Anecdotes – 15th October

Record runs off an Opening over

Indranil Mukherjee (C3 Captain and pictured far right in photo) opened the batting last weekend Vs Kenthurst @ Kenthurst Park and scored 24 runs off the 1st over of our innings! The scoring sequence was 4, 4, 4, 6, 6. Indranil went on to score a ton.

How about this for records:

  • Record number of runs scored off the 1st over of an innings in any Grade
  • Equal record number of runs from an over for C3 Grade – equalling the 24 runs scored by the great Russel Ingram against Castle Hill RSL @ Caterson 4 back in 2009
  • 6th highest number of runs off an over behind the record 34 by Matt Scoular in 2008 and other scores of 31 (Ray Khamis in C4), 30 (Ian Paterson & Roger Friend in D1), 26 (John Steel in C1), 25 (Andrew Joyce in B1).


“Biggest Loser”

How about Richard Hughes (C1) on the weekend. During the off-season, the big fella decided that he wanted to get back to his best at cricket and lose some weight. Fast forward to this season and Richard has lost a massive 28 kilos. On the weekend he batted for 4 hours and scored his first ton for our Club with 109* and include in this was 43 singles. Well done mate.

The Master and the Apprentice?

Arvi 20 and Tarun 0 is the story of the day. Tarun Lath is Captain of our C1 side and had his young bloke, Arvi (all of 13 years of age) playing. What was expected was that Tarun would lead the way and show the young fella the ropes in a difficult day’s batting against a good Opposition on a wet day. But the day belonged to the Apprentice (Arvi) who put together a classy 20.

1st Fifty

Congratulations to Steve Quanborough (D1 and left with Rob Knapman) and our Seniors Director. After 188 innings and approx 320 matches, Steve scored 70* to bring up his 1st 50 to be 70 not out at stumps. Quan has come close in the past having had three scores of 46 before this effort. In one of these innings Steve was sitting on 46* with 7 wickets down and then saw the loss of 3 wickets in an over to be stranded. In this innings we were 9 down with Steve on 49 and Roger Friend coming in to bat. But true to form, Roger got 9* and was there at the end.

When Steve’s 60-odd Junior innings are included this is close enough to 250 innings all up to get this milestone. Well done mate.

Social Media usage


We now have 503 Likes and 497 active followers.


TeamApp is now being used as one of our prime communication tools across all sections of our Club. Key stats are:

  • Since starting in June 2016, we now have 251 members
  • In September we had 5,400 screen views and already in October have 4,991 views – on our way to a new record
  • We are now ranked as the 18th most visited TeamApp for cricket in Australia

In2Cricket, it is the prime communication tool Seniors, all Teams.

If you don’t have TeamApp it is easy just to get the App – here

Wet ball

After a full day of drizzling rain the cricket balls in all matches were a disaster. The soapy black rock that was used in A2 on the weekend shows what our bowlers had to put up with. Let’s hope for a wet week but a hot dry Friday and Saturday to even up things for the bowlers.