Anecdotes – 1st November 2020

Greenway Park Community Centre

It’s all happening. This time last week there was a construction zone and not much else. Fast forward to today and the photo tells the story – $3.6m worth of work is underway. This week:

  • 10 pre-fabricated modules arrived from Parkwood to Cherrybrook
  • The Crane arrived on Thursday 29 October and has now left.

In the photo you can see the viewing balcony where players will be able to watch the game from a great vantage point.

When completed, we will have access to air-conditioned internal areas, kitchen and toilet facilities, TV to watch to big time cricket. Underneath the Community Centre will be storage areas for keeping cricket gear, change rooms and further viewing.

Within weeks, along with Cheltenham Oval, we will have access to the best facilities on any ground in the Hornsby and Hills Shire.

We have got here through great support from Julian Leeser (our Local Member) and fantastic collaborative work between Cricket, AFL, Little A’s, Rugby League and Baseball Clubs.

Going forward, our own President (Andrew Miedler), is chairing the next stage development to bring the Centre up to the next level of service.

Reelin in the years

During the week, Gunny sent me an old photo of an U13s match way back in 2010. Going forward we will run a section on old photos of current players.

This brings to mind a Steely Dan classic – here

This photo shows Michael Gunn (A2 Captain) batting and Billy Gaunt (A1 w/k & Vice Captain) in the field. Check out Gunny’s batting technique and Billy’s salad.

The game was between our U13 White & Red sides back in February 10 & 20 during 2009/10 at Edward Bennett Oval. Billy scored 10 and Gunny 14*.

Other current day / recent players were: Nathaniel Chidgey, Nick Duck, Alex Chidgey, Alex Turner, Jack Kinchington,

Space Cadets

Last week we had 2 self-nominations and after just 2 weeks we have now clocked over 3 worthy nominations. This is a good one and is a strong candidate for the Space Cadet of the Year – one of the prestigious, and sought after awards each season.

The story from Rob (C4 skipper) is a good one:

“We had a lengthy lightning/rain delay out at Northholm. After a little while, some of our more senior team members Zia, Kamran and Sreeni decided it was time for a proper afternoon tea and hopped into their car in search for a cafe. The problem was they were probably enjoying it so much they didn’t hurry coming back.

 Anyway, rain moved on and 30 mins passed since the last lightning strike and we were out on the field again…..but no Zia, Kamran and Sreeni in sight. Reyhan who came down to support his team (not playing due to HSC) had to sub field. But we were still 2 players down.

 After two overs they slowly drove into the carpark, finished their coffees and came onto the field the following over. Hopefully not something that happens too often this season 😀

 What makes this worse is Sreeni was halfway through an over when we left the field, so another bowler had to finish the over for him!”



It has been a big season start with a couple of achievements worth calling out:

  • 40 Junior Teams (equal record entrances)
  • 13 Senior Teams (new record)
  • Plus strong rego’s from our Blasters (Junior & Master) and Girls.

As this is our 90th year as a Club it is interesting to take a quick look at total Rego’s over the years. Here goes:

  • 1,061 Junior Teams
  • 458 Senior Teams
  • 2,926 Junior Blasters (Kanga)
  • 950 Girls players

In terms of player numbers this is around an amazing 24,440 players since we started.

Dual record holder

Billy Gaunt (A1 or is it A2 and w/k in the photo) set a record last week when he became just the 2nd player in our 62 years of A1 Grade History to be selected as A1 Vice-Captain on debut. He may well have set another record and this assessment by Gunny (A2 Skipper) puts up a strong case:

“Also shoutout to Billy ‘dropped’ Gaunt, who before even setting foot on the field has been dropped from A Grade back to A2’s. A truly remarkable achievement, surely a record. Might need to check the books on that one Rosco.”

Try as we can do put a positive spin on this one, the facts speak for themselves.

Quote of the week

Stu Fiedler (C2 Red) skipper comes up with some gems and they get better the bigger the night before the game. Anyway, a comment from Stu on TeamApp:

“Declared at 170, went out to field. Waited 10 minutes for the batsmen to walkout, now we are off for half an hour due to lightning. I love cricket”


Safe scoring

The photo shows Dave Larkham (left and D1 Red) and Marcus Exton scoring. The new Covid-19 rules about social distancing also applies to scorers. In this case Marcus is taking it to another level.