Round 13 – 3rd February 2024

Match Reports

Competition – Round 13 (2-Dayer)

(Saturday 3rd February 2024)



A1 Grade

WPHC (Cameron) 8/133 Vs Berowra White

Welcome all to Berowra Oval, a home game for your WPHCCCCSEXCCC A1 side against Berowra West.

After grilling us over our arrival times at the start of the new year, Captain Krang set the example and was one of the first to arrive – despite missing the warmup of The Pebble at Jim & Harry’s. He hung his whites over the fence for them to dry, fresh off a wash 90 minutes ago.

Berowra greeted us with a hard and firm surface. Krang mellowed over the opportunity to bowl first given the overcast conditions. Even though the pitch had a 400+ score in it, it’s always important to consider whether it is overcast or not. Berowra West fell for the old wives tale, they won the toss and bowled.

Krang ran off the ground from the toss and hurled us all into the changerooms. He wanted us to bat time today, to go at 2 an over and finish 180 by the end of the day. There was some sniggering from some of the smart arsey (Tom Hando, Sav, Jackson, Tiz) players in the side, we can barely hold on to the tea break normally, let alone bat out the full day. But Krang was determined, our third highest runner scorer of the year donned the pads and opened us up with Jamakin.

What we discovered very quickly was that Krang lied to us about 2 an over as the run rate. The truth was he wanted 0.2 an over. There was grit and courage to see out the new ball, the shotmaking was put to one side to build a platform. It was an incredibly boring first session for the spectators. Krang got raucous applause has he passed 50 balls. The team took turns to describe Krang in three words. Jackson pressed Lichaaa on how much he was offered to go and play for Kissing Point at the start of the season (it was thousands). Billy’s phone was thrown 50m away by Gas for playing Chase The Sun by Planet Funk. Assman was motionless with the speaker waiting for a boundary so he could pump the music. Time stood still. 0/25 off 20 overs at the first break.

Now it was time to ramp up the scoring – that’s what we all thought as Jamakin and Krang waltzed out for session 2. But the run rate only marginally improved, Berowra West really applying the clamps with some super tight bowling to the pair. Time continued to stand still. 2 hours of play produced 30 runs. Something was about to happen.

After batting so well, K edged one and despite being given not out, walked off the ground. Scenes reminiscent of Adam Gilchrist walking in the 07 World Cup against Sri Lanka, K showed what a wonderful sportsman he is. Another glorious chapter written in Rums and Runs: The Cam McBrien Story.

Preeds joined Jamakin and he looked all at sea, he should have been out three times before he was ultimately dismissed leg before. Like a good tennis ball, he will bounce back. He is the Jim Chalmers of WPH, the future of this great club.

After such a brilliant platform built, you would think the middle order would be able to capitalise.

You would be wrong.

Some unlucky umpire decisions, a freak catch and some picking out of Ashane D’Fielders was enough for us to crumble. We limped to 6/70 and in desperate trouble. Special shout-out to the resilient Jamakin Rahul Dravid Makin, the impenetrable wall only knocked down by his old sparring partner, Jason Fletcher.

The cartel were instructed to get 40 runs and the fight back began. Lichaaa and Tiz put on a handy stand before Gas joined Lichaaa for more runs late in the day. 21 years ago, Gas and Lichaaa opened the batting for WPH U10s at Gilroy College, today they batted 8 and 10 to combine for a unbeaten 30 run stand.

Another chapter written in Wix, Tix and Chix, my life as an investment banker; the Luke Herzog story, foreword by John Milroy.

8/135ish at the close of play. Something for us to bowl at and defend next week. GOODBAI

A2 Grade

WPHC (Campbell) Vs Castle Hill 4/165

A long drive up the M1 to Parklands Oval.

The M1 was not as flat as the pitch.

We’re bowling. Oh dear.

The wicketless overs build and build. The opposition insist on going at 2 an over.

Come on boys, 1 and 2 here,” Captain Campbell says. He is unanswered.

The mind begins to wander. For a moment, thoughts of other Saturday activities occupy the mind.

The beach. The pub. Seeing a friend. Eric Bana has a new movie in cinemas.

Let’s keep there pressure on here lads,” exclaims Dean. I don’t even know what that means.

Finally an inside edge is found, it rolls into the stumps, the bails remain unmoved. Another dagger.

It’s not that hot, but hot enough to be uncomfortable. The clouds are slightly too small to provide meaningful relief.

On they bat. Slowly. Maidens. Dots. Blocks. Leaves.

Cordon conversation turns to 2 minute noodles. What’s an acceptable stage of life to still be eating them as a meal? Anything past uni student age was deemed unacceptable.

Just 1 ball away from breaking this open boys,” says KT. I have my doubts.

Tea brings a blessed relief. The best decision made all day was to stop at the Mt Colah bakery on the way in and pick up a lamington.

I cannot speak more highly of this lamington. A soft, airy sponge, decadent chocolate coating and the perfect amount of coconut.


Not out.

Several overs into the resumption, I was still thinking about my lamington but was interrupted by an appeal. I think it was for LBW. I wasn’t really watching.

Birdcage manages to get a wicket strangled down the leg side. Keats gets one with a half volley outside leg stump. Campbell tried some leg spin and gets the batsman out who foolishly played for spin.

Was the tide turning? Could something be salvaged from the day?

No. The attritional cricket returned.

Cordon conversation turned to who is the best-looking player on our team. It was agreed it’s Shaan.

Couple wickets here, we’re right on top”, says someone. I’ve lost all semblance of time. Is it 2pm or 5pm? I haven’t a clue.

Sammy Hando bends his back bowling some real pace. The pitch sucks the life out of every ball he bowls.

I can’t remember ever enjoying cricket.

Sammy beats the bat again, all I can muster is a single clap. Just one.

Keep that energy in the field lads” someone shouts into the ether.

Finally, the umpire calls stumps. 4 wickets and about 4 boundaries all day. Campbell insists on a team huddle before we leave the field. I haven’t a clue what he said. My mind had left the cricket field hours ago.

Couple early wickets next week lads, we’ll be right in it”.

I’m not sure I’ll ever know happiness again.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Todd) Vs Glenorie 8/265

Today the B1 Blue crew made the trip to les shore in a must win two-dayer against Glenorie.

With Willy out this week, replaced by papa Hutcho, and Todd out next week, the skipper won the toss and chose to bowl.

It was Ben “BT” Burrows and Captain Todd to open proceedings. Both bowled tight spells threatening the Glenorie openers. After some questionable chat from Volc trying to give Ben a nickname (we’ll stick with BT for now) Todd managed to breakthrough with the first wicket.

First change brought the firey pace of Xander Vink into the attack. DMX famously said “X gon give it to ya” and Xander sure gave it. He used his searing pace to break the number three’s bat sending the ball looping up in the air to the rarely safe hands of Lachy “Melvin” Edwards.

After that, A grade keeper Dylan Bish picked up the number 4, another catch slapped to Melvin at cover, who made an absolute meal of a sitter, thankfully taking it on the second attempt.

Papa hutch was then brought into the attack creating chances and taking a wicket. BT came on for a second spell, successfully bouncing out A grade captain Krang’s old maths teacher, then the next ball managing to send the middle stump cartwheeling out of the ground.

Captain Hutch steamed in for his second spell up the hill and finally dismissed the Glenorie opener for a well made 72. Papa Hutch came in clutch with ball as well picking up a wicket with the first ball of his second spell, deceiving the batsman with the lack of turn.

At this point Glenorie are 8-155 on a Les Shore unanimously agreed to be a 250+ ground. The boys were looking to the batting innings. With bowlers trying to volunteer one another as nightwatchmen we were sure that this would be over quickly. Unfortunately for us the Glenorie number 8 started teeing off. With tired legs and a scuffed up old ball we were almost helpless as he dispatched our bowling to all parts of the ground.

With the 65th over captain Todd took the new ball and it only took about an over for Benny Burrows to send the poles of the number 10 flying.

Lucky number 8 managed to score a few more and we found ourselves unable to find the final wicket. We finished the day with Glenorie 9-231, and their number 8 sitting pretty on 65*. Hopefully we can bag an early wicket next week and have a good old fashioned run chase on our hands (weather permitting).

A few standout performances I did want to add before finishing. First and foremost a very happy birthday to Lachlan Edwards. He must have used his Birthday wish to boost his performance in the field as he managed to hold his own today. Lachy took 2 catches and almost pulled off a couple of screamers. He also chased the ball hard to the boundary at the end of the day saving us about 10 runs all up.

Coach Connor Hindmarch was also excellent in the field, taking 3 catches and almost taking a one handed classic out in the deep. He also kept morale high with good chat all day long. Finally Jack “MVP” Hutchinson who rocked up incredibly sick yet still fought through to bowl 10 challenging overs unfortunately to no reward. We hope you enjoy your day off from work tomorrow MVP.

All up the game remains evenly poised and we look forward to day 2 next week.

WPHC Red (Shomik) Vs Berowra

Scores & Match Report not available.

B2 Grade

WPHC (Warren) 9/191 Vs Beecroft

Has anyone been to Cheltenham oval in the last few years? If not I absolutely implore you to go and check it out. What magnificent facilities – bubblers, Australian Hardwood clad storage sheds, ample seating and shade and a god damn elevator to the clubhouse. It really puts the home of WPHCCCCCCCC to shame.

The prospect of playing at Cheltenham had tantalised the lads all week as for the last 6 rounds we had played on slow paddocks and had to work really hard for our runs.

Cheltenham was traditionally a concrete slab whereby even Ian Digby could potentially score a boundary (probably not but you get the gist). Unfortunately though due to the amount of rain that we have had even Cheltenham had turned into a paddock lusher than Ray’s bum. Ross can you speak to your people and stop this rain? Cheers.

As Captain Warren had important business to attend to in France. The title of Captain would fall to Bobby K this week. Bobby would go on to lose the toss and Beecroft would put us in to bat. Good toss to lose? Not this time round…..

Ray ‘sore back from carrying the club’ Khamis came and went as he decided being out in the middle would be a wasted opportunity to enjoy the beautiful facilities Cheltenham had to offer – he would spend the entirety of the day figuring out how to turn on the bubbler from the future over at the netball courts. DJ ‘pads for bat’ Garrett used his pad instead of his bat to a ball that was thundering into middle stump. And Cameron ‘Bishy’ Bish got bowled around his legs somehow. At 3/4 things weren’t looking super great but to be fair we were due to get rolled and lose cheaply before finals so we weren’t super stressed.

In any case we had Adam ‘steady the ship if the ship he’s driving is the titanic’ Van Saaarlooooosserr in next. He came and went to no one’s surprise. Then celebrity fill in, brother of Club Legend Michael Gunn, Ryan ‘Gunny Jr’ Gunn had spent so many Saturdays BBQing rather than playing cricket he instinctively bbqed himself for a really well made 1.

At Tea we were 5/40 odd and things weren’t looking too great on the field.

Off the field though the boys had brought their favourite Arnott bickies and Mama Digs made some Devon snacks so things were excellent in that department. Boys, if you haven’t had an iced coco please do yourself a favour and go buy a box or 5. They are an unbelievable biscuit. Criminally underrated just top class. Everything you want in a biscuit. My god they’re good. On an unrelated note I would to thank the official sponsor of WPHCCCCCC B2s side ARNOTTS for their ongoing support.

Back to the cricket Zac ‘the Antichrist’ Turner and Matt ‘H’ Schwartzel got to work. Matt showing us what you can do when you have god on your side and Zac achieving similar things and Matt bunkered down and showed grit, determination, gumption, fortitude and patience to wear down their opponent and build a total. Seriously guys this was some old school 2 day cricket that you seldom see in this day and age of T20 this and big blast that. Just so good to see.

Unfortunately in the heat Zac decided his job was done and just sacked it in on 78 – fair enough. Matt then missed a straight one and departed for 30 odd.

Enter Daniel ‘H’ Schwartzel. After his older brother had worn the team down young Daniel would capitalise on their weariness and smash the ball to all parts. Making his way to an excellent 40 not out. Good job Daniel!

From 5/nothing we had crawled out way back to 7/191 and we will continue on next week.

Given our bowling strength we feel confident we can roll Beecroft pretty swiftly.

Other news

  • Ross Anderson partial to Kim Kardashians bodacious booty (Source Ross Anderson)
  • Steve ‘Quan’ Quanborough will play his final week in a WPHCCCCCC shirt next week apparently. Quan is the only player in club history to play a full season in every single grade including 6 seasons in A grade (source Ross Anderson) make sure you come back to the Sporto to celebrate. He will be missed (for his administrative efforts)
  • Milo contains chocolate

*****this match report has been fact checked by chief editor and head of WPHCCCCCC War, Finance and Propaganda department Ross Anderson. Any information contained within this match report is 100% fact and should be taken as such. Absolutely no satire is used when writing this crucial piece of factual reporting******

C1 Grade

WPHC (Indranil) 7/176 Vs Thornleigh

Key performance:

  • Ved Virmani 94 runs – vs Thorneligh at Thornleigh Oval.
  • 1st wicket partnership 107 runs with Vishnu Raman (17).

After a few weeks of one-day games, the first two-day game after the end of year break had arrived. As we were 4th on the ladder, we needed to make sure that we do not lose the game this round to secure our spot in semis. Before the game had started, Indranil after looking at our record batting first, decided that the only possible option if we won the toss was to bowl. Unfortunately though we lost the toss and Thornleigh sent us in to bat.

With the aim to bat for a long time, Ved and Vishnu walked out. Thornleigh opening bowlers were bowling really well and kept the runs to a minimum. Ved started to accelerate while Vishnu was still batting defensively. After 20 overs, drinks was taken and we had 58 runs on the board without losing a wicket with Ved being on 46 and Vishnu batting like prime Pujara on 6.

After drinks, the runs flowed much quicker with Ved reaching his 50 straight after the break. Thornleigh were getting frustrated as they were not able to get a wicket and after 30 overs, the opening partnership had reached 100. After the 30th over, Thornleigh brought on the spinner who had a strange tactic of bowling a full toss every second ball. Surprisingly though, the tactic payed off with Thornleigh breaking the 107 run partnership, getting Vishnu out pulling the ball straight to deep mid-wicket for a well-made 17 just before tea, bringing in Yasith.

Yasith and Ved made it to tea with the score being 115 for 1 after 39 overs. With the aim to bat for as long as we could, Akith made sure it was clear to every batter by constantly saying that “we have to bat for all 140 overs” and giving a live countdown of how many overs were left until we reached the 140 over mark to everyone off the field. Unfortunately things did not start well after tea with Ved getting out for a really well made 94 and Yasith hitting a half-tracker straight to the man at deep mid wicket.

This brought Akith and Cam to the crease with both of them steadying the ship after a few wickets. Both Akith and Cam batted until the final drinks break scoring some key runs. They continued batting after drinks for a while before Cam got bowled for 10. After Cam’s wicket, we started to lose more wickets late in the day. Akith, after batting well got out for 24 by leaving the ball onto off stump which was followed by another wicket in the same over. This left Ollie and Kapil who played his first game of the season as a fill-in for our team to bat the day out.

Thanks to Kapil for a very late call to fill-in when one of the juniors went to play 5th Grade. Not sure why.. anyways.

The day had ended with our team total being 7 for 176 with Ollie and Kapil at the crease. After a good day of batting week 1, we will be looking to bat as long possible and add some extra runs to the total.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Mat) Vs Hornsby 7/168

Well readers I’ll start off by saying, it was a great day for cricket.

I won’t be banging on about how we had injuries or old mate had to attend a folk dancing competition and we weren’t at full strength…blah blah, blah.

We start the day with the opposition being late as usual, skipper Marty wins the toss and decides to have a bat.

Marty and James (Father and Son combo) open the batting for the 1st time this season. Martin leading the way but was trapped LBW (Yes, we give LBW’s at WPH) Shout out to Ray Charles from the Sydney Kittens.

Next in was Rizul who joined James at the crease. James fell not long after as he decided to step over to point and play a pull shot (straight out of the backyard cricket text book)

Next in Sohan fresh of his 4-week tour of India, the next 35 overs was great to watch. With Rizul and Sohan both 15 years old showing the Hornsby attack how to bat. They did this with maturity and class. The opposition was getting frustrated and dropping a couple of catches through fatigue of the sledge. Although providing plenty of advice to both batsmen the boys made easy work of the average bowling attack.

The boys batted to tea and looked good until Riz gave old mate catching practice at point.

In next was Bronson, fresh from his Aussie Day BBQ was keen to make amends. Unfortunately, was wrapped on the thigh pad and was given out LBW (yes, another one) Opposition was surprised.

Next in was Steve Smith’s Great Grandfather (according to the opposition)

SSGG and Sohan continued to rotate strike with Sohan batting well until he hit a full toss to a test match figurine and was caught.

SSGG was joined at the crease with Mick (fresh from 4 weeks of beach cricket) and started to enjoy their time batting together and were always provided encouragement from the blow fly’s around the bat.

Mick’s off stump was removed from a decent ball from one of the gentlemen in the opposition.

Enter Fin another one returning from his European Vacation. SSGG and Fin were batting well until SSGG lack of foot movement and went fishing outside off stump.

Enter Vris who continued to rotate strike with Fin and they batted the day out. Both batting well and playing positive cricket shots.

A good day of cricket with the young 15-year-old boys showing the adults how it’s done, on both sides.

WPHC Red (Arun) 1/18 Vs St Ives Wahroonga 135

Match Report to come.

C3 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 4/27 Vs Beecroft 176

After 2 wins in 2 games, the C3 Blues were raring to go as they strolled up to a luscious Northholm Grammar today to take on an in-form Beecroft. Skipper Rob decided to give the Captaincy away for this game. A Ross Anderson approved move, the reins were handed to Will who won the toss and decided to bowl on an overcast field.

He immediately struck gold with him and Rey combining to take the first wicket, caught at cover at full stretch. Rey would then trap their no.3 a couple overs later lbw. 2 for Rey early doors, the Blues were on.

Rey and Dan would continue before Mudi and Buzz were brought on. Yet the other opener and no.4 would continue to bat till drinks with the score standing 2-65.

A bit of spin with Buzz and Zia bowling before Zia broke the deadlock with a diving catch by Dan at point destroying their 3rd wicket partnership.

Coming back on, Rey soon took the 4th and 5th wicket with a nice “caught and bowled” before another great, full-stretch catch by Kamran taking the score to 5-112 just before the Tea break. Kaushal then joined the wickets party with Jacques taking a catch.

With Beecroft 6-125 at drinks, calls were made for Rob to vacate the captaincy full time, mind you this was coming from Will who thought he was the next Steve Waugh.

After the Tea Break, Rey and Buzz would continue the bowling, Rey grabbing his 5th with a second LBW. He almost had a trophy for 6 but Captain Will dropped a sitter at first slip. Decisive figure this bloke. Mudi then replaced Rey as Jacques replaced Buzz. Mudi cleaned up the tail with three wickets, 2 caught at first slip by Will and 1 LBW. The second catch of the two, a fantastic yet lazy one handed, diving take, leaving Will and Kamran behind the stumps giggling.

Beecroft bowled out 176 and the Blues had done something unprecedented for them this year. Bowl a team out in a 2-dayer, maybe Rob’s job was on the ropes.

Aden and Kaushal would open defending initially the last 15 overs before both falling.

Aden completely puzzled by a fantastic yorker. Kaushal would give a leading edge to mid-off. Jacques followed with 8 balls left nicking off to the second slip. Will then decided to put Mudi in to see out the day before he too fell on the last ball of the day. Considered the night watchman, Mudi wasn’t happy and Will left disappointed in himself.

Stand in captains note* Will would like to make a public apology to Mudi and has said they’ll never be a night watchman again whilst his captain. Again a decisive figure our stand in skipper.

A good day of cricket for both with a lot for the Blues to work on next week. Game On!

WPHC Red (Fieds) 7/186 Vs Sydney Lions

After a tough loss the match prior, the lads we’re hoping to strike back at Annangrove against a Sydney Lions team we’ve struggled against in recent times. Currently sitting 6th on the ladder, 2 points away from 4th place where our opponents stand. If we are able to secure a finals berth, we’re going to have to be the bearers of our own fate and get a result in this one.

Both teams were keen for a bowl however we lost the toss and were sent into bat.

Eric (66) and Cam (7) got off to a steady start, seeing off the new rock and working the ball through the thick grass presented. However, Cam was the first to fall, quickly followed by Malinda (1) leaving us 2-23. Jack (4) followed putting the team in a shaky position 3-31 after 18. Enter Peter H (18) steading the ship and giving the lads our first valuable partnership of the day. Just as the Sydney Lions skipper started to push the field out, Peter was dismissed by an absolute screamer from one of the old boys in the deep.

The old boys weren’t done with having their impact on the game as Andrew (14) stuck around with Eric, pushing the score past 90, however pressure told as Spinners from either end kept it tight, forcing the skipper into a false stroke leaving us 5-94. Pete (0) didn’t last long, his heart still overseas, the score: 6-100. Enter Munish (38*), after a difficult start to the season it looks like he’s found his spot at number 8 after opening all of last season. Munish complimented Eric’s patience perfectly as he surpassed 50, the first one of the season! With a cracking shot over cow corner, his first boundary of the day.

However the heat got to the old fella, caught for 66 as he and Munish pushed the score out to 7-163. Shaq (5*) looked to play for the average to round out the day, leaving our two Ferrari’[s in the shed, Pat and Mickey West both with a classic DNB, not long after Pat’s family made a mad dash to get to the ground and deliver his whites.

A few more classic slaps from Munish saw us round out the day at 7-186 as loose bowling leading to 32 sundries could also prove to be the difference come next week. A respectable total giving us all of next week to look to bowl out the lions who have been known to grind out a draw whenever possible.

Fire UP.

C4 Grade

WPHC Blue (Hiresh) 9/213 Vs Beecroft Blue

Echoes of Mimosa: A Cricket Symphony

In the tapestry of cricket’s unfolding tale,

The boys, aspirations set to sail.

Two days awaited on Mimosa’s embrace,

A saga of cricket, with skill and grace.


Against Beecroft Blue, a struggling might,

A memory of triumph, a beacon of light

Lost the toss, yet spirits soared high,

Beneath the azure sky, our bats would fly.


Sparsh and Hiresh, the opening pair,

Their partnership, a dance in the air.

Caught at slips, Hiresh took his leave,

A dip in form, New Year’s Eve.


Mukund stepped in, a familiar stage,

Recalling a partnership, a cricket sage.

But fate intervened, a wicket fell,

2-38, the scorecard to tell.


Sparsh’s bat, a moment’s grace,

Out for 30, a swift-paced race.

Sach and Akif, their stay brief,

Wickets tumbled, a cricket motif.


Eamon’s return, shots so grand,

Two sixes soared, across the land.

Caught on the boundary, a halt’s decree,

6-89, the scoreboard decree.


Ratul and Renesh, a duo in sync,

Steadying the ship, on cricket’s brink.

Ratul’s stride, boundaries in tow,

A partnership blossomed, a cricket glow.


At the drinks break, Ratul’s poised feat,

Stranded at 49, silence on the seat.

With resolve, he broke the spell,

A 106-run tale, oh, how it swelled!


Shank’s and Kunal, ducks in the tale,

Enter Parin, after a night’s travail.

22 drinks, a doctor’s rendezvous,

A mum’s kiss, a night to subdue.


Last wicket standing, thoughts declared,

To tire them out, a strategy shared.

Renesh’s strokes, a finale played,

Declared at 9/213, a score well-laid.


On the field, with energy grand,

Sparsh and Sach, opening stand.

Mukund’s over, a last-day’s gleam,

Two pegs toppled, in cricket’s dream.


Four runs they scored, one wicket down,

A cricket saga in Mimosa’s town.

As the day closes, a victory to yearn,

A tale spun, as the cricket stars burn.


The sun dipped low, casting shadows long,

A cricketing symphony, an endless song.

In the embrace of Mimosa, memories spun,

A saga of cricket, under the setting sun.


WPHC Red (Ross S) 5/65 Vs Kenthurst 150

Virtually a quarter final for us this game as we play Kenthurst who are 1 point ahead of us in 4th place.

Back at the home of cricket – Campbell Park and we have an association umpire this round to ensure we have fair play throughout the game.

Skipper won the toss and sent the opposition in to bat, cloudy humid conditions. One of the Kenthurst openers was brutal on anything we bowled wide taking 6 boundaries off our first 6 overs.  Rams 4th over  saw a change in fortunes with their  opener out LBW and the grades top run scorer (over 509 @72 runs) out next ball caught behind by Raynaldo for a golden….Let’s just say humility and runs scored do not seem to go together as bat and helmet were flung.  Suddenly Kenthurst 2/32…. Unfortunately Ram missed his hat trick.

At this point we then had to contend with his brother who had also score near to 400 runs….plan was to spread the field, give him a single and frustrate him out.  Worked well initially but he progressed into the 40’s with a number of boundaries from solid shots and miss fields.

At 2/9 we needed a breakthrough and it finally came by way of Henry,  a ball smashed at chest level to Ross in a wide mid on position about 1/2 way to the boundary…Ross had no time to get out of the way and it stuck.   Again humility does not seem part of the young brigade of the KUH batters as he flung personal insults at Ross as he left the field.

From that point on our bowling and fielding was good, with KUH losing a procession of wickets to Henry, Muthindra and Mohan with smart catches to Raynaldo, Henry and a second to Ross . At tea KUH 8/142.

After the break wickets to Mridal (bowled) and Ram next over (snapped up by Raymond in the slips) saw KUH all out for 150.  A really good effort with us taking 8/54 to wrap things up.   Wickets to Ram 3/14(7),  Henry 3/19(6). Mohan 2/21(7), Muthindra 1/20(6) and Mridal 1/34(8).    2 catches to Ross and Raynaldo,  and 1 each to Mridal, Raymond and Henry.

With 2 hours still to play and a whole day next week to chase down the runs it was important we played well and conserved our wickets.

Mridal and Raynaldo started cautiously, with sundries helping us along.  4th over Raynaldo caught in slips. A couple of overs later Anand out LBW.  2/9 after 9 and in trouble.  Mridal and Suf played the next 10 overs without any risk and through consistent sledging from the slips until the umpire stepped in and put them straight.

A bowling change resulted in Mridal out LBW , 3-23 and us in some trouble…..Suf and Mohan then played solidly taking us to the final drinks break 3-46…both looking strong.    We were all hoping we could conserve our wickets to make next weeks job easier.  But 2nd over after drinks and after a few beautiful boundaries, Mohan was given out for our 3rd LBW of our innings….4/47……

With ½ hr to play Suf and Gihan steadied the ship taking us to 4/65 at the end of what could have been the final over.  But,  umpire just in position with seconds to spare as the clock ticked over to 6pm,  so 1 more over…..Suf to face.   5 balls blocked,  last ball of the shattered,    given out LBW (our 4th of the innings).  We finished  the day 5/65 with Mr sundries 19no…….needing another 86 runs to win next week.     Gihan still in and Ram to join him at the crease.

Next week is make or break for us with a loss almost certainly meaning we miss the final 4. Time for our lower order to step it up ….

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Agniva) 208 Vs WPHC Red (Diggers)

Report produced by ChatGPT

In a captivating cricket clash between Agni’s West Pennant Hills Blue and West Pennant Hills Red, the fate of the game hinged on Agni’s decision to bat after winning the toss. The opening duo, Praneel and Lakshya, set the tone with a formidable start, displaying finesse and resilience until the momentous catch of the day in the gully sent Praneel back to the pavilion.

Undeterred, Anubhav joined forces with Lakshya, and the pair orchestrated a commendable partnership until Anubhav found himself dismissed unexpectedly in front of the stumps for 28. This setback was followed by a series of quick dismissals that brought the skipper, Agni, to the crease. Lakshya and Agni then collaborated to forge a sturdy alliance, only to see Lakshya depart after amassing a noteworthy 84 runs.

As the game unfolded, Agni transitioned from a cautious approach to an aggressive onslaught, systematically punishing the opposition bowlers across the park. Agni’s courageous innings eventually concluded at a solid 24 runs. In the ensuing overs, Siby and Rohan took charge, demonstrating resilience and strategic play to guide the team to a commendable total of 208 by the close of day 1.

In this gripping cricket encounter between Agni’s West Pennant Hills Blue and Digger’s West Pennant Hills Red, it’s imperative to recognize the stellar performances of the opposition bowlers who left an indelible mark on the game. David ‘Disco’ Larkham, a stalwart in the bowling department, showcased immense resilience by bowling an astonishing 23 overs and claiming four crucial wickets, playing a pivotal role in limiting the opposition’s run flow.

Adding to the bowling brilliance was the precocious 14-year-old Harry, who exhibited remarkable precision. He denied any leeway to the opposing batters and, impressively, secured two crucial wickets. The resilience extended to Farjad Mahmud, who made a significant impact by contributing two wickets to the bowling effort.

These noteworthy performances from the West Pennant Hills Red bowlers added an extra layer of intensity to an already thrilling match. As the teams prepare for the next phase of the game, it’s evident that the bowling prowess on display promises a riveting and evenly contested cricketing saga in the sessions to come.

The impending challenge beckons as the team gears up to defend this substantial score in the upcoming week, relying on the proven prowess of their renowned bowling attack. The stage is set for an exciting continuation of this cricket saga, with both teams poised for a spirited contest on the cricketing arena.

D2 Grade

WPHC (Roger) 0/10 Vs Castle Hill RSL 177

WPHCCC won the toss and elected to bowl. Castle Hill RSL made 177 all out from 57.5 overs. WPHCCC ended the day on 0/10 after 16 overs.

Tushar Bambharoliya 3/11 (good to have him back after a long absence), Vishaal Nathan 3/44 and Mahesh Shinde 2/16 were our main wicket takers.