Anecdotes – 10th January 2021

Above & Beyond

Covid-19 has caused countless disruptions and issues – many of which will be with us for years to come. Closer to home, we had what is a small issue in the overall scheme of things but important for those affected. Our Junior Teams needed their Tournament playing shirts and as they are sourced from China you can only imagine the issues.

Enter John Rennie, who runs Somers Sportsware who has been supplying our clothing since 2012.

We had a problem in getting the clothing available due to the impact of the virus on supply chains but John worked his magic and got the playing gear to us in record time. It is partnerships like this that happen behind the scenes that add so much value – especially when no one except those doing all the organising (Jane Bish) knew what was going one. This is what you call seamless delivery and a great partnership.

Season re-start
After our mid-season break the following video is a beauty about reflecting on the season and why we back-up, each weekend. We do things pretty well and always get 11 players on the field but have a look at this from what you see in your own Team and more likely, those Teams we often come up against – here

Half-way mark front-runners

At the half-way mark we now have just 9 weekends of cricket left before Semi’s / Super Round. At the Christmas / New Year break all of our Teams were either in the top 4 or were 1 win off the pace. This is our best performance at the half-way mark in our history. We have:

  • 11 of our 13 Senior Teams in the top 4
  • Of the 2 Teams out of the top 4 – A2 is just 1 point off 4th and 5 points off 2nd C4 is 4 points adrift & 5 points from 1st place
  • 9 Teams are in either 1st or 2nd place


Reelin in the years

First up, our theme music for this section – here

Josh Banner (A1) is already an Institution in A1 Grade. If ever there was a player destined to play A1’s it is Josh. Starting in Kanga Cricket, Josh has played all his Junior & Senior cricket with West Penno.

When his uncle, Michael ‘Volc’ Banner, was playing A1 Grade, Josh was in the U10’s and turned up to every match. Josh was also part of the centre wicket Team huddle after the A1 boys won the 2011/12 Premiership that started their run of 4 consecutive Premierships.

The photo (Parklands Oval on 26th February 2011) shows Josh front row (right) wearing his A1 Team shirt with the 2010/11 A1 side. Some other famous current day players are: Alex Robertson (A1 & A2, 1st left); Simon Smyth (B1 Red, 5th left, back row); Michael Banner (B1 Red, 2nd right); James Makin (A1, 2nd left, front row).

On a separate matter, this A1 side, with a few tweaks, went on to be the best A1 Team we have fielded, winning a record 4 consecutive Premierships. Josh was with the Team in each of these Premierships so he knows what a winning culture is all about.

The full Team is:

Back row: Alex Robertson, Matt Spalding, Leigh van Den Broeke, Matt Jobson, Simon Smyth, Scott Henderson, Michael Banner, Tim Rae.

Front row: Peter Stott, James and Jack Makin, Nick Bennett & Josh Banner, Daniel Anderson.

Stumping mania

What a shame we don’t have records on the number of stumping’s in an innings. Anyway, we now have a starting benchmark. Ryan ‘Alpha’ Gunny (2nd right) took 4 in an innings for the B1 Blue boys on the weekend. 3 of these were off his skipper (Knapper – 3rd right with a glow over his head) guaranteeing his place in the Team next week.

A lost friend – gone but not forgotten

A request from Buzz Burrows on behalf of a grieving Peter Lees. First match back after the break and Peter Lees broke his favourite bat that has been around before many members of the C2 Blue side were born. Anyway, the impassioned plea has gone out from Peter via Buzz via your friendly Editor for a loan of a spare bat for the rest of the season. It will be cared for and returned at the end of the season – as long as Peter doesn’t manage to break this one.

If there are any kind souls with a spare bat then please contact Peter direct on here

An ordered approach

Think about the last time you scored – cricket that is. The scorebook would often be torn, pages missing, the pen / pencils would be blunt and when a mistake was made it was just crossed out, often with the care of  a thumb nail dipped in tar and a new number scrawled over the top. Then of course the biggest challenge – getting the scorebooks to balance. Not the case with Diggers D1 Red side. The photo says it all – this is the attention to detail that Diggers goes to – even the extent of having a supply of CovidSafe, sharpened pencils in their own case.