Anecdotes – 13 January

What West Penno players do on Holidays

Away from cricket, Peter Lees C2 Red has a Frequent Flyers record that many of us would envy. His latest effort in global travel during the Christmas / New Year break was skiing with his wife Jennifer at Whistler and then backed it up with time Crystal Mountain, about 2hrs from Seattle.

But setting the example to all of us, he was back on deck on the weekend and did what he does well – scoring runs.

TV star

During the break, Jude Boyle (C2 Red) appeared in an advertisement by Vodafone on Steve Smith. The full advertisement is in on the following link – here .


Slashing outside off

When you got to you have got to go. Gautam Ayyar (D1 Skipper and pictured far left) was well set in his innings until nature called. Given the urgency of the requirement Gautam took off to the side of the ground and did his bit for bush fire prevention. Gautam, eventually returned to the game to continue his innings and with a weight off his mind.

Record runs off an over

We had another record on the weekend and this was a big one with 36 runs being scored off the last over by Joel Herzog  (pictured far left, back row) at Campbell Park but first the background from Skipper Andrew Fiedler (C2 Blue):

“Capt Fieds joined the returning Joel Herzog and they added 46 – this mostly involved the skipper watching Joel smash the bowling to all corners as they saw us heading to a defendable total. Jack Barry (16no) then joined Joel (89 no) and we found ourselves only on 112 with 2 overs remaining…certainly not a great score at Campbell.

 Carnage then ensued as they smacked 49 off the final 2 overs, including 36 off the final 12 ball over.”

The scoring sequence was NB; NB (4); 1; 1; NB; dot; NB (6); NB (6); 6; dot; NB; dot; NB; dot

This beat the previous record of 32 scored by Matt Scoular (Colts @ Storey Park 27 January 2008) with a sequence of: 4,4,nb (4),4,4,4,4,nb (4),4 Vs Kenthurst @ Storey 27/1/2008