Divi Home Loans

Is it worth spending a few minutes of your time to save thousands of dollars, plus earn cash for WPHCCC?

Our new partners Divi Home Loans would like to offer all WPHCCC families a free home loan health check. If you’re looking to buy, renovate or if haven’t refinanced in the last year or two, there’s a good chance you’re paying thousands of dollars more than you need to each year on your mortgage.

If you do choose to finance or refinance a loan through Divi, they’ll also pay you additional cash to cover your family’s sports fees, plus they’ll continue to pay WPHCCC cash every year for the lifetime of your loan.

Call Sam on 0411 019 963 or head to Divi Home Loans for more information.

Want the benefits of a low fixed rate but the flexibility of a variable rate? 

 Why not take advantage of record low interest rates by locking in all or part of your loan to a low fixed rate before the next rate rise. 

Case Study:

Angus and Sally have $800,000 owing on their four-bedroom family home. They are currently paying a variable home loan rate of 2.79%. This gives them access to an offset account and they have the ability to make extra repayments.

If Angus and Sally wanted to reduce their current monthly repayments of $3,283, they could consider a split loan option and shift $500,000 to a low two-year fixed rate, while keeping the remaining $300,000 on a variable rate with access to an offset account.

If they decide to finance or refinance their loan, Divi Home Loans will also refund their families sports fees for the year, plus pay WPHCCC cash every year for the lifetime of the loan.

How much could they save?  

Lender  Fixed/Variable Annual Savings Divi Rebate Lender Cashback Annual Savings + Cashback
Beyond Bank 2.09% | 2.59% $2,556.00 $480.00 $3,036.00
NAB  2.09% | 2.61% $2,604.00 $480.00 $2000.00 $5,084.00
St George  1.99% | 2.34% $3,312.00 $480.00 $3000.00 $6,792.00
Macquarie 2.24% | 2.24% $2,748.00 $480.00 $3,228.00
ME Bank 1.89% | 2.38% $3,540.00 $480.00 $3000.00 $7,020.00

*Based on 80% LVR. Lender Cashback only available if refinancing to a different bank group. Rates available as of 10/11/21 and are subject to change.

Call Sam on 0411 019 963 or head to Divi Loan Loansfor more information.