Anecdotes – 24th January 2021

Is this our best attack in a generation?

D2’s have gone from strength to strength. While our batting is good, our bowling depth is up there with the best we have ever put on the field.

The D2 Comp started in 1979/80 and we have had a Team in this Comp every year for the past – 41 years. In this time, the all-time Club D2 bowling average record is 7.58 set by Steve Ison in 1983/84.

After 7 Rounds, our D2 side has an amazing 4 players who are on the verge of breaking a record that has stood for 37 years:

  • Siby Joseph has 16 wickets @ 3.44 (4th right)
  • Praneel Singh – 16 wickets @ 6.63 (6th right)
  • Parin Pillamarri – 10 wickets @ 7.30 (2nd left)
  • Nirav Desai – 12 wickets @ 8.17 (3rd right)

While we have had some amazing individual bowling performances throughout the Grades you don’t see an attack with this depth in any Grade. With 3 Rounds to go before Semi’s it is worth following the progress of this bowling Cartel.

To complete the picture, the record number of wickets in a season for D2 is an amazing 80 taken by Peter Sanders also in 1983/84.


While on best bowlers

While our D2 side has an amazing bowling side, the question is raised about which Team is the best batting Team in our history. There are 2 candidates – A1 & B1 Grades, both from the 1951/52 season.

The following summary is a list of major achievements by these teams:



Laurie Tuckerman

1,361 runs

E Stewart

569 runs

R Allum

662 runs

M Maranda

535 runs

Les Methven

563 runs

J Methven

448 runs

L Molloy

375 runs

R Allum

441 runs

Sid Lee

345 runs

D Downs

404 runs

Alb Bellamy

328 runs

E Downs

351 runs

Rob Bellamy

297 runs

F Childs

306 runs

Further, in A1 Grade, two bowlers took over 55 wickets and 3 better than 30 wickets!

From the basement to the penthouse

How about Rob Hanich’s C4 side (Rob pictured left with son Aden). Leading into Round 7 (last weekend), the boys were sitting in =5th spot with a few other Teams to put them just off the bottom of the table. What a difference a week makes. The boys won their Round 6 game and with an Association re-grading they are now sitting in 1st place.

This Comp is so tight that the gap between 1st and last is just 6 points so there might be a bit more shuffling in positions yet but sitting in first place sure beats the alternatives.

Spirit of Cricket

Our A1 side was cruising in 2nd position after 5 Rounds until they lost on the last ball of the day to the last placed Glenorie side. It isn’t easy losing but to lose to the last placed Team who were 9 wickets down is painful. What made this worse is that the top score was 38* and the batter was a 13 year old on debut and batting at no 9.

Anyway, I got a note from Bruce Wood (Association Coaches Association):

“…..Glenorie CC (defending Premiers) have had a slow start to the season and were sitting in last position on the A Grade competition table, playing WPHC CC (second place on the table).

 WPHC were heading for an easy win before young Riley came to the crease at No. 9 and steered his team to victory, in partnership with Adam West and Glenn Gittins.

 You could imagine that the WPHC players were very disappointed in letting the match slip away and losing to the team in eighth position, however to their great credit, they put all that aside and warmly congratulated Riley on his batting.

 Riley’s proud father, Jack McDowell, sent me a few messages today, which I have copied (with his permission) for your information.

 Jack has asked me to pass on his thanks to the WPHC Club……”

We lost a game but the players involved gained a lot more and built on our Club reputation of fair play and sportsmanship.


Sheep Station Trophy – another angle

Last weekend our B1 and C2 sides played the 14th & 15th Sheep Station Trophy games in our history. What makes these games even more interesting is when family members play against each other. Last season we had Ben and Andy Meikle play each other in A2 Grade.

Last week we had Cameron Bish (Red) play against his brother, Dylan (Blue). Cameron is an outstanding top order bat and w/k. Dylan is a top order bat and opening bowler so it was also going to be a mate Vs mate result.

The accompanying photo shows Dylan bowling to Cameron. The result – Dylan got Cameron out for just 1 run but Cameron had the final success with a win.

Reelin in the years

First up, our theme music for this section – here

This week we have another double act – Eric (B1 Blue) & Daniel Junkkari. Where do you start with this pair. The photo was taken back in on 25 January 2009 in a Club game at Bradman Oval, Bowral. Check out the link for photos from the day – here pictured in the photo is Daniel (left), Eric (right) and a young John Anderson photo bombing and now playing with Northern District.

Daniel (DJ) last played full-time in 2013/14 (C2) and was one of our Juniors with a big future before work commitments took priority.

Eric (B1 Blue) needs no introduction and is one of the best all-rounders in our history. He debuted in 1991/92 and has scored 5,797 runs & taken 485 wickets.

He is the 4th highest wicket taker in our 90 year history and is just 13 wickets away from becoming the 3rd highest wicket taker and only 15 away from the magical 500 mountain that only 2 other players in our long history have reached.

Eric is also the very first Space Cadet in our prestigious list of winners.

He also made a name for himself way back in the 1993/94 season batting for the great B1 side of the 1990s under the legendary Jim Fuggle. In a game Vs Hornsby at Montview East, Eric was batting at No 11 and had one ball to face to draw a game to ensure our spot as Minor Premier.

With one ball left and 9 wickets down, the Skipper sent out a message to take no chances and settle for the draw. Eric went one better. He hit the last ball of the match for a straight 6 to win the game 9 wickets down by 1 run.

So started the legend of Eric!

Approaching Milestone

Varun Ravindran (pictured 4th right, back row) plays A2 Grade and is just 17 years and 7 months old. He is also an outstanding opening bowler who has played with West Penno since Kanga days.

The Milestones we track are for Senior performances only to put everyone on a level playing field. Junior records before 1990 are also poor at best so we don’t see Varun’s name in lights about his outstanding achievements.

If we did include Varun’s Junior performances, he now has an amazing 196 wickets that if this was in the Seniors only would put him in the top 53 bowlers of all time. Ofcourse those bowlers in the 200 Club also have Junior performances to include but it shows that Varun is a rare talent.

To be the opening bowler in A2 Grade at 17 years of age is a rare achievement in itself. What makes this even more special is that the way be conducts himself on the field is up there with the best.

Well done Varun – we are proud of you mate.

History repeating

Back in 2013/14 Matt Digby (B1 Blue) made his Seniors debut playing for Buzz Burrows (C2 Blue Skipper) within 2 weeks of the current Round.

Fast forward to this weekend. This time Ben Burrows (U14s) made his Seniors debut playing under Ian Digby (D1 Red Skipper). So…7 years apart and within a couple of weeks of the same time of the year, we had the sons of our C2 & D1 Captains playing under Teams captained by their fathers.

It had to happen

Avid readers of our Anecdotes will remember that Stu Fiedler (C2 Blue Skipper and pictured left) lost his 1st toss in 22 consecutive attempts – odds of 2.5m to one if he had won. Anyway, he lost the toss and the laws of probability say that this winning run will balance itself off over time. Anyway, on Saturday he lost the toss for the 2nd time in arrow.

Wicket-keeping performance

We don’t keep records of outstanding wicket achievements but on Saturday Indranil Mukherjee (C3 skipper and pictured 5th right) got 5 dismissals behind the stumps – an amazing 4 x stumpings and 1 catch. The stumpings were off Shankar Ravi (pictured far right) who also got career best figures of 6/12.

Unfortunately we can’t tell how close the stumpings effort is to being a record but it will be up there.