Round 12 – 27th January 2024

Match Reports

Competition – Round 12 (1-Dayer)

(Saturday 27th January 2024)

A1 Grade

WPHC (Cameron) 105 defeated Kissing Point 75

Your hard hitting journalist is back with him/his wonderful reporting after last week’s hiatus.

We know match reports are hard to write after a loss, so the decision was made not to write one at all. Given you are FEATSING your eyes on this column, you can safetly assume we won yesterday.

And what a win it was, traditional in nature as we wound the clock back to A1 Grade seasons gone by. Limping with the bat and a clinical display by the cartel. Now let’s head to Tuzza Muzza for the cricket, this glorious madness.

Despite berating the team a fortnight ago for our tardiness in arrival times, Captain K was one for the last to arrive for the second week running. He was one of many who was wildly hungover from Australia Day festivities, severance for his disappointment in his protesting of the day being largely ignored.

He asked Sav what we should do if we won the toss. Sav doesn’t know what he’s talking about and said we should bat, despite rain and overcast conditions around. He obviously hasn’t read the HKHDCA handbook for winning tosses – overcast conditions means bowl at all costs. We won the toss. We decided to bat.

Krang and Sav opened us up and batting was tough early, the ball Carl Hooping around. Krang couldn’t shake off the bottles of rum, as he chopped on to TA Love for 1. A positive that for once this season, he was not out to hooking a short ball.

Preeds strode to the wicket determined to use his bat this time and not be out leaving on middle stump. Love was licking his lips, he knew he had the measure of Jackson. Second ball, he had his man, Preeds bamboozled all ends up by a ball that “moved a metre”. Sav would later raise eyebrows to this, “if he didn’t have a gap between bat and pad, he wouldn’t have got bowled”

2 for virtually 0 become 3 for virtually was Sav was the third top order batsman to be bowled by TA Love. The A stands for Accurate as Tim had his tail up, Sav couldn’t shake off the form blues that had seen him dismissed for a golden duck at backyard cricket on Australia Day. Jamaican followed shortly thereafter and we were in deep shitski, at 4 for virtually 0.

We needed some hero’s and it was Billy Gaunt and Ashane D’Silva to the crease. Comparisons were made to the Australian side and the recovery that Carey and Khawaja built in the first innings against the Windies in this test at the Gabba. Assman was compared to Khawaja for obvious reasons…his polarising shoes. Billy is also a keeper so comparisons to Carey are easy enough.

Billy raced to 10 and shock horror, got himself out. He hit a full toss straight to mid off, his helmet was then hurled towards the fence in a display where his helmet went further than the ball he just hit. Billy was bitterly disappointed. The ice thin with the likes of Brent Larkham, Ian Digby and James McBrien all chomping at the bit for the A Grade gloves.

Just a side note as I digress here, there was some serious damage in the throw down department today.

Gandis threw a ball at Billy, which he missed, the ball cannoning into the carpark and hitting Billy’s brand new car. It’s ok guys, he can claim on insurance – AAMI licking their lips at yet ANOTHER claim by Billy. He returned serve to Gas though, throwing one to Gas that hit him square in the knee cap. We all laughed, especially Sav.

Assman remained at the crease, he was joined by the aforementioned James McBrien and the two began the rebuild.

Assman was fresh off his Columbo beach holiday and he looked like had plenty of vitamin D, tanned and as cool as ever. He got to 20, but was given out LBW for about the 15th time this season. “I look like Shane Watson” he said as got back to camp. “No you don’t” quipped Gas, referring the obvious physical differences and not the fact he has been trapped in front far too often.

On the sidelines, mass debate raged about toilet behaviours and Jackson’s need to frequent the Foxtel bathroom multiple times a day to drop the kids off to the pool. Can you believe he doesn’t flush? He also fell off the bench seat he was sitting in for 40 mins with no apparent context.

The cartel were next and some handy cameos from L Maco, Lichaa, Tiz and Gandis helped get the total to above 100. But the star of the show was J Mac, who batted with poise and class to get 30 odd and anchor our innings. We got 105, probably not enough but it gave us something to defend on a very tricky wicket.

We need early wix and Captain K threw the ball to the old pairing of Tiz “Dilmah” Joseph and Lichaa – who hadn’t opened the bowling together for some time. But you can’t keep a good pair down, three wix within the first 5 overs had Kissing Point reeling and in desperate trouble.

Club President of KP James Makin was worried.

And that heart rate only intensified when a routine single turned into dismay for the home side. L Mac was in pursuit of a loose ball that made its way to the point region. Given his hobble to the ball, KP decided it was a good idea to come back for a second. Well wasn’t that a mistake. L Mac channelled his inner Ricky Ponting, turned, threw, with one stump to aim at, and hit. He loved it. We loved it. Jed and Joe on the sidelines loved it. KP 4 down for diddly squat and a mile away from victory.

The cartel kept the clamps on as Preeds, K and Gas rotated the overs through the middle session. Gas added another chapter to this memoir Wix, Tix and Chix: My Life as an Investment Banker (foreword by J Milroy) with a couple of wix. K also was in the mix with a couple of wix. Preeds also got a wix I thinx.

All in all, the cartel were back to their brilliant best – 27 overs between them were bowled today for only 42 runs. WPHCCCC winning by 30 runs in a win which keeps the pulse alive for the semi-finals.

A2 Grade

WPHC (Campbell) 7/153 defeated Hornsby 114

There’s been a lot of conjecture about the opening batting position in the Australian Test team.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that has been nothing compared to the scrutiny and speculation surrounding the opening partnership of Ryan Birdcage Loveridge and Justin Edwards in A2s.

Under a pile of pressure, the opening pair were greeted to a worse than usual The Glade wicket, indistinguishable from the rest of the square or even the outfield. And wet.

Green Mud would be an apt description.

After Campbell lost the toss and Hornsby obviously opted to bowl first, it looked as though our openers would get a reprieve.

2 minutes before the scheduled start of play, the opposition did not yet have stumps to play with.

This might have annoyed other teams, but at A2s, we’re normally pretty keen to play as little cricket as possible.

Alas, the stumps arrived, Justin and Birdcage sent out to bat like cows who were about to become steaks.

In a shock to our team, the opposition and the batsmen themselves, Birdcage and Justin actually played well in the tricky conditions.

A partnership of 40-something (let’s call it 50), more than quadrupling their previous highest partnership.

Justin made 28, more than quadrupling his season’s runs tally and the platform had been laid.

Campbell Wallace successfully exploited this platform, he loves exploitation.

A slow, sluggish outfield is normally greeted with exasperation by batsmen. Not Campbell. He is ecstatic.

Finally, his good shots won’t go for boundaries and gets to run for all his runs. It’s genuine glee.

Campbell made 59*, even daring to hit a boundary late in his innings. The cavalier.

KT chipping in with a handy 19 in our total of 7/153, which on that pitch, with that outfield, was basically 300.

And so it proved, Dean “self-pronounced-Glade-specialist” Carlin took 3 wickets, Throbert Downey Jr. collected 2 to put Hornsby on the back foot.

So we turned to Andy Meikle to mop up the tail. First of all, we congratulate him on his promotion to the top flight A2s from A1s.

Meeks began his spell with literally the worst over I have ever seen in A2s. Never have I seen a no ball for a double bounce.

Poor umpire Fletch almost retired just by signalling it. He doesn’t deserve that.

Meeks followed up his collection of half-trackers, full tosses and wides with some beautifully flighted leggies, drawing the batsmen into false strokes.

He finished with 4 wickets.

A suggestion we would offer to Meeks would be to bowl the good stuff first, but who are we to judge the methods when they are effective.

We’ve now beaten the top 2 teams in consecutive weeks, Dean has been doing the sums to see if there’s a path to a top 2 finish for us.

Dean has invoked Pythagoras’ Theorem, 4 separate abacuses and 17 spreadsheets. He’s come up with the equation:

Win/Lose/Draw our remaining games, we will finish higher than the Sydney Roosters in 2024.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Todd) 8/144 defeated WPHC Red (Shomik) 149

Before we kick off I would like to apologise to my avid following for last week’s match report – unfortunately due to my promotion to C1 I was rendered unable to write it up and had to delegate to some even worse writers amongst the team (is that even possible?). Anyway, I’m back (for now).

I mean, there’s nothing better than a nailbiting WPHCCC (CCCCCCCC?) derby, is there? Particularly, one that is going rather comfortably one way for a while before it vigorously swings back in the other direction only for the two heroes of the day to edge their team back into the game and eventually, all the way home.

But we’ll get to them later.

With persistent rain delaying the start of proceedings, the Blue team’s several resident idiots decided that a small game of “kickit” in the nets would be a great way to warm up (it’s a miracle none of them have been injured yet). Once the rain stopped, it was decided only three overs were lost, and we were treated to a 32-over game.

Ben (0-96 off six) and Todd (1-2 off seven) opened up for the Blues with tight spells, but it was Jack who was the danger man, taking two of the three wickets that fell before drinks, resorting back to his regular off stump line despite the success of bowling down leg from last week. Jack would finish with three poles for the match, but unfortunately he’d lose any goodwill amongst the team by showing his complete lack of commitment, complaining on the sidelines for two hours about how he doesn’t get a chance to bat before deciding to stand right in front of his stumps and use the excuse of “oh I had to go to a work meeting” upon his return to the clubhouse. Maybe if it wasn’t a Saturday afternoon and he wasn’t like twelve (he at least acts like it) it would be a valid excuse, try harder next time Jack.

After drinks, Shomik and Hoochie (is this how you spell it?) got going for the Reds, Shomik playing a true captain’s knock with 60-odd and Hoochie chipping in with 40ish to guide the Reds to a final total of 149 after one of the more bizarre final overs you’ll see.

In the end, Prats managed to take three wickets (including a team hattrick), but the over also included a six from a no ball and one of the best catches you will ever see. Any other fielder and it would’ve been four, but not Lachy. With seven catches and zero drops to his name this season, “Melvin” produced a phenomenal dive for a ball smashed to his right at cover, taking it full stretch just inches above the ground before adding a somersault and a backflip to ensure he held onto the ball. In the words of an unnamed teammate: “pelican or giraffe, it was simply the greatest catch you will ever see. Nothing will ever top it.”

Also of note was Ben “Bushtrimmer” Burrows dropping two absolute sitters, what’s new.

Opening up for the Blues, Rick and Lachy were back in the sheds early, Rick edging behind while Lachy did that thing where he times it like prime Damien Martyn for 20-odd balls before his severe lack of coordination takes over from his sheer class and quality and he does something dumb and stupid. However, these little mishaps only paved the way for the innings of the century from Volc, infected by the plague and with a bad back after carrying the team’s batting all season, who was a class above everyone as he finished with 71 not out. Forging strong partnerships with injured pair Bishy – keen to impress after an inspirational message on the team Whatsapp the night before – and Sam, the Blues needed only 25 runs off seven overs with six wickets in hand.

Then we lost 4-3 in like two overs or something and all of a sudden, the Reds were favourites.

But Prats, who had shone with the ball, had something to say about that. Batting like what was expected of our failure of a top order, he shone in his final match of the regular season, cutting and driving himself to an unbeaten sixteen, winning us the game in the penultimate over. With a month-long trip to Europe on the horizon, we’ll miss his presence amongst the boys but thankfully, he’ll be back for the grand final. We’ll wait for him there.

And with that, our hopes are still alive. I’ll be seeing all of you in a couple of weeks to celebrate our impending smoking of first-placed Glenorie to send us another step closer to finals.

EDITORIAL NOTE: It has come to my attention that some details in this match report may not be entirely factual. I’ll leave that up to the readers to decide.

B2 Grade

WPHC (Warren) 121 defeated Kenthurst Upper Hills

This week saw the Warren ‘H’ Schwartzel’s B2 brigade pack their overnight bags and passports for a tough away game at Kenthurst.

Going out to Kenthurst is like going to QLD. Everything just seems to move a touch slower. Not to mention typically when you play at Kenthurst it is about 47 degrees (feels like 52). This week brought a different sort of challenge as we were met with rainfall and a lush outfield.

Warren ‘H’ Schwartzel proved the existence of god by winning a toss, his first toss in 2926286 tosses. Breaking a club and association record for most lost tosses (source Ross Anderson). H decided we would bat first. Ray ‘club legend’ Khamis opened the batting with new partner Jason ‘tits on a bull’ Garrett as Zac ‘cranky ginger’ Turner got lost on his way out and was somewhere near South Maroota.

Tits on a bull would get proceedings going by doing what he does best – contributing absolutely sweet F all to this team. Nicking off for single digits doing exactly what he was told not to do – reaching for the ball. At one for not many and the ball doing absolute bits Warren was beginning to question his faith, was losing the toss a curse? Time would tell…..

Enter Ray ‘club record holder for most club records’ Khamis. Ray turned to Warren and said ‘I got you cuh’ as he smashed his way to the fastest 50 (20 balls) in the history of the association. Beating Ross Andersons 52 off 24 balls back in 1932 against Hornsby (Source Ross Anderson).

Highlights of the innings included Ray despatching their opening bowler for 2 huge 6s straight back over his head. Ray is really looking like a massive FAG (future A grader) nowadays, standing head and shoulders above his useless peers week in week out, with bat and with ball. Jamaican if you are listening let the man cook in A grade. You won’t regret it. After bringing up his 50 in the 7th over Ray looked on for a huge 100. Except the idiot had other plans. Namely to hit the next ball inside out over cover for 6 irrespective of where it was pitched. He walked straight past one and was stumped for 51.

At 2/62 after 7.4 overs a huge total seemed inevitable right? Not if our shambolic middle order would have anything to say about it. As wickets continued to tumble the boys discussed Aussie culture with mama digs. Cultural icons such as Arnotts biscuits of a bygone era, Devon, MAFS and Basil Sempanelslsosls were discussed.

The conclusions we drew:

  • Iced Vovos are criminally underrated
  • Kingston’s have gotten smaller
  • MAFS is bad for your brain
  • Basil made a valid point after last nights 1 hour 13 minute Women’s Aus open final
  • Sasha Baron Cohen is the funniest man alive

Back to the cricket we were all out for 121 and would need another cracker bowling effort to defend yet another below average target.

Nathaniel ‘Red Rocket’ Chidgey got our bowling effort started by producing 3 chances that Adam ‘private Pyle’ Van Saaaaarlloooosos and Rob ‘Ferrari’ Knapman couldn’t gobble up. It would appear at this stage that Nick had given his feet for hands to other members of the team. At the other end Nick ‘hands for hands’ Duck took another sharp catch at short mid on to have Kenthurst 1 for not many. Kenthurst number 3 came in and played some shots but the sharks were circling. We had been here so so many times before, we knew we just needed 1 or 2 more and we were into em.

Matthew ‘H’ Schwartzel chipped in for a couple, Rob ‘Ferrari’ Knapman then started chewing through their middle order before we got to witness one of the best spells of leg spin bowling you are likely to see post Shane Warnes Death.

With a wet, spongy ball Mathew ‘pinball wizard’ (for anyone who doesn’t understand the reference it’s cause he’s got such supple wrists) got to ripping and a turning. Getting the ball to drop, drift, bounce and turn on his way to a 3 wicket hall. Good Job Matthew.

From there we really couldn’t lose, Warren also took some wickets, Ray took a wicket. Cameron ‘feet for hands’ Bish missed a few stumping and we had won the game.

Unfortunately the mister whippy van had come and gone but apparently he had no gluten, lactose free options anyways so wouldn’t have been too good for the boys.

Yet another convincing performance in the field to defend a below par score with absolute ease.

We look forward to getting back to the two dayer’s next week where we can really hone our skills and put the opposition in the pressure cooker over a prolonged period of time.

Other news:

  • Ray becomes club record holder for most club records held (Source Ross Anderson)
  • Vincent McMahon not the best bloke on earth (who would have thought it)
  • Brent and Samantha’s engagement was truly lovely
  • Triple Js hottest 100 has turned to absolute shit – the kids are out of touch

C1 Grade

WPHC (Indranil) 3/90 defeated Kissing Point 89

R12 vs Kissing Point at Dural Park. When we arrived on the field, the damp pitch and consistent sprinkle made the team very welcome to the idea of batting first. However Indranil, sticking to his morals, made the well appreciated decision to bowl first. Ben W started the game off perfectly, with a plumb LBW that the umpire surprisingly gave out. The next batter was sent back home immediately trying to leave a ball that demolished his off-stump, leaving Ben on a hat-trick.

Obviously the next ball was horrid, and Kissing Point started establishing a partnership at a slow and tiresome run rate. After a couple strong shots resulting in boundaries, Kissing Point started their eventual downfall losing wicket after wicket. Credits go to Auyush for consistently keeping his name in the wicket list, taking 2 today. Samih Mukhtar was bowling slower than usual but sent the stumps flying on two occasions, ending with 3 wickets. Arjonil and Inam took one each. Kissing Point ended all out for 89, a weak score but for a team who only managed 38 last week it was a mammoth total to chase.

Vedant and Oli opened, with Vedant looking to silence the critics after his golden ball wicket last week, and made mass improvements scoring 2 before getting out in similar fashion. Cam came in at 3rd, and showed his defensive capabilities before also getting removed for 2 after chasing a wide leg-side ball and getting caught by the keeper.

The Kissing Point bowlers were bowling some fast pace especially from Olly Makin, our beloved Club Senior Director James’s middle child, explaining why he was playing for Kissing Point.

Samih entered the crease after and really set the tone, advancing down the wicket and hitting some strong shots before getting caught. However, Oli and Akith formed a partnership with Oli hitting some massive sixes around the ground to bring up his half century.

In the end we won comfortably, chasing our total down in 24 overs, ending on 3-90. The team remains optimistic towards qualifying for the semis, however they need to win against Thornleigh next week to qualify.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Mat) 144 defeated Sydney Lions

Welcome to the Australia Day classic for the mighty Sweat Hogs.

Won the toss for once and the skipper sends Bronson and Mick on his long awaited return into bat. Mick hit one up and departed for 4, Rizul sent in to back himself up after the disappointment of his last innings. Didn’t trouble the scorers again making 3 departing to a peach.

Father and son, Mat and Bronson started to make runs hitting them all areas of the ground, putting on a partnership for 70 until mix up between the wickets made Bronson leave for 25 after setting up a solid foundation. Mat kept the Australia Day festivities continue providing a barbecue with the wicket of William without facing a ball for a prestige diamond duck.

Brent came as quick in as out after getting his timing wrong departing for 3. The bowler throwing the ball loopier than the Harbour Bridge catching Isaak off guard for a duck. John came in for a quick fire 7 and James for 1. Marty stepped up and made 13 very helpful for our total. Mat departs after a grilling innings, 68 off 66 well batted. Nathan comes to face the last ball and had his stumps rattled. The Sweat Hogs were bowled out on the last ball for 144.

John and Isaak started the Hogs off with the ball, claiming the first scalp off John’s bowling a high catch taken by the safe hands of Will. The Lionesses sent the message, they want to go home early, sending in the Hacks to start off their run scoring, Mick breaks up the 60 run partnership with a catch from Rizul. Rizul gets a quick wicket as well with another catch in the safest hands in the world, William. In comes the new batter, must of thought it was a net session turning up with shorts on. Mat got the wicket and sent him back to get some proper cricket Whites. The hackathon continued with no proper cricket shots played since our innings. A Sydney Lions game is not complete without an LBW appeal turned down that even Stevie Wonder would give. Runs would flow but wickets would not. Sydney kitty’s win the match with 5 overs to spare.

Thank you to Nathan for filling in from C3s good luck with your season.

Man of the Match, Mat Marsden – 68 and 1 for 18 off 6

 WPHC Red (Arun) 77 lost to Berowra 4/82

Match report to follow.

C3 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 7/138 defeated St Ives Wahroonga 71

Here comes the mighty C3 Blues. Fresh off a first win all season at Greenway last week, the lads made their way to a wet, slippery Bannockburn Oval. Welcomed by familiar faces returning in Reyhan, Zia and Daniel, the Blues were ready to take on St Ives Wahroonga.

Skipper Rob lost the toss and the Blues were sent into bat with Kamran and Aden opened as usual. Kamran for once connected with his shots and deserved more as the Bannockburn outfield ran terribly. A quickfire 13 from him before his stumps were demolished from their opening bowler. Jacques joined Aden and the two ticked over nicely till drinks. After a lecture from Rob to play positively, Jacques and Aden began to score until Jacques fell for 11 and Will replaced him out at the middle. It clicked from 2-56 straightaway as Will and Aden began to score quickly. Will, hungover from a big Australia Day toiled hard for a well-earned 25 including some big shots off the leggie before being stumped. Aden soon brought up 50 and then got caught.

Kevin, Dan, Rey all fell soon as the Blues attempted to score as much as possible. Zia and Rey would round out the innings at 7-138 off the 35 overs.

The two R’s Reyhan and Rehan opened the bowling and Rey struck immediately with a caught behind only for it to not be given. It wouldn’t matter as Rey grabbed that opener’s number in his second over. Rehan soon had the captain walking with Jacques taking a great catch at square leg. Reyhan then grabbed their first drop, cleaning up his stumps. This left St Ives at 3 for not many. Dan and Kevin would bowl well, not giving St Ives’ 4 and 5 not much until Kevin trapped their no.4 plum out. 4 down for not many. The Blues were bowling and fielding well and it just got better when Buzz came onto bowl.

Buzz struck twice bowling both their no.5 and 6 just before drinks leaving St Ives 6-40 off 18.

After the break the same continued, Buzz bowling 2 more straight after drinks leaving him with four and their no.9 bat snapping his bat in half and chucking it in the park bin. The 9th wicket came a bit harder as their bats began to hit the ball more giving Reyhan a bit of a workout on the deep mid-wicket boundary. The magnificent Buzz would soon grab a 5th with a lovely caught and bowled before soon completing the innings by producing another death rattle and bowling another batsman.

Two wins in a row for the Blues as we push to make the finals with the last two-dayers being played in the coming weeks. Well done to Aden for another good 54 and Buzz for his excellent 6/21 off 6.3.

Huge thank you to youngsters Kevin and Rehan for filling in once again during this January period and a thank you to our other youngsters who’ve filled in for us recently.

WPHC Red (Fieds) Vs Bye

C4 Grade

WPHC Blue (Hiresh) 119 lost to Hornsby 2/122

It was what some would call a “perfect day for cricket” out there at Campbell Park this afternoon. Some very light rain prior to the first ball, leaving the outfield a touch wet, but the conditions were solid enough for a good game of the ol’ bat and ball.

The clouds, the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the sensual sight of Mukund feasting on his Bakers’ Delight cheese and olive roll, the perfect recipe for Saturday arvo cricket.

Now, I’m not one to get emotional over things very easily, but seeing C4 Blue’s Captain, Hiresh, win only his second toss of the season brought a tear to the eye of all who witnessed, in what was seemingly a momentous occasion for the aspiring captain of the Sri Lankan national side.

Selecting to bat first, the skipper and fellow batsman, Meet, began padding up to set the scene for the Blue’s. Vice-captain, Meet, who had injured his pectoral muscle, was unable to bowl in the match, leaving him try and make his mark with bat in hand. How Meet injured his pec we don’t know, but the rumours are that he was trying to beat his bench press PR of 10kgs, but was unable to lift the bar. But would that affect his batting? Only time would tell.

The opening partnership of Meet and Hiresh was one that lasted 4 overs, with Meet getting run out in the most hilarious way possible, as the VC was seemingly running towards Hiresh’s end, looking for protection from the skipper to avoid the pace of the opening bowlers.

Next up to bat was the C4 Blue’s very own edition of Virat Kohli, as Sparsh headed out to the middle with flair in his eyes and a skip in his step. It took until the 18th over for the next wicket to fall, with captain cool, Hiresh, departing for 11 runs. Hiresh would have been hoping that the Sri Lankan selectors weren’t there for that one, as they continue their search for the next big thing in Sri Lankan cricket. We all believe in you, Hiresh.

Speaking of the next big thing in cricket, big man Mukund came into the firing line, fresh off hitting the Clubs in Melbourne. After starting off with what seemed like the potential for a strong partnership with Sparsh, even hitting a 6 in the process, Mukund departed for 13.

Just a disclaimer, if you felt the ground shaking at around 2pm this afternoon, no, it was not an earthquake, it was just Mukund slamming his bat and helmet into the floor after getting out. No need to worry. In next was Ratul, who was playing despite having a back injury due to carrying the Subway empire for the last 19 years. Unfortunately for Ratul, him and his footlong of a bat were sent packing early on, after being bowled on the first ball. With the rest of the batting order making a combined total of 23 runs after Ratul’s wicket, with Sparsh claiming another 50 for the season, the Blues were bowled out for 119 runs, as they looked to defend the score with the ball.

With the energy up, the field dry, and Mukund putting Sparsh in a headlock, Hornsby’s opening pair came out to bat, and settled in quickly against the opening bowlers, soon to be retiree, Anubhav and DJ Sach. After continuing to put pressure on the bowlers, it was old man Shanks rolling back the years and forcing the batsman to hit the ball straight into the hands of Mukund.

Now I once again spread this disclaimer. If at 4pm you heard the most feral and unearthly sound you have ever heard, no, the world wasn’t ending, it was just the sound of Mukund celebrating the catch. I apologise to the world on behalf of the C4 WPH Blue’s team for any deaths or hearing loss caused by Dnukum’s celebration.

After taking the first wicket, the boys on the field were pumped and ready to keep the wickets coming, and after Shanks took another wicket soon after, things seemed to look brighter for the Blues. But just like India in the latter stages of major tournaments, just as things seem to look up, they came crashing down, as the bowlers were unable to contain the next batsman for Hornsby, granting them what was a well-deserved win to end it all.

C4 Red (Ross S) 5/206 defeated Mt Colah 95

11 rounds gone by, we have still only lost 2 games, yet again readers we still remain in 5th place. Only 2 points separating teams 2-5 so every game from now on is so important.

A home game at NTRA way down at North Turramurra….who would have thought that, playing the team at the foot of the ladder.

Mridal and Mohan making returns after 4 weeks holidays.

The NTRA ground did not look like it had been mown for a couple of weeks, with grass in parts deep enough to hide our boots, and very very damp….with misty rain hovering.

Skipper won the toss and decided we would have a bat. Raynaldo and Mridal back together for the first time in over a month opened up and set off at a great pace. Some boundaries and twos helping to soak the ball early, just what we hoped. Mridal was particularly brutal hammering the ball until chasing a wide one smashing straight to cover for 15. 1-28 after 4. Suf came in, full of intent until slashing at a wide one caught behind.

Mohan joined Raynaldo taking us to drinks 2-80…..with the ball damp and difficult to bowl and the field spread they ran beautifully between wickets and smashed the bad ball. Raynaldo was first to reach his 50, before being dismissed not long after for 52….3rd wicket partnership 81….3/126 (24 overs)….

After top scoring last week Henry came in to join Mohan. The running between wickets was phenomenal and frustrated the Mt Colah team as we looked to accelerate.  Another great partnership with Mohan bringing up his first 50 of the season,  and Henry making a quick fire 18 including a huge 6.  Against a solid partnership of 52.  The last few overs belonged to Mohan though as he cleared the boundary.  Best shot of the day a six over covers on the last ball of our innings for a wonderful 86no.    Reds 5/206 after 35.  This was a great score given the state of the ground and the number of boundary shots that pulled up.

The run chase was never going to be easy.  It was clear the openers just had the total in mind and there was never any effort to play safely. 20 runs off the first 4 overs, before Suf uprooted the stumps. In the very next over Ram did exactly the same thing. Then over 8 the stumps demolished again by Suf 3-27.

A double bowling change. Henry to bowl spin from one end and Mridal at the other.

First looking at Henry’s spell. With the batters still intent on hitting out, 16 off his first over…not any bad balls though….second over a beauty…..with a wicket second ball, spinning catch to Raymond in the gully….next two overs only 5 runs. Great spell. Having not bowled in a month Mridal looked shaky with his first couple of balls then produced a beauty, popped up to Raymond in the gully. Second over a big swish from their most consistent batter, skied a mile in the air. Keeper and bowler both converge mid pitch,  Mridal takes a great caught and bowled with Reynaldo colliding into him. No calling a recipe for disaster…..but catch taken .Mt Colah 5/58 at drinks.

Immediately after the break we dried up the runs. Muthindra’s bowling was phenomenal, including a spectacular caught and bowled. Driven hard and taken cms from the ground only 2 runs from 4 overs.

With Mt Colah 7/58….an opportunity to share the bowling around.

Plenty of chances generated over the next several overs but just not falling our way until Darren enticed a hit to deep mid-wicket where Ross took a catch in the outfield. 8/89.

3 runs later the Mt Colah captain was sent packing. Played to Wide mid on, batters set off, then sent back, Mridal direct hit at the bowlers end…….9/91. Final wicket to Mridal in the 31st over with stumps uprooted. Mt Colah all out 96 and a comfortable 110 run win.

Wickets to Mridal 3/9 (5.3), Suf 2/20 (7), Muthindra 1/2(4), Darren 1/5 (4), Ram 1/16 (5), Henry 1/21 (3). 2 catches to Raymond, 1 each to Muthindra, Mridal and Ross, and a run out to Mridal.

With results just in, and another win, unbelievably we still remain in 5th place on 56 points 1 point behind 4th and 2 points behind 2nd and 3rd and 4 points behind 1st.

Back to the home of Cricket next match for what is our biggest game of the season playing the 4th placed side and a possible semi final spot up for grabs

 D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Agniva) 5/161 defeated Berowra 5/125

With overcast conditions and a slow outfield at Arcadia Oval, Chintan won the toss and made a brave call to bat first; thinking long term and wanting to challenge the batting unit.

The openers Praneel & Lakshya were more than up to the task, with Praneel starting us off with a 6 in the 1st over! (slow outfields obviously aren’t a concern for him). Lakshya continued his good form at the other end, until unfortunately he got caught in the 10th over with the team at 46.

This brought Anubhav to the crease who played some classy shots, while Praneel continued his destruction of the Berowra bowling attack.

After drinks, deciding to hit out or get out, Praneel got caught too for a well made 35 – leaving the team in a strong position at 80/2 at the 20 over mark. Chintan came in and played with a cool head taking the singles when on offer and putting the bad ball away including a blazing six to the long boundary.

Towards the end, in pursuit of quick runs, we had a couple of even quicker runouts, but some solid batting between Sahil and Anubhav got the team up to 161.Anubhav just by the by picked up another 50 for thisseason.

Ravi & Rohan opened the bowling attack for us; both putting on a masterclass of swing bowling.

A couple of brilliant wickets to Rohan put Berowra on the backfoot, and with Nirav and Pritam keeping it tight (1st & 2ndchange respectively), Berowra found it hard to keep up with the required run rate.

With the pressure building on the opposition, a bowling change to bring Amith on got us the wicket we were after. Chintan himself bowled brilliantly & got a couple of wickets too.

While the opposition captain played well for his 50, they were always behind the 8 ball and ended up at 125 in their allotted overs.

Good contributions all round led to the win today!

WPHC Red (Diggers) 92 lost to ARL 123

To have any mathematical chance of making finals, we needed a win against 4th place ARL at the small Cliff Oval, North Wahroonga.

We started the day well with Diggers winning a rare toss and sending ARL into bat.

Disco (2/38) and Nandit (2/10) opened the bowling and ARL’s openers took a liking to Disco’s bowling hitting a number of boundaries early, before Disco made the first break-through bowling the big hitting opener. Harry (3/11) replaced Disco and maintained tight bowling lines and took was the star bowler for the day. At drinks ARL had stumbled to 5/52 and we were looking very good to knock ARL over cheaply.

The Mahmud brothers bowled in tandem and finished with Daanish (1/22) and Farjad (2/34).

ARL’s tail-enders put on a couple of good partnerships and we bowled them out for 123, probably 20+ runs more than what we thought at the drinks break.

Cliff and Tim opened the batting but Cliff fell to a good catch early. Tim (17) was joined by Surendra (24) and put on a great partnership before Tim was bowled.

Nandit (22) joined Surendra and together built another partnership and at drinks we were 2/56 and well and truly on track to chase down ARL’s total.

After drinks Surendra fell when the total was 3/66, still with 15 overs and 7 wickets to chase down ARL’s score.

However from there we fell away losing the next 7 wickets for only 26 runs and were bowled out for 92 in the 33rd over.

A poor finish to a promising start.

We now look forward to the local derby against the Blue team at Greenway Oval.

D2 Grade

WPHC (Roger) 9/86 lost to St Ives Wahroonga 3/90

St Ives won the toss and sent us in to bat.

We started slowly but lost early wickets 4/15 after 13 overs. We never really recovered and ended the innings 9/86. The very damp long grass made scoring difficult. St Ives also suffered from the same problem however as the afternoon progress and the long grass of the outfield dried out scoring became easier.

The brightest moment of our time in the field was when David Tanna (2/24) took 2 wickets with consecutive balls. Our only other wicket taker was Arjun Balaraman (1/9) one of our U14 players playing with his Dad.

St Ives pass our score 3 wickets down after 22 overs.