Anecdotes – 10 February 2019

Travelling Man

Earlier in the season we listed those folk who travel long distances to play each week. The latest player to join this list is Gautam Ayyar (D1 Captain and pictured far right and kneeling) who recently moved to live and work in Canberra.

Gautam is moving house but he will be playing in the last Round and Semis. This is a 600 kilometer round trip and about a 6 hour drive.

Our other players who travel long distances each weekend are:

  • Kyle Faber (A2) – studies and works at Newcastle, a round trip of 290 kilometres to the Sports Club and back
  • Simon Smyth (A2) – travels from San Remo (near Budgewoi) – a 184 kilometres journey
  • Dan Costigan (A1) – travels from Magenta (near Toukley) – 180 kilometres
  • Lachlan McBrien (B1) – travels from Green Point (near Woy Woy) – 136 kilometres

Add to this distinguished list Sreeni Pillmarri (C2 Red) who walked from Parramatta to Canberra to raise funds for the Farmers late last year in an amazing achievement.

Quiet achiever

Roger Friend (D1 – centre in photo) just goes quietly along his way and is on the cusp of breaking a longstanding D1 Club record. The record number of wickets taken by a D1 player is 137, by Stuart Dyson (1983/84 to 1994/95). Roger has now drawn equal after his 2 wickets last week. So with one more wicket, Roger will be our most successful D1 Grade bowler in history.

The best of the best

With just 2 Rounds to go before the Semi Finals the best of the best for this season are starting to take shape:

Top 3 Batsmen

  1. Josh Banner (A2) – 388 runs @ 43.1 (also 1st in Association A2 Comp)
  2. Brent Larkham (B1 Red) – 381 runs @ 38.1 (1st in Association B1 Grade)
  3. Matt Watts (B1 Red) – 355 runs@ 39.4

Top 3 Bowlers

  1. Luke Herzog (A2) -23 wickets @ 11.5 (2nd in Association A2 Grade)
  2. Asses Rajput (D2) – 22 wickets @ 16.2
  3. Napier Gryst (C1) – 20 wickets @ 9.4
    • Nirav Desai (C1) – 20 wickets @ 9.9
    • Tis Mistry (A2) – 20 wickets @ 11.9
    • Paul Vink (C3) – 20 wickets @ 13.1 (1st in Association C3 Grade)

Wicket keepers

  1. Alex Robertson (A1) – 14 dismissals (13 catches + 1 stumping)
  2. Matt Schwartzel (C1) – 13 (12 + 2)
  3. Kyle Faber (B1 Blue) – 13 (8 + 5)


Space Cadet

“30/30” Rule

Michael Gunn (B2 Red and Captain) was showing how much he had learnt in his Captain Certificate, in which he excelled, when discussing the lightning rule with his Team. The Rule requires players to leave the field if the time between the lightning strike and associated thunder clap is less than 40 seconds. Play is then suspended for 30 minutes.

The Rule interpretation that Gunny thought applies is the 30/30 rule – players leave the field if the gap between lightning and thunder is 30 minutes. Let’s hope that no one gets fried in the games that Gunny is running.

Dismissed in the 90s

I hesitate with this one as Stanton Tam (B1 Red) scored a superb 99 on the weekend against 2nd placed Berowra. The only problem is that not only was he bowled but his has yet to score a ton and his previous best was 97 – also bowled.

To quote a philosophical Stanton: “Maybe it isn’t meant to be”

For the record, the Club record for the most times dismissed in the 90s is by Andrew Mills who played B and C Grades between 1998/99 to 2010/11 who was dismissed 5 times for scores in the 90s.