Anecdotes – 18 February 2018

Our newest A1 Grader

Congratulations to Bailey Miedler (pictured right with brother Riley) who became our 318th A1 Grader. Bailey joins his brother, Riley with this prestigious achievement who has A1 number 306. They are just the 9th set of brothers to play A1 Grade.


He’s done it again

You have got to hand it to Ray Khamis (B2 Red). The big fella was given a licence to hit by his Captain (Robbie Knapper) to get quick runs to setup an outright win and he didn’t disappoint. In one over Ray scored 22 runs with the following sequence – 6, . 6, 4, 6, bowled. Ray scored 40 runs in 18 deliveries.

B2 Grade is the only Grade that we don’t have a record of the most runs scored off an over. Ray already holds the C4 record of 31 runs, which is our 2nd highest number of runs so this becomes our new record for B2.

Go the Girls

Our politically incorrect U16 Blue Mums or “Mummagers”/cheer squad” are the best group of parent supporters going around. These legends have turned up to most of the games the boys have played since the U10s. They have a couple of T-shirts that are brilliant:

“All I care about is


and like 3 friends

and food”

They have another T-Shirt:

“Why would I not be at the


I’d be at home

doing the cooking & ironing”

These fabluous Mums are: Wendy Paton, Jane Bish, Nicole Kirkegard, Kate Brock. You are dead set legends.



They reckon that Twins have a telepathy between them and also some fathers / sons and mothers / daughters. On the weekend we had Murray (dad and pictured far right, back row) going out to bat with his son, Scott. Anyway, Murray came out to the non-strikers end. Scotty played a good shot a fieldsman who misfielded. Then came the telepathy. In total silence, Scotty looked at Murray and started to run and then changed his mind. Murray also had a look and after various stop / go attempts to give the fieldsman a chance to get a run-out in the middle of the pitch Murray eventually tried to get back to his crease. He didn’t make it and he got a Diamond Duck. Silence reigned.

“I don’t spin the ball”

Tim Leyshon (A2 Red pictured left with Justin Edwards and Dan Costigan, right) got his best career bowling figures with 5/13. His previous best was 4/24 in B1 last season. To quote his skipper, Simon ‘Snumpty’ Smyth: “…he went through the Glenorie middle order like Barnaby Joyce went through his staff, claiming his first ever bank, taking 5/13. Costo ‘2nd Best Spinner’ Cardigan took 3/25, in the best support act since Milli Vanilli’s backing vocalists.”

When asked about his spinning prowess at the Club, Tim looked surprised and answered “I don’t spin the ball”.

Have a spell

We have a few tough boys in the Club and Roger Friend (D1 and pictured centre) is one of them. Roger goes into hospital for some surgery this week that will see him miss the rest of the season. True to form, Roger, keen to get back on the field as soon as possible, asked the surgeon when he can play again given that the Semi’s are coming around.

The guidance was that he wasn’t to play any heavy sport for at least 6 weeks. Roger responded that it was only cricket and that he should be able to play. The response was:

“Any sport for you Roger is heavy sport”


It was great to see Calvin Breytenbach (pictured standing) at the Club on the weekend. Calvin is one of our outstanding ex-Juniors who would have been playing A2 / A1 this season – had he been fit. Calvin’s problem was that just before the season started he managed to break both legs jumping down stairs at home.