Anecdotes – Round 11 (23 January)


Just before Christmas we ran a story on some of the ‘lame’ excuses for not playing – the best one was an office party – advised 2 days before the party. At the other end of the scale was the effort last week from Phill Hando (B2 Red Skipper). Phill was on a family camping trip outside Forster. Through a combination of injuries, Covid and close contacts the boys were going to be short so up steps Phill. Without any fanfare Phill drove down from Forster to play at Brooklyn and then made the return trip after the game – a cool 520 klms round trip or just on 6 hours travelling to support the Team.

This brings to mind some of the great examples of Team commitment over the years – a couple of examples standout:

  • Greg Fiedler (A1 1987/88) was holidaying with his fiancée (Kerry) in Queensland. Putting the team high on the priority list, he drove down from Queensland on Friday night, played and then returned the next day.
  • Nigel Cook (C1 1991/92) had a heart attack between games. While this should have sidelined him for some time Nigel played the following Saturday.
  • Mark Taylor (B1 1998/99) was holidaying on an island off New Caledonia. To play in the Final he caught a charter plane to New Caledonia, flew to Sydney, arriving back on Friday night and played in the Semi (scoring 50 runs). After the match he then flew to London.
  • Bill Peterkin (A1 16/12/2006 Vs Kenthurst @ Parklands) being the last match before Christmas A1 was short a player with little notice. Bill Peterkin to the rescue. Bill drove the 900 klms from the Gold Coast to play and unfortunately scored a golden duck! So a mention for both commitment and a ‘Golden Moment’.
  • Simon Smyth (A1 19/2/2011) welcomed young Dylan Archer Smyth into the world on the Thursday before a big game. With his wife Mel recovering in Hawkesbury Hospital after giving birth, Simon turned up to Berowra Oval, took 4 wickets, opened the batting and then went back to the Hospital. All in day’s work for Simon.

Photo: Phill (3rd left) with sons Harry, Sam, Phill (Dad), Jack and Tom Vs ARL @ Les Shore 2 – 5th October 2019.

Sydney’s best

During the week, the Daily Telegraph ran an article on ‘Sydney Park Cricket’ s leading run scorers’ – here

If you can’t access this article it listed the top 12 run scorers in Sydney outside the Premier Grade competition. Number 3 of the list is our own Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) who brought up 402 runs at 57.4 for the season last weekend. He is just 14 runs off the number 2 spot and 54 short of being the highest run scorer in all of Sydney!

As added background, in Lachie’s 2 previous seasons playing Seniors he scored a total of 314 runs and has already scored 402 in just 10 games – now this is a breakout season.

Photo: A proud father and son after Lachlan scoree 95 (D1 Red) at Northholm Grammar – 6th November 2021.

Rainbow over Greenway

Over the years there has been a lot of debate about whether Campbell Park or Greenway Park was the ‘Home of West Penno Cricket’. While the spiritual home of West Penno always is and always will be Campbell Park it looks like the ‘gods’ are smiling on Greenway Park. How about this great photo that Steve Quan (C3 Red) sent me during the week of a perfect rainbow over Greenway last Saturday – how good.

“Some days are diamonds and some days are stone….”

This is one of those ‘records’ that aren’t recorded but long memories rate it up there with rare feats. Congratulations to Cameron Croucher (C3 Red Skipper). Cameron has batted 6 times this season and has been run-out twice for 0. No surprises here as this can happen to anyone, but both run-outs have been diamond ducks from direct hit throws from side-on.

What a good opportunity to provide an appropriate musical interlude for this performance by a classic John Denver song – Some days are Diamonds

Photo: Cameron with his family’s NZ beer from Croucher Breweries.