Anecdotes – 20th December 2020

A picture worth a thousand words

The photo of Indranil Mukherjee (U13 Green Coach, U13 Age Convenor & C3 Captain) umpiring his U13 Green side is a classic ‘moment in time’ when Coach and Umpiring duties come to a head. Chasing a competitive 7/186 set by Berowra in 30 overs we eventually ran down the total 4 wickets down and with 3 overs to spare. To quote Indranil about this photo:

“When Coach & umpiring duties comes at a loggerhead, and you will see the frustration of the Umpire (Indranil) when he had his face covered when bowlers were not maintaining the discipline during later part of the 1st innings.” 


Congratulations Ani, Shivani & baby Omi

Ani Mahindre (D1 Blue) had a good reason not to play Day 2 of the SheepStation Cup – the birth of a baby boy, Omi last Saturday (12th December). It is always great news to hear about new families and even more so when they are in our West Penno family.

Got to love this text message that his skipper Ross Smith shared with us:

 “….just got a text from one of our team mates Aniket Mahindre who could not play this game…

 He and his wife had a baby boy this morning. their first……and as Ani says a future WPH team mate….”

Reelin in the years

First up, our theme music for this section – Steely Dan – Reelin the Years

Cricket Australia released a post on Friday (18/12) acknowledging that 32 years ago on Friday, the Australian Women’s Cricket Team won the World Cup at the MCG in 1988. Playing in this match is long term West Penno identity, Denise Annetts (pictured wearing pads) who hit the winning runs in this match.

Until Meg Lanning’s side won the World Cup, also at the MCG in March 2020, this was the only Women’s cricket Team to win a home Women’s World Cup. This Team is also the first Australian cricket Team, Men’s or Women’s to win a home World Cup. Our Women played England in the ODI Final at the MCG winning 2/129 Vs 7/127. Denise scored 48 not out.

Denise is a Patron of the Association and has a long history with West Penno – here

Some other well-known players in this photo are: Chris Matthews (4th left, back row and current CEO WACA), Lyn Larsen (1st front row with trophy and SCG Board Member), Zoe Goss (3rd left front row) is best remembered for getting Brian Lara out in an exhibition match at the SCG.


The story behind ‘That Catch’.

The finish to last weekend’s B1 Red game last week was a thriller. Briefly, our boys needed a win to force their way into the top 4 and it got down to the wire. Enter Ryan Gunn (pictured) with his match winning catch. The commentary from acting Skipper Tim Worthington is a beauty, including Tim’s modest assessment of his own Captaincy as being ‘inspired’:

“The game seemed done and we seemed like we were out of it but Anush ‘Can Bowl, Can’t Catch’ Sharma bowled an absolute seed to keep us in the game. Runs continued to flow though and left Berowra with 12 runs to go with 2 wickets in hand.

 In an inspired move of Captaincy, Erik ‘Wife Won’t let me stay out’ Junkkari came on to bowl and claimed a valuable wicket with 8 runs left in the chase. The #11 looked average so the set batsmen decided that with 3 runs to win he had to win the game and went for a big heave over cow corner to win the game off Ekkas.

 To the despair of everyone on the field, the ball went in the air (Skied, Skyed, Skyd, Scid)? but straight to Gunny. Tanay wanted to shoulder charge him out of the way and not let him lose the game for the team but the alpha would not move.

 The ball bounced out of Gunny’s hands but was safely retrieved with a one hand catch off the rebound.


 What a win!”

 The result – the catch allowed the boys to move from 2nd last to 3rd!

Where are they now?

Last week we did a story on Justin Paterson, former A1 Captain (#23) who is now doing big things at Charlestown CC (Newcastle). The Facebook update was one of the most popular this season with 52 ‘Likes’. So a couple more stories over the next few weeks on our West Penno Alumni that you might find interesting.

John Seach (1982/83 to 85/86 B1 to C2 Grades) is a world renown Astronomer and Volcanologist with many credits to his name on documentaries plus Intergalactic discoveries. John scored 957 runs @ 31.9 with a high score of 124*.

In the photo, John is getting up close and personal to a volcano. He is also first person to abseil into the active crater at Yasur in Vanuatu while it was erupting. John has also discovered 9 Nova’s in space, been on Man Vs Wild and many global TV and radio programs.

Check out the following link to see some photos of his amazing work – here

Amazing stuff.


What a shame

Having Saturday’s cricket cancelled was a shame but it also saw a missed opportunity for a Sheep Station Trophy Double Header – this would have been the first in our history. We had B1 Red (Rick) Vs B1 Blue (Knapper) plus C2 Red (Stu) Vs C2 Blue (Buzz). To make it even more interesting, each side is in the top 4 – B1 (2nd vs 3rd) and C2 (2nd Vs 1st). These would also have been our 13th & 14th Sheep Station Trophy games.

Well placed

With the season now in a short break over Christmas / New Year we have had, so far, one of our most successful seasons. Large Clubs often struggle to have competitive Teams in all Grades due to the spread of talent. This year is amazing:


We have 10 of our 12 Teams in the top 4 with only A2 (5th and 1 point out of the 4) and C3 (7th and 5 points adrift) not in the top 4. 6 of our Teams are in either 1st or 2nd place.


This season we have 41 Teams. While Premierships are not the reason we play Juniors, our Teams have also done very well. For the 17 Teams playing for Competition points (U12s to U17s) 11 of our Teams are in the top 4 and in the U17s all 3 Teams are in the top 4.


All 3 Girls Teams are in the Top 4.

So in summary, at the half-way mark we have an amazing 24 Teams in the Top 4.

A final Covid-19 story
With so much Covid-19 news around, little of it positive, what better than to finish up with an amusing Covid story. This story from Steve Quanborough (C2 Blue) from their Day 1 game in the current game:

“There was a Covid-19 breach at Northholm Grammar. A friendly local dog decided to retrieve the ball which had been hit to the boundary.

What is the protocol for non-human saliva….?”