediately below.

Photo: Rob Hanich receiving 4th Grade T20 Trophy from Umpires Simon Moore & James Fernandez. Les Shore 1 – 30th October 2022.

What would your decision be?


The striker’s end umpire shall give the injured striker out, Run out. (Law 25.6.5) Following this, the bowler’s end umpire shall signal No ball to the scorers. When the runner for an injured striker is not within their ground, they are always considered to be attempting a run.