News – 10 February 2019

Social Functions

We have a number of Functions coming up:

Club Social function

We have now set a date for our Club function:

  • When:              23rd February
  • Where:             WPH Sports Club
  • Function:         Trivia, Pizza and lots of fun
  • Start time:        from 6.00 pm with Trivia starting at 7.00 pm.

The cost is just $100 per team which will cover the cost of the Trivia person plus cover the cost for the first $500 worth of pizza’s.

Details are being sent to all players.

Presentation Days

Junior Blasters (Kanga)

The Presentation Day will again be run on the last day of cricket with a game and Presentation – the same approach as in previous seasons. Details are:

  • When:              Saturday 2nd March
  • Where:             Edward Bennett Oval
  • Time:               Starting at around 9.15 am

Juniors Presentation

Details will be confirmed after the Juniors Committee Meeting on 19 February, 2019. Likely details are:

  • When:              Saturday 24th March (one week after the Grand Final)
  • Where:             Oakhill Drive Public School
  • Time:               starting time 9.00 am


Details will be advised once confirmed.

Seniors Presentation Night

One for the diary. We have now booked our ‘Night of Nights’. More details will follow but for the diary:

  • When:              Friday 26th April 2019
  • Where:             Castle Hill RSL – Sovereign Room
  • Time:               7.30 pm

More details to follow.

Pink Stumps Day

Pink Stumps Day, run by our U9’s is going to be run on Saturday 9th March 2019. The ground is to be advised.

The format involves our 6 Teams playing-off against each other in a series of double headers with a party atmosphere.

Keep a lookout for information that will be coming out on Pink Stumps Day. To start off we have a fundraising page – here

Stay tuned but in the meantime, if anyone has anything to donate towards our Auction and the Raffle they are most welcome. Things like Sporting Memorabilia, Gift Cards, Sporting Goods and etc. More to follow.

Junior Boys

Season Program

Remaining Competition dates are:


  • 16th to 23rd February (Round 9 – 2-Dayer)
  • 2nd March (Round 10 – 1-Dayer)


  • 10th March (Semi Finals – all day games played on Sunday)
  • 17th March (Finals – all days games played on Sunday)

Round highlights


  • No significant achievements this weekend.


  • 4/2 – Himantha Walawage (U13 Purple) Vs Castle Hill RSL
  • 3/9 – Sebastian Murray (U12 Gold) Vs Kissing Point
  • 3/16 – Shaan Bakshi (U16 White) Vs Hornsby White
  • 3/16 – Oscar Keys (U16 White) Vs Hornsby White

Competition Tables

Team standings after Round 9 – this will be updated early in the week once all Association Teams update results from the weekend:

U16s – Blue 3rd, White 4th

U15s – 4th

U14s – Red 2nd, Orange 4th , White 8th (8th on quotient)

U13s – Red 1st, Purple 3rd, Green =7th (7th on quotient), Blue 9th, Orange 10th

U12s – Orange 1st, Gold 7th, Green 9th, Red 13th, Blue =14th )14th on quotient)

U11s – Blue 4th, Green =7th (7th on quotient), Red 10th,, Gold -16th

U10s – non competition

U9s – non competition

U8s – non competition

Girls Cricket

The Summer Competition started up again on the weekend. Our Team entries are:

  • 1 X U13
  • 2 X U15s

If you are interested in playing, have a family member or know someone interested in playing then you are most welcome. Please direct any questions on Girls Cricket to Graham Chivers or here or 0415 891 004.

Round Results


WPHC 1/81 defeated Normanhurst Red 80 – results will be updated once they are available.


WPHC Reds 2/92 defeated Thornleigh 7/90 – details to follow shortly.

WPHC Blue 77 lost to Castle Hill 4/79 – details to follow.


 Round highlights – Round 13


  • 99 – Stanton Tam (B1 Red) Vs Berowra
  • 86 – Dylan Bish (C3) Vs Castle Hill RSL
  • 70 – Brent Van Wyk (C3) Vs Castle Hill RSL
  • 64* – Cooper Goddard (B1 Blue) Vs Castle Hill


  • Michael Richards (A1) took his 100th wicket last weekend against ARL @ Parklands – well done Michael
  • 5/27 – Amit Sen (D1)
  • 4/27 – Sam Hando (C1)
  • 4/49 – Shankar Ravi (C2 Red)

Points Table

Standings after 12 Rounds follow. This will be refreshed early in the week as results come through across the Association:

  • A1 Grade – 5th
  • A2 – 1st
  • B1:
    • Blue (Rick) – 8th (13 points off 4th spot)
    • Red (Gunny) – 1st
  • B2 – 4th
  • C1 – 6th (2 points off 4th spot)
  • C2:
    • Blue (Fieds) – 1st
    • Red (Indranil) – 5th (7 points off 4th spot)
  • C3 – 1st
  • D1 – 1st
  • D2 – 6th


Training has been running since the season start but with Daylight savings now in place it becomes more of an option for people to turn-up who have work or other commitments. Details are:

  • Wednesday @ John Purchase from 4.30 pm
  • Friday @ WPH Sports Club nets also from 4.30 pm.

“Bistro WPH” Photo of the Month

Congratulations to Jane Bish who has won the Bistro WPH Photo of the Month prize. Jane has provided us with a number of photos this season but series of Photos taken at BlowFly Cricket have been great. Check them out – here

Jane has won a $50 voucher at the fabulous Bistro for – here

To is easy to enter:

  • Just take a photo of anything to do with our Club – Kanga, Girls, Boys and Seniors
  • The photo can be of our players batting, bowling or fielding
  • Also, we are keen to get any ‘quirky’ photos that are a bit of fun.

Next steps

For our next winner, just take a photo and send it to Ross Anderson (here ) with some brief commentary and it is that easy.