Match Fixing

Bumpty Report - Match Fixing


A black market HKHDCA underground betting syndicate has been unearthed by the Bumpty Report, with undercover Bumpty Report investigators bringing this to a head. This prominent gambling has been likened to the current Pokemon card black market, that has been swarming local pre-schools this year.

Investigators have found that ‘unlikely scenarios’ have occurred through early season matches, which have earned players big dollars. Knowing that the ICC is all over international match fixing, dodgy Pakistani bookmaker, Swing-Anda Misbah, has targeted local players, to make his dosh. A2 star, Luke Herzog, has also been linked to  these illegal activities.

Through the first few games, the following situations have been uncovered as being under investigation:

  • Former A1 gun, and current ND’s 1st Grader, Daniel Anderson,  made his WPHC comeback in the first T20, only scoring 4. Ladbrokes had him at $1.04 to score 50+.
  • In Round 1, both A2 teams played each other, with captains, Rick Turner and Simon Smyth both serving lifetime bans from winning tosses. Punters were split as to which way the toss would go, until some dodgy tactics from Turner, which saw him rule himself out for Week 1, allowing much more talented tosser, Daniel Fiedler, to step in and do the job.
  • In Round 1, after getting pumped for 20 off his first over, B2 captain, Rob Knapman, then took 3 poles in 4 nuts in his second over. We’ve heard of the ‘false sense of security’ theory, but Naps has taken this too far, and will be receiving a call from the police.
  • D2’s put on a batting clinic in Round 1, pumping 8/351. Esteemed Senior Director, Steve Quanborough, who has scored about 20 runs in his career, hit 21 in this knock. The entire St Ives club are under investigation for this mishap.
  • The ‘Richie Bet’ was prominent through Round 2, with A2 champ, Dan Costigan and C2 super captain, Steve Burrows, each taking 2/22. A 2+ Richie in a round is a favourite amongst local punters, and police have been looking through the tapes of these 2 games, to identify any illegal behaviour.

Bumpty Report investigators would also like to mention that due to their slow start to the season, B2 Blue captain, Tim Worthington, has been under constant investigation by the HKHDCA and police. Wortho is still standing by his original comment of, “We are just not playing well.”

These authors want to remind all WPHC players to play within the rules, and if anyone is considering some illegal betting, please share your inside info with us, so we can get in on the action….