News – 6 January 2019

Welcome 2019

Welcome to 2019 and the half-way mark. We hope that everyone had a great break and is looking forward to the re-commencement of the season. Details are:

Blowfly Cricket

  • Next game: Friday 1st February 2010


  • Next game: Saturday 2nd February 2019 (Summer Season)

Junior Blasters (Kanga)

  • Next game: Saturday 2nd February 2019

Junior Boys

  • Next game: Saturday 2nd February 2019


  • Next game: Saturday 12th January 2019

For the Seniors, games start 1 hour earlier (at 12.00 noon) as the grounds can be used with Juniors not using them until February.

Country Carnivals

Our Club is the only Club in NSW to be invited to play in the big Junior Country Carnivals played over the New Year. These Carnivals are Representative standard and it gives players from our Club a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time away in Country NSW playing some great cricket and just having a lot of fun.

We will have photos of the Carnivals as they come through. The Carnivals are:

U14s Tamworth JCU Carnivals (7 January to 11 January)

This was the first of our Carnivals and goes back to 2010/11. We play teams from: Armidale, Gold Coast, Invitational X1, Lismore, Manly Presidents Cup Reps, South East Queensland and Tamworth.

U15 Walter Taylor Shield (Armidale)

Teams that we play include Armidale, Northern District, Lismore, Hunter Valley and Tamworth.

U16 Stan Austin Cup (Taree) (7 January to 10 January)

The Competition includes the following Teams: Hunter Valley, Manly DCA, Mid North Coast, North Coast, Tamworth CA and WPHCCC. The accompanying link gives an insight into how Country Associations see our Club. The link is from an NBN News Report in early January 2015:

Greenway Park update

Acoustic Consultant

As part of the DA submission, to be lodged in January 2019, we need to submit an Acoustic report on the effect of the new building on local neighbours.

To both keep the cost down, and provide the report in a timely manner (ASAP) we need an Acoustic Consultant who can assist with the report.

We have been asked by the Organising Committee to reach out to our members to see if there is an acoustic consultant available.

Next steps

If you are interested then contact:

Phillip Hare

Chair, Upgrade Greenway Committee

mobile: 0409 205 213 |email: here |


Dave Collins e: here

m: 0419 178 176

 Blowfly cricket

The BlowFly cricketers had their last game before the Christmas / New Year break on Friday 22nd December and it was a great success. Santa turned up and all the players an Volunteers had their new West Penno Blowfly shirts presented by our great sponsor – John Rennie from Sommers.

Check out the photos on in Blowfly section of the Photo Gallery. To quote the legendary Mark Rushton:

“Great teamwork from everyone involved is delivering a wonderful, fun and incredibly enriching experience for all of our players, families, carers and volunteers.

Well done everyone…the dream continues.”

It is never too late to be involved as a player in Blowfly cricket. It is open to young people aged between 5 and around 25 years with autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome the chance to play organised sport. Check out the website link to find more information – here

If someone in your family is affected or if you know someone who would love to participate then please contact Bill Peterkin on here or 0488 110 942

Coming up

Planning is underway for a Club function at the WPH Sports Club. Jane Bish and Indranil Mukherjee are organising a whole Club function as follows:

  • When:              either Saturday 16th or 23rd February
  • Where:             WPH Sports Club
  • Function:         Bogan Bingo Night – by all reports this is a lot of fun

We have a maximum of 110 people who can attend and more details will be advised as information becomes available.

Junior Boys

Competition results

Competition finished for the break on Saturday 15th December. We return again on Saturday 2nd February 2019. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a relaxing, enjoyable Christmas & New Year / Holiday / Festive season. We also would like to thank everyone – players, Family, friends, supporters for helping to make this season so much fun.

Competition Tables

Team standings after Round 7:

U16s – Blue =2nd (2nd on quotient), White 4th

U15s – 4th

U14s – Red =2nd (2nd on quotient), Orange =2nd (3rd on quotient), White 8th

U13s – Red 2nd, Purple 4th, Green =7th (7th on quotient), Blue 9th, Orange 10th

U12s – Orange 1st, Gold 7th Green 10th, Red 11th, Blue 15th

U11s – 7th, Blue 8th, Red 11th,, Gold -18th (18th on quotient)

U10s – non competition

U9s – non competition

U8s – non competition

Top 5 Batsmen

  1. Cameron Tunks (U16 White) – 292 runs @ 97.33
  2. Shaan Bakshi (U16 White)) – 286 @ 47.67
  3. Soham Chawla (U13 Green) – 266 @ 53.20
  4. Rigved Sodal (U13 Green) – 257 @ 51.40
  5. Jehan Polwaththe (U14 Orange) – 240 @ 26.67

Top 5 Bowlers

  1. Aiden Hall (U12 Gold) – 11 wickets @ 3.27
  2. Aditeya Nair (U16 Blue) – 11 @ 8.36
  3. Jehan Polwaththe (U14 Orange) – 11 @ 13.27
  4. Dylan Ranjan (U16 White) –11 @ 14.55

Girls Cricket

The results from the Final Round of the Spring Competition, played on Saturday 1st December are listed below. Congratulations to our Undefeated Premiership winning U13s:


WPHC 4/76 defeated Thornleigh 56 – our amazing team went undefeated through the Competition and despite a low score with the bat today they bowled out Thornleigh to win by 20 runs. Special mention to Trinity who was undefeated with the bat and followed up with 3 wickets plus 2 run outs. Our team ranged in age from 7 through to 12 and for almost half the team it is their first season of cricket.


WPHC Red 2/91 defeated Thornleigh 7/90 – a plate final for the Reds. Tight bowling with wickets shared around meant chasing 91 to win. Ellen and Danielle added 48 without taking any chances to chase down easily the Thornleigh score

WPHC Blue 77 lost to Castle Hill 4/79 – contested the Grand Final and we failed to post a big total. However they fought back well with the ball and got Castle Hill 4 down with 34 still needed but they just could not break the 5th wicket but a great effort by the girls.

Competition table


  • WPHC 1st and Premiers


  • Blue = 2nd (2nd on quotient)
  • Red = 2nd (3rd on quotient)

Spring Season finished

Congratulations to the Girls who now finished the Spring season and have a break over the Christmas / New Year period before staring up again in the New Year.

Well done to our Undefeated U13s who won the Grand Final.


Round highlights – Round 9, Day 2


  • Brent Van Wyk (C3 and D1) – 72 Vs Berowra
  • James Partridge (A2) – 57 Vs Berowra


  • Paul Vink(C3) – 5/29 Vs St Ives Wahroonga
  • Napier Gryst (C1) – 5/35 Vs Mt Colah
  • Justin Edwards (B1) – 5/38 Vs Normanhurst Warrawee
  • Luke Herzog (A2) – 4/76 Vs Berowra


Training has been running since the season start but with Daylight savings now in place it becomes more of an option for people to turn-up who have work or other commitments. Details are:

  • Wednesday @ John Purchase from 4.30 pm
  • Friday @ WPH Sports Club nets also from 4.30 pm.

Points Table

Standings after 9 Rounds are:

  • A1 Grade – =3rd (3rd on quotient)
  • A2 – 1st
  • B1:
    • Blue (Rick) – 8th
    • Red (Gunny) – 1st
  • B2 – 5th
  • C1 – 6th
  • C2:
    • Blue (Fieds) – 1st
    • Red (Indranil) – 5th
  • C3 – =1st (2nd on quotient)
  • D1 – 2nd
  • D2 – 5th

Top 5 Batsmen

  1. Brent Larkham (B1 Red) – 381 runs @ 42.33
  2. Josh Banner (A2) – 336 @ 67.20
  3. Ian Paterson (C3) – 329 @ 32.90
  4. Matt Watts (B1 Red) – 317 @ 45.29
  5. Phil Wurth (A1) – 279 @ 27.90

Top 5 Bowlers

  1. Luke Herzog (A2) – 24 wickets @ 9.92
  2. Asees Rajput (C1) – 20 @ 14.15
  3. Rob Knapman (B2) – 20 @ 14.30
  4. Aaron Hawkins (B1 Red) – 20 @ 14.30
  5. Tis Mistry (A1 & A2) – 17 @ 10.41

Top 5 fieldsmen

  1. Daniel Schwartzel (C2 Blue) – 7 catches
  2. Brent Larkham (B1 Red) – 7
  3. Amith Ninan (D1) – 6
  4. Riley Paton (C3) – 6
  5. Oliver Maybury (B1 Blue) – 6

Top 5 wicket-keepers

  1. Alex Robertson (A1) – 13 dismissals (12 catches & 1 stumping)
  2. Kyle Faber (B1 Blue) – 13 (8 catches & 5 stumpings)
  3. Matt Schwartzel (C2 Blue) – 13 (11 & 2)
  4. Gautam Ayyar (D1) – 9 (8 & 1)
  5. Luke Christensen (D2) – 8 (7 & 1)

“Bistro WPH” Photo of the Month November winner

Congratulations to Jane Bish who has won the Bistro WPH Photo of the Month prize. Jane has provided us with a number of photos this season but series of Photos taken at BlowFly Cricket have been great. Check them out – here

Jane has won a $50 voucher at the fabulous Bistro for – here

To is easy to enter:

  • Just take a photo of anything to do with our Club – Kanga, Girls, Boys and Seniors
  • The photo can be of our players batting, bowling or fielding
  • Also, we are keen to get any ‘quirky’ photos that are a bit of fun.

Next steps

For our next winner, just take a photo and send it to Ross Anderson (here ) with some brief commentary and it is that easy.