Anecdotes – 17 February 2019

Girls Pathway

Our Girls Division is doing great things in developing the cricket pathway for Girls – take a bow Mr Chivers. Northern District CC has entered a Team in the new U15 Brewer Shield which is the Representative stream for Girls in the Sydney Grade Competition. We now have a record 10 Girls playing in the U15 Brewer or U18 Brewer this week plus two more on standby so 12 in all. How good is that!

Space cadet

There must be something in the water that D1 drinks with yet another prestigious Club Space Cadet Award going to this top 4 side. This week the Award is undisputed – it is a good one. Congratulations to Club legend – Steve Quanborough.

Picture this, earlier in the innings Steve Q spent quite a bit of time looking for his broad brimmed hat and ended up finding it in his kit.

Anyway later in our innings Steve had batted for a while when they came up for Tea. After a little while just before we were about to head back out Steve came over and said:

“I’ve just spent 5 mins looking for my helmet and gloves!”

Then came the Space Cadet moment when Quan had completely forgotten where he put his gear and was in a state trying to work out who had taken it. Reality soon struck that it was actually where he had left it – on the pitch at the end he was batting from at the break – check out the photo.

400 wickets

Wow! Simon Smyth (A2 Inspiration and Skipper) came back from injury from a hammy injury for the 20th time in his career and promptly took 2 wickets. In doing so he took his 400 wicket. This brings him up to the stratosphere of bowlers in our Club to be equal 6th with the great Greg Stoneham on 401 wickets. All this after 2,044 overs and countless hammy’s. Well done Simon.

Sheep Station Cup

With 2 teams in B1 and C2 the matchups are known as the Sheep Station Cup – the trophy is pictured with Simon and Rick. This coming week though is a bit different – the boys are playing for a Sheep Station with the C2 game between Fied’s C2 Blue (1st place) playing Indranil’s C2 Red (4th place). A win to Indranil’s boys will secure a top 4 spot for the right to play Andrew’s side again the following week. A loss means we are relying on results going our way. A huge game with all to play for.

Keeping it in the ‘family’

The C3 scorebook on the weekend had an interesting entry:

Darcy Ward (WPHC) was out caught J.Ward bowled S.Ward


What a Round

What a Round of cricket with our Teams clocking up an amazing 8 wins, 1 draw and just 2 losses with one loss going down to the last over.

  • Wins: A1, A2, B1 Red, B2, C1, C2 Red, C2 Blue, C3
  • Draw: B2 Blue
  • Loss: D1 & D2

As big a weekend as this is, the Club and Association record was back on 12th December 2009 when we won 11 out of 12 games that included in this was an outright win by our B2 side. The only team to miss out was C1 who went down by 1wicket in a thrilling finish.

The life of a D1 fast bowler—-

Steve Quanborough (D1) was having a chat at drinks with fast bowler Josh Elliot.

Quan pointing out that Opposition teams rate Josh’s bowling and surprised he hasn’t got more poles this season. At drinks Quan pointed out that even though Hornsby were 4 down Josh was wicketless.

Josh responded: “Well I could have had one” referring to the dolly 1st slip catch that Quan apparently wasn’t ready for.


On a roll

While so many of our Teams have done fabulously well this season the effort from A1 is a special one. After dominating the A1 Competition for the best part of a decade, winning 4 straight Premierships and being in the Semis for 8 of the last 10 years we had a rebuilding year last season and finished last.

This year has seen the boys bounce back with some tremendous late season form and are now in 4th spot. The game just completed says it all. Batting first on a rain affected wicket we got to 131 on a ground that also had long grass. The boys defended this total and did it in style. How about this for bowling figures:

  • Tim Scoular 1/23 (14 overs)
  • Bailey Miedler 2/4 (8)
  • Justin Paterson 0/5 (5)
  • Michael Richards 4/14 (17.5)
  • Jackson Preedy 1/6 (6)
  • Dan Costigan 2/24 (7).

Whatever happens with the Semi’s we are all really proud of the character shown by the boys.